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Journal of Systems Science and Complexity

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American Barrier Option Pricing Formulas for Currency Model in Uncertain Environment

Option pricing problem is one of the central issue in the theory of modern finance. Uncertain currency model has been put forward under the foundation of uncertainty theory as a tool to portray the foreign exchange rate in uncertain finance …


Ciphertext-Only Attacks Against Compact-LWE Submitted to NIST PQC Project

As a candidate of the standard of post-quantum cryptography for NIST, Liu, et al. submitted a new public-key encryption scheme Compact-LWE, whose structure is similar to LWE, but with different distribution of errors. They thought that the special …


Model Averaging Estimation for Varying-Coefficient Single-Index Models

The varying-coefficient single-index model (VCSIM) is widely used in economics, statistics and biology. A model averaging method for VCSIM based on a Mallows-type criterion is proposed to improve prodictive capacity, which allows the number of …


Research on Image Signal Identification Based on Adaptive Array Stochastic Resonance

Aiming at the problems of low accuracy of image signal identification and poor anti-noise signal interference ability under strong noise environment, a signal identification method of correlated noisy image based on adaptive array stochastic …


Fisher Information in Moving Extreme Ranked Set Sampling with Application to Parameter Estimation

In statistical parameter estimation problems, how well the parameters are estimated largely depends on the sampling design used. In the current paper, a modification of ranked set sampling called moving extremes ranked set sampling (MERSS) is …

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The Journal of Systems Science and Complexity is dedicated to publishing high quality original and innovative papers on theories, methodologies, and applications of systems science and complexity science, as well as insightful survey papers. It encourages fundamental research into complex systems and complexity and fosters cross-disciplinary approaches to elucidate the common themes that arise in natural, artificial, and social systems.

Among the topics covered are complex systems, systems control, operations research and systems engineering, economic and financial systems analysis, statistics and data science, symbolic computation, coding theory and crypto-systems, and other topics related to systems science. The journal places particular emphasis on complex systems.

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