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Knowledge and Information Systems

Knowledge and Information Systems 11/2021

Ausgabe 11/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

09.09.2021 | Regular paper | Ausgabe 11/2021

DyFT: a dynamic similarity search method on integer sketches

Shunsuke Kanda, Yasuo Tabei

08.09.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 11/2021

Word and graph attention networks for semi-supervised classification

Jing Zhang, Mengxi Li, Kaisheng Gao, Shunmei Meng, Cangqi Zhou

13.09.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 11/2021

Transfer alignment network for blind unsupervised domain adaptation

Huiwen Xu, U Kang

11.10.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 11/2021

Adaptive weighted least squares regression for subspace clustering

Noura Bouhlel, Ghada Feki, Chokri Ben Amar

01.11.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 11/2021

Data-driven valued dominance relation in incomplete ordered decision system

Lihe Guan

23.10.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 11/2021 Open Access

An experimental analysis on evolutionary ontology meta-matching

Nicolas Ferranti, Jairo Francisco de Souza, Stênio Sã Rosário Furtado Soares

21.10.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 11/2021

Generalized maximal utility for mining high average-utility itemsets

Wei Song, Lu Liu, Chaomin Huang

28.10.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 11/2021

3-3FS: ensemble method for semi-supervised multi-label feature selection

Abdelouahid Alalga, Khalid Benabdeslem, Dou El Kefel Mansouri

26.10.2021 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 11/2021

Semantic enrichment of documents: a classification perspective for ontology-based imbalanced semantic descriptions

Georgios Stratogiannis, Panagiotis Kouris, Georgios Alexandridis, Georgios Siolas, Giorgos Stamou, Andreas Stafylopatis

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