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17.06.2019 | Regular Paper

Enhancing statistical charts: toward better data visualization and analysis

Statistical charts, also known as statistical graphics, play an important role in statistical analysis (Friendly 2008 ) and exploratory data analysis. They present data in graphics form to provide insights into the underlying structure of data …

14.06.2019 | Regular Paper

Thermal diffusion interface inside a horizontal pipe flow compared between laminar and turbulent flow regimes

Pipe flow is one of the classes of canonical shear flows, the laminar-to-turbulence transition of which has been well investigated since Reynolds’s experiment of 1883 . In the last two decades, new discoveries have arisen from within this …

11.06.2019 | Regular Paper

Annular flow dynamic characteristics of two inverse coaxial rotational cones

Rotating fluid flow is an important branch of fluid mechanics research, and Taylor–Couette (TC) flow in an annulus between two infinitely long coaxial rotating cylinders has been studied previously (Grossmann et al. 2016 ; Riahi et al. 2019 ).

29.05.2019 | Regular Paper

Visualization of supersonic flows with bow shock using transversal discharges

Flow visualization plays an important role in experimental fluid dynamics. Flow structures origin and dynamics cannot be understood without their visualization. Qualitative visualization may be useful as well as quantitative because analysis of …

25.05.2019 | Regular Paper Open Access

Visualizing event sequence game data to understand player’s skill growth through behavior complexity

Like many other casual activities, video game is a platform that allows diverse interactions. The inputs during game play are results of individual thinking to a constantly changing situation. This makes game logs valuable assets to understand the …

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Visualization is an interdisciplinary imaging science devoted to making the invisible visible through the techniques of experimental visualization and computer-aided visualization. This official journal of the Visualization Society of Japan presents the latest visualization technology and its applications. It is published in full color in order to realize its mission of promoting a better understanding of complex phenomena.

The journal consists of papers, such as short paper, review paper, regular paper, and report.

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