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Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering

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Simulation of Individual Knowledge System and Its Application

The concept of individual knowledge system (IKS) is defined from the perspective of system science. To begin with, the present paper elaborates the characteristics of IKS. Then a six-space pattern of information and knowledge for IKS is created to …


A Multi-Objective Multi-Period Model for Humanitarian Relief Logistics with Split Delivery and Multiple Uses of Vehicles

Disaster relief logistics is a significant element in the management of disaster relief operations. In this paper, the operational decisions of relief logistics are considered in the distribution of resources to the affected areas to include …


Evolutionary Algorithms for Controller Tuning of Tert-Amyl-Methyl-Ether Reactive Distillation

Efficient tuning of the coefficients used by proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers enhances their performance. For highly non-linear systems, optimization algorithms are required to make the PID controllers more responsive to …


A Two-Level Hierarchical Graph Model for Conflict Resolution with Application to International Climate Change Negotiations

A novel two-level hierarchical graph model is developed to analyze international climate change negotiations with hierarchical structures: the negotiations take place between two nations and between each nation and its provincial governments. The …


Fusing Systems Thinking with Knowledge Management

This paper introduces the background and purpose of the International Society for Knowledge and Systems Sciences and considers new developments in systems science in the knowledge society. First, in connection with the reason why the name of the …

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The Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering was founded by the Systems Engineering Society of China in 1992. Published quarterly, this international journal addresses the theory, methodology, and applications underlying systems science and systems engineering.

The mission of the journal is to foster new thinking and research to help decision-makers understand the mechanisms and complexity of economic, engineering, management, social, and technological systems. Moreover, the journal helps readers discover new developments in theory and practice that can improve the performance of systems.

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