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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 1/2022
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Ausgabe 1/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

09.11.2021 | Editorial

To boldly go…
John Hulland, Mark B. Houston

28.10.2021 | Editorial

How could anyone forget Harold W. Berkman?
Barry J. Babin, Nina Krey

04.09.2021 | Editorial

Guest Editorial: Responsible Research in Marketing
Michael Haenlein, Mary Jo Bitner, Ajay K. Kohli, Katherine N. Lemon, David J. Reibstein

19.08.2021 | Editorial

Reimagining marketing strategy: driving the debate on grand challenges
Ko de Ruyter, Debbie Isobel Keeling, Kirk Plangger, Matteo Montecchi, Maura L. Scott, Darren W. Dahl

29.09.2021 | Conceptual/Theoretical Paper

The future of buyer–seller interactions: a conceptual framework and research agenda
Michael Ahearne, Yashar Atefi, Son K. Lam, Mohsen Pourmasoudi

Open Access 11.10.2021 | Methodological Paper

Revisiting Gaussian copulas to handle endogenous regressors
Jan-Michael Becker, Dorian Proksch, Christian M. Ringle

Open Access 05.07.2021 | Original Empirical Research

The use of Net Promoter Score (NPS) to predict sales growth: insights from an empirical investigation
Sven Baehre, Michele O’Dwyer, Lisa O’Malley, Nick Lee

29.09.2021 | Original Empirical Research

Designing satisfying service encounters: website versus store touchpoints
Ruth N. Bolton, Anders Gustafsson, Crina O. Tarasi, Lars Witell

Open Access 04.09.2021 | Original Empirical Research

Going healthy: how product characteristics influence the sales impact of front-of-pack health symbols
Stijn Maesen, Lien Lamey, Anne ter Braak, Léon Jansen

27.08.2021 | Original Empirical Research

Contained: why it’s better to display some products without a package
Courtney Szocs, Sara Williamson, Adam Mills

08.09.2021 | Original Empirical Research

40 years of loyalty programs: how effective are they? Generalizations from a meta-analysis
Alex Belli, Anne-Maree O’Rourke, François A. Carrillat, Ljubomir Pupovac, Valentyna Melnyk, Ekaterina Napolova

Open Access 31.08.2021 | Original Empirical Research

Managing customer satisfaction after a product recall: the joint role of remedy, brand equity, and severity
Alexander Mafael, Sascha Raithel, Stefan J. Hock

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