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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Ausgabe 3/2023

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Open Access Original Empirical Research

From tablet to table: How augmented reality influences food desirability

William Fritz, Rhonda Hadi, Andrew Stephen

Original Empirical Research

Examining post-purchase consumer responses to product automation

Leah Warfield Smith, Randall Lee Rose, Alex R. Zablah, Heath McCullough, Mohammad “Mike” Saljoughian

Original Empirical Research

The effect of positive anticipatory utility on product pre‑order evaluations and choices

Amaradri Mukherjee, Ronn J. Smith, Scot Burton

Original Empirical Research

Non-face emojis in digital marketing: Effects, contingencies, and strategic recommendations

Davide Christian Orazi, Bhoomija Ranjan, Yimin Cheng

Original Empirical Research

A taxonomy of marketing organizations

Leigh McAlister, Frank Germann, Natalie Chisam, Pete Hayes, Adriana Lynch, Bill Stewart

Original Empirical Research

Hideous but worth it: Distinctive ugliness as a signal of luxury

Ludovica Cesareo, Claudia Townsend, Eugene Pavlov

Original Empirical Research

The design of B2B customer references: A signaling theory perspective

D. Eric Boyd, F. Javier Sese, Sebastian Tillmanns

Original Empirical Research

What’s not to like? Negations in brand messages increase consumer engagement

Todd Pezzuti, James M. Leonhardt

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