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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 1/2004

Ausgabe 1/2004

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 8 Artikel )

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Corporate social responsibility and marketing: An integrative framework

Isabelle Maignan, O. C. Ferrell

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Information content and consumer readership of print ads: A comparison of search and experience products

George R. Franke, Bruce A. Huhmann, David L. Mothersbaugh

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Importers' benevolence toward their foreign export suppliers

Dong-Jin Lee, M. Joseph Sirgy, James R. Brown, Monroe Murphy Bird

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

A cross-national model of job-related outcomes of work role and family role variables: A retail sales context

Richard G. Netemeyer, Thomas Brashear-Alejandro, James S. Boles

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Innovation generation in supply chain relationships: A conceptual model and research propositions

Subroto Roy, K. Sivakumar, Ian F. Wilkinson

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Domestic country bias, country-of-origin effects, and consumer ethnocentrism: A multidimensional unfolding approach

George Balabanis, Adamantios Diamantopoulos

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Reviews of books

Peggy Cunningham, Robert V. Kozinets, Douglas Reid, E. Stephen Grant, Russell Casey

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Marketing and the law

Karen Gantt, Ann Morales Olazábal, Anita Cava, René Sacasas, Anita M. Moorman, Jeffrey M. Samuels, Linda B. Samuels

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