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KI - Künstliche Intelligenz

Ausgabe 2-4/2023

AI in Agriculture

Inhalt (15 Artikel)

Open Access Editorial

Large Models Reshape AI Research and Applications

Bernd Ludwig


AI in Current and Future Agriculture

Joachim Hertzberg, Benjamin Kisliuk, Jan Christoph Krause

Open Access Technical Contribution

AI in Current and Future Agriculture: An Introductory Overview

Benjamin Kisliuk, Jan Christoph Krause, Hendrik Meemken, Juan Carlos Saborío Morales, Henning Müller, Joachim Hertzberg


Interview: Cyrill Stachniss’ View on AI in Agriculture

Joachim Hertzberg, Benjamin Kisliuk, Jan Christoph Krause, Cyrill Stachniss

Open Access Technical Contribution

Data Augmentation for Mask-Based Leaf Segmentation of UAV-Images as a Basis to Extract Leaf-Based Phenotyping Parameters

Abel Barreto, Lasse Reifenrath, Richard Vogg, Fabian Sinz, Anne-Katrin Mahlein

Open Access Technical Contribution

Towards noise robust acoustic insect detection: from the lab to the greenhouse

Jelto Branding, Dieter von Hörsten, Jens Karl Wegener, Elias Böckmann, Eberhard Hartung

Open Access Project Reports

Cognitive Weeding: An Approach to Single-Plant Specific Weed Regulation

Mark Niemeyer, Marian Renz, Maren Pukrop, David Hagemann, Tim Zurheide, Daniel Di Marco, Markus Höferlin, Philipp Stark, Florian Rahe, Matthias Igelbrink, Mario Jenz, Thomas Jarmer, Dieter Trautz, Stefan Stiene, Joachim Hertzberg

Dissertation and Habilitation Abstracts

Navigation Control and Path Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Sebastian Pütz

AI Transfer

Grassland Yield Estimation Using Transfer Learning from Remote Sensing Data

Elias Eder, Peter Riegler-Nurscher, Johann Prankl, Heinrich Prankl

AI Transfer

Zauberzeug Learning Loop

Philipp Glahe, Rodja Trappe

Technical Contribution

Visual Module Exploration: A Live-User Evaluation

Nina Hagemann, Michael P. O’Mahony, Barry Smyth

Open Access Technical Contribution

Designing Expert-Augmented Clinical Decision Support Systems to Predict Mortality Risk in ICUs

Johannes Chen, Maximilian Lowin, Domenic Kellner, Oliver Hinz, Elisabeth Hannah Adam, Angelo Ippolito, Katharina Wenger-Alakmeh

Open Access Technical Contribution

Increasing the Value of XAI for Users: A Psychological Perspective

Robert R. Hoffman, Timothy Miller, Gary Klein, Shane T. Mueller, William J. Clancey

Open Access Obituary

In Memory of Steffen Hölldobler: From Logic to Formal and Cognitive Reasoning

Meghna Bhadra, Ulrich Furbach

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