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Knowledge and Information Systems

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21.09.2018 | Regular Paper

Information theoretic-PSO-based feature selection: an application in biomedical entity extraction

Named entity recognition is a vital task for various applications related to biomedical natural language processing. It aims at extracting different biomedical entities from the text and classifying them into some predefined categories. The types …

18.09.2018 | Survey Paper

The big data system, components, tools, and technologies: a survey

The traditional databases are not capable of handling unstructured data and high volumes of real-time datasets. Diverse datasets are unstructured lead to big data, and it is laborious to store, manage, process, analyze, visualize, and extract the …

15.09.2018 | Regular Paper

Collective entity resolution in multi-relational familial networks

Entity resolution in settings with rich relational structure often introduces complex dependencies between co-references. Exploiting these dependencies is challenging—it requires seamlessly combining statistical, relational, and logical …

11.09.2018 | Regular Paper

Mapping sentences to concept transferred space for semantic textual similarity

Semantic textual similarity ( $$\mathcal {STS}$$ STS ) seeks to assess the degree of semantic equivalence between two sentences or snippets of texts. Most methods of $$\mathcal {STS}$$ STS are based on word surface and deem words as meaning …

10.09.2018 | Regular Paper

Coupled intrinsic and extrinsic human language resource-based query expansion

Poor information retrieval performance has often been attributed to the query-document vocabulary mismatch problem which is defined as the difficulty for human users to formulate precise natural language queries that are in line with the …

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Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) provides an international forum for researchers and professionals to share their knowledge and report new advances on all topics related to knowledge systems and advanced information systems. This monthly peer-reviewed archival journal publishes state-of-the-art research reports on emerging topics in KAIS, reviews of important techniques in related areas, and application papers of interest to a general readership.

The journal focuses on knowledge systems and advanced information systems, including their theoretical foundations, infrastructure and enabling technologies. We solicit submissions of original research, and experience and vision papers that address this theme.

We publish critical review papers to discuss the state of the art in particular areas, as well as state-of-the-art research reports. Accepted papers are grouped for publication so that individual issues focus on a small number of theme areas. In addition to archival papers, the journal also publishes significant on-going research in the form of Short Papers (limited to 3000 words), and very short papers on "visions and directions" (no more than 1000 words, excluding bibliography). We conduct reviews in a timely fashion and inform authors of decisions with a target turnaround time of 3 months.

Selected papers from relevant conferences are welcome. Good papers with high quality reviews can be accepted after the expansion and revision is verified by an Associate Editor of the Editorial Board. Conference organizers are invited to contact the Editor-in-Chief for further information.

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