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Knowledge and Information Systems

Knowledge and Information Systems 10/2021

Ausgabe 10/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

22.08.2021 | Survey Paper | Ausgabe 10/2021

Model complexity of deep learning: a survey

Xia Hu, Lingyang Chu, Jian Pei, Weiqing Liu, Jiang Bian

13.08.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 10/2021

Bypassing combinatorial explosions in equivalence structure extraction

Seiya Satoh, Hiroshi Yamakawa

16.08.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 10/2021

DORIC: discovering topological relations based on spatial link composition

Xiongnan Jin, Sungkwang Eom, Sangjin Shin, Kyong-Ho Lee, Chaoqun Hong

28.08.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 10/2021

Pseudo support vector domain description to train large-size and continuously growing datasets

Mohamed El Boujnouni

26.08.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 10/2021

A turning point prediction method of stock price based on RVFL-GMDH and chaotic time series analysis

Junde Chen, Shuangyuan Yang, Defu Zhang, Y. A. Nanehkaran

30.08.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 10/2021

Improvements on approximation algorithms for clustering probabilistic data

Sharareh Alipour

03.09.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 10/2021

Simple Question Answering over Knowledge Graph Enhanced by Question Pattern Classification

Hai Cui, Tao Peng, Lizhou Feng, Tie Bao, Lu Liu

23.09.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 10/2021

Extensible ontology-based views for business process models

Michael Adams, Andreas V. Hense, Arthur H. M. ter Hofstede

07.09.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 10/2021

HAR-sEMG: A Dataset for Human Activity Recognition on Lower-Limb sEMG

Yu Luan, Yuhang Shi, Wanyin Wu, Zhiyao Liu, Hai Chang, Jun Cheng

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