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Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering

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Extraction of Behavioural Requirements for Simulation-based Performance Evaluation of Manufacturing Systems

A simulation model enables manufacturers to accurately evaluate the performance of their manufacturing systems. A vital input to build simulation models of manufacturing systems is the system behaviour, which is modelled based on extensive data on …


Emergency Management in Critical Infrastructures: A Complex-Event-Processing Paradigm

Critical infrastructures (CI) are difficult to handle due to their complexity, size and the number of stakeholders involved. During emergency situations (e.g. fire or terrorist attack), a CI operator in the control room is faced with a flood of …


Wholesale Pricing and Evolutionarily Stable Strategy in Duopoly Supply Chains with Social Responsibility

This paper analyzes manufacturers’ wholesale price decisions and the evolutionarily stable strategies of the retailers’ marketing behavior in duopoly supply chains, where each chain consists of one manufacturer and many retailers. Each retailer …


Return and Volatility Connectedness between Stock Markets and Macroeconomic Factors in the G-7 Countries

We examine the relationship between return and volatility of the stock markets and macroeconomic fundamentals for the G-7 countries by using monthly data ranging from July 1985 to June 2015. To meet this end, we apply the spillover index approach …


The Effect of Unannounced Inspection on Prevention of Drug Fraud

A large number of incidents related to fake/inferior-quality drugs have occurred in China in recent years. In order to reduce drug crimes, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has exploited the new supervision approach, i.e., unannounced …

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The Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering was founded by the Systems Engineering Society of China in 1992. Published quarterly, this international journal addresses the theory, methodology, and applications underlying systems science and systems engineering.

The mission of the journal is to foster new thinking and research to help decision-makers understand the mechanisms and complexity of economic, engineering, management, social, and technological systems. Moreover, the journal helps readers discover new developments in theory and practice that can improve the performance of systems.

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Grundlagen zu 3D-Druck, Produktionssystemen und Lean Production

Lesen Sie in diesem ausgewählten Buchkapitel alles über den 3D-Druck im Hinblick auf Begriffe, Funktionsweise, Anwendungsbereiche sowie Nutzen und Grenzen additiver Fertigungsverfahren. Eigenschaften eines schlanken Produktionssystems sowie der Aspekt der „Schlankheit“ werden ebenso beleuchtet wie die Prinzipien und Methoden der Lean Production.
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