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05.07.2020 | Regular Paper Open Access

Exploring eye movement data with image-based clustering

Exploring eye movement data (Duchowski 2003 ; Holmqvist et al. 2011 ) is pretty challenging due to its spatio-temporal nature (Blascheck et al. 2015 ). However, finding insights in the strategic behavior of eye tracked people (Burch 2017b ; Burch …

05.07.2020 | Regular Paper

An experimental study of gas nuclei-assisted hydrodynamic cavitation for aquaculture water treatment

Water disinfection techniques, ranging from the simplest technique by simply boiling to the most advance systems by using both chemical (e.g. chlorination, electro-chlorination, ozonation, peracetic acid, and chlorine dioxide) and physical …

05.07.2020 | Regular Paper

POD analysis of passage-layout effect on unsteady internal flow in a realistic blade serpentine coolant channel with low aspect ratios

In modern gas turbine engines, complex serpentine ribbed coolant channels have been commonly designed inside of turbine blades to remove the intensive heat flux at exterior walls (Han et al. 2001 ). The serpentine channel consists of several …

05.07.2020 | Regular Paper

Visualization of aluminum dust flame propagation in a square-section tube: comparison of schlieren, shadowgraphy and direct visualization techniques

Dust explosion is a major hazard in industries dealing with powders and dusts. All flammable dusts, if fine enough, can cause an explosion when dispersed. Three main categories of combustible powders can be defined: natural organic compounds …

27.06.2020 | Regular Paper

Affordable schlieren visualization methods for understanding three-dimensional supersonic flows

Schlieren is one of the oldest, yet most powerful, tools used in high-speed flow visualization. Even though different types of schlieren methods and arrangements exist (Settles 2001 ), conventional Z-type schlieren is the most commonly used one.

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Visualization is an interdisciplinary imaging science devoted to making the invisible visible through the techniques of experimental visualization and computer-aided visualization. This official journal of the Visualization Society of Japan presents the latest visualization technology and its applications. It is published in full color in order to realize its mission of promoting a better understanding of complex phenomena.

The journal consists of papers, such as short paper, review paper, regular paper, and report.

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