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Knowledge and Information Systems

Knowledge and Information Systems 2/2019

Ausgabe 2/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 20 Artikel )

01.01.2019 | Survey Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Investigations into Data Ecosystems: a systematic mapping study

Marcelo Iury S. Oliveira, Glória de Fátima Barros Lima, Bernadette Farias Lóscio

14.01.2019 | Survey Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Patent retrieval: a literature review

Walid Shalaby, Wlodek Zadrozny

12.05.2018 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Leveraging external information in topic modelling

He Zhao, Lan Du, Wray Buntine, Gang Liu

01.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Cost optimization based on influence and user preference

Jianye Yang, Ying Zhang, Wenjie Zhang, Xuemin Lin

03.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Social computing in currency exchange

Pablo Chamoso, Alfonso González-Briones, Alberto Rivas, Fernando De La Prieta, Juan M. Corchado

09.02.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

A hybrid heuristic algorithm for evolving models in simultaneous scenarios of classification and clustering

Mariela Cerrada, Jose Aguilar, Junior Altamiranda, René-Vinicio Sánchez

01.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Mentor-spotting: recommending expert mentors to mentees for live trouble-shooting in Codementor

Cheng-Te Li

01.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

A novel fuzzy rule extraction approach using Gaussian kernel-based granular computing

Guangyao Dai, Yi Hu, Yu Yang, Nanxun Zhang, Ajith Abraham, Hongbo Liu

22.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

PPR-partitioning: a distributed graph partitioning algorithm based on the personalized PageRank vectors in vertex-centric systems

Nasrin Mazaheri Soudani, Afsaneh Fatemi, Mohammadali Nematbakhsh

19.12.2018 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

GOAL: a clustering-based method for the group optimal location problem

Fangshu Chen, Jianzhong Qi, Huaizhong Lin, Yunjun Gao, Dongming Lu

01.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Joint prediction of time series data in inventory management

Qifeng Zhou, Ruyuan Han, Tao Li, Bin Xia

03.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

A pruning strategy to improve pairwise comparison-based near-duplicate detection

Roya Hassanian-esfahani, Mohammad-javad Kargar

08.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

A new local density and relative distance based spectrum clustering

Mingzhe Liu, Mingfu He, Ruili Wang, Shaoda Li

19.12.2018 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Fast network discovery on sequence data via time-aware hashing

Tara Safavi, Chandra Sripada, Danai Koutra

08.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Bottom-up approaches to achieve Pareto optimal agreements in group decision making

Victor Sanchez-Anguix, Reyhan Aydoğan, Tim Baarslag, Catholijn Jonker

17.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Learning concept embeddings for dataless classification via efficient bag-of-concepts densification

Walid Shalaby, Wlodek Zadrozny

17.12.2018 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Enhancing stock market prediction with extended coupled hidden Markov model over multi-sourced data

Xi Zhang, Yixuan Li, Senzhang Wang, Binxing Fang, Philip S. Yu

12.12.2018 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

A knowledge-based approach to multiplayer games in peer-to-peer networks

Michael S. Gibson, Wamberto W. Vasconcelos

18.12.2018 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Incorporating word embeddings into topic modeling of short text

Wang Gao, Min Peng, Hua Wang, Yanchun Zhang, Qianqian Xie, Gang Tian

05.01.2019 | Regular Paper | Ausgabe 2/2019

Meta-analysis of evaluation methods and metrics used in context-aware scholarly recommender systems

Zohreh Dehghani Champiri, Adeleh Asemi, Salim Siti Salwah Binti

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