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Journal of Systems Science and Complexity

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The Stochastic Maximum Principle for a Jump-Diffusion Mean-Field Model Involving Impulse Controls and Applications in Finance

This paper establishes a stochastic maximum principle for a stochastic control of mean-field model which is governed by a Lévy process involving continuous and impulse control. The authors also show the existence and uniqueness of the solution to …


Considering Monopoly Maintenance Cost for an Automobile Purchase in China: A DEA-Based Approach

With the fast growing economy, China has become the biggest automobile market in the world. Many Chinese families buy automobiles to promote individual wellbeing and facilitate the convenience of lives. Automobile purchase has become a general and …

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The Journal of Systems Science and Complexity is dedicated to publishing high quality original and innovative papers on theories, methodologies, and applications of systems science and complexity science, as well as insightful survey papers. It encourages fundamental research into complex systems and complexity and fosters cross-disciplinary approaches to elucidate the common themes that arise in natural, artificial, and social systems.

Among the topics covered are complex systems, systems control, operations research and systems engineering, economic and financial systems analysis, statistics and data science, symbolic computation, coding theory and crypto-systems, and other topics related to systems science. The journal places particular emphasis on complex systems.

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