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KI - Künstliche Intelligenz 1/2021
KI - Künstliche Intelligenz

Ausgabe 1/2021

Developmental Robotics


Inhaltsverzeichnis (11 Artikel)

01.03.2021 | Editorial

Build Back Better with Responsible AI
Lars Kunze

Open Access 14.02.2021 | Editorial

Developmental Robotics and its Role Towards Artificial General Intelligence
Manfred Eppe, Stefan Wermter, Verena V. Hafner, Yukie Nagai

Open Access 18.02.2021 | Technical Contribution

Sensorimotor Representation Learning for an “Active Self” in Robots: A Model Survey
Phuong D. H. Nguyen, Yasmin Kim Georgie, Ezgi Kayhan, Manfred Eppe, Verena Vanessa Hafner, Stefan Wermter

21.01.2021 | Technical Contribution

Robot in the Mirror: Toward an Embodied Computational Model of Mirror Self-Recognition
Matej Hoffmann, Shengzhi Wang, Vojtech Outrata, Elisabet Alzueta, Pablo Lanillos

Open Access 27.01.2021 | Technical Contribution

Goal-Directed Exploration for Learning Vowels and Syllables: A Computational Model of Speech Acquisition
Anja Philippsen

Open Access 27.01.2021 | AI Transfer

Prediction Error-Driven Memory Consolidation for Continual Learning: On the Case of Adaptive Greenhouse Models
Guido Schillaci, Uwe Schmidt, Luis Miranda

27.02.2021 | Project Reports

Robots Learn Increasingly Complex Tasks with Intrinsic Motivation and Automatic Curriculum Learning
Domain Knowledge by Emergence of Affordances, Hierarchical Reinforcement and Active Imitation Learning
Sao Mai Nguyen, Nicolas Duminy, Alexandre Manoury, Dominique Duhaut, Cedric Buche

Open Access 26.02.2021 | Discussion

Towards Strong AI
Martin V. Butz

03.01.2021 | Interview

Intelligent Behavior Depends on the Ecological Niche
Interview with Dr. Pierre–Yves Oudeyer
Manfred Eppe, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer

Open Access 23.09.2020 | Discussion

Assessing the Attitude Towards Artificial Intelligence: Introduction of a Short Measure in German, Chinese, and English Language
Cornelia Sindermann, Peng Sha, Min Zhou, Jennifer Wernicke, Helena S. Schmitt, Mei Li, Rayna Sariyska, Maria Stavrou, Benjamin Becker, Christian Montag

Open Access 27.02.2021 | Discussion

Unintended Nuclear War
Karl-Hans Bläsius, Jörg Siekmann

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