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Open Access 24.05.2022 | Regular Paper

The ThreadRadar visualization for debugging concurrent Java programs

Due to non-deterministic behavior and thread interleaving of concurrent programs, the debugging of concurrency and performance issues is a rather difficult and often tedious task. In this paper, we present an approach that combines statistical …

24.05.2022 | Regular Paper

Visual Recommendation for Peer-To-Peer Accommodation with Online Reviews based on Sentiment Analysis and Topic Models

The sharing economy (Puschmann and Alt 2016 ) is growing rapidly in the short-term shared housing rental industry. Meanwhile, with the development of the Internet, user-generated content (Krumm et al. 2008 ) is growing rapidly. Potential consumers …

23.05.2022 | Regular Paper

Instability phenomena of lean hydrogen/oxygen/inert-gas premixed flames on a flat burner

Hydrogen attracts attention as one of favorable fuels because of zero emissions of carbon dioxide and particulates. In hydrogen-air premixed flames, the burning velocity is very high and the flame is invisible, so that it is necessary to control …

14.05.2022 | Regular Paper

Dynamic delayed detached-eddy simulation and acoustic analogy analysis of unsteady flow through a sudden expansion pipe

In the present study, the unsteady flow through a sudden expansion pipe with an expansion ratio of 1:3 is numerically modeled using dynamic delayed detached-eddy simulation (dynamic DDES), and the flow noise mechanism and the downstream noise …

12.05.2022 | Regular Paper

Compact tetrahedralization-based acceleration structures for ray tracing

The most common approach to speed up ray-surface intersection calculations in ray tracing is to use spatial subdivision structures that partition the scene to enclose the polygons in different volumes. Ray-tracing algorithms can avoid ray-triangle …

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Visualization is an interdisciplinary imaging science devoted to making the invisible visible through the techniques of experimental visualization and computer-aided visualization. This official journal of the Visualization Society of Japan presents the latest visualization technology and its applications. It is published in full color in order to realize its mission of promoting a better understanding of complex phenomena.

The journal consists of papers, such as short paper, review paper, regular paper, and report.

Journal of Visualization
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