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Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces

Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces OnlineFirst articles

14.08.2018 | Survey Open Access

Co-located augmented play-spaces: past, present, and perspectives

In recent years, many different studies regarding Co-located Augmented Play-spaces (CAPs) have been published in a wide variety of conferences and journals. We present an overview. The work presented in these papers includes end user’s …

01.08.2018 | Original Paper

Multimodal speech recognition: increasing accuracy using high speed video data

To date, multimodal speech recognition systems based on the processing of audio and video signals show significantly better results than their unimodal counterparts. In general, researchers divide the solution of the audio–visual speech …

16.07.2018 | Original Paper

Experimenting with lipreading for large vocabulary continuous speech recognition

Vast majority of current research in the area of audiovisual speech recognition via lipreading from frontal face videos focuses on simple cases such as isolated phrase recognition or structured speech, where the vocabulary is limited to several …

13.07.2018 | Original Paper

An approach for exploring a video via multimodal feature extraction and user interactions

Exploring the content of a video is typically inefficient due to the linear streamed nature of its media and the lack of interactivity. Video may be seen as a combination of a set of features, the visual track, the audio track and transcription of …

14.05.2018 | Original Paper

A computational model for the emergence of turn-taking behaviors in user-agent interactions

We propose a computational model that endows conversational agents with the capability to coordinate their speaking turns (turn-taking management) in the context of mixed-initiative two-party dialogs. In human conversations, participants are …

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In the development of multimodal interfaces, this journal offers a standard reference for multidisciplinary work.
As implied by the word Interfaces rather than Interactions in the title, the journal seeks to illustrate verifiable realisations over purely theoretical musings. The journal focuses on multimodal interfaces developed with an emphasis on user-centric design. Thus, usability and architectural considerations are also key targets.

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