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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 3/2017

Ausgabe 3/2017

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 50 Artikel )

02.09.2016 | Construction Management | Ausgabe 3/2017

Discriminant model of BIM acceptance readiness in a construction organization

Seulki Lee, Jungho Yu

30.08.2016 | Construction Management | Ausgabe 3/2017

Development of a 3D local terrain modeling system of intelligent excavation robot

Hyun-Seok Yoo, Young-Suk Kim

29.07.2016 | Construction Management | Ausgabe 3/2017

A special Partial Least Squares (PLS) path decision modeling for bid evaluation of large construction projects

Bingsheng Liu, Tengfei Huo, Pin-chao Liao, Jingfeng Yuan, Jiong Sun, Xuan Hu

16.05.2016 | Construction Management | Ausgabe 3/2017

Selection method for environmental equipment combination for paving work

Ji-Su Lee, Dong-Eun Lee, Byung-soo Kim

06.06.2016 | Construction Management | Ausgabe 3/2017

Quantifying combination effects of project management practices on cost performance

Sung Joon Suk, Seokho Chi, Stephen P. Mulva, Carlos H. Caldas, Sung-Hoon An

07.07.2016 | Environmental Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Analysis of the main factors influencing the permeability-reducing effect of cement infiltration in a river sediment matrix

Jinlan Ji, Guisheng Fan

20.05.2016 | Environmental Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Application of Reticulated Vitreous Carbons doped with low-cost catalysts as the cathodes in microbial fuel cells

Yongtae Ahn, Se-Yeon Jo, Young-Chae Song, Wontae Lee, Jae-Woo Chung

20.05.2016 | Environmental Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Optimum conditions for extracting Ca from CKD to store CO2 through indirect mineral carbonation

Myoung-Jin Kim, Se Young Pak, Dami Kim, Sungsu Jung

15.06.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Fractal properties of filter membrane for silt clogging evaluation on PVD improved soft clays

Jing Wang, Zhiliang Dong, Haihong Mo

31.05.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Evaluating the liquefaction potential of gravel soils with static experiments and steady state approaches

Jinung Do, Seoung-Beom Heo, Yeo-Won Yoon, Ilhan Chang

27.05.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

A new perspective on bounding surface plasticity: The moving projection origin

Taesik Kim, Young-Hoon Jung

06.06.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Quantitative assessment on the variation of compressibility of Wenzhou marine clay during destructuration

Xia Bian, Jian-Wen Ding, Jian Shi, Sen Qian

24.06.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Back analysis method of homogeneous slope at critical state

Hang Lin, Jingyu Chen

17.10.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Effect of nanocomposite on the strength parameters of soil

Foad Changizi, Abdolhosein Haddad

07.07.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

An integrated method for analyzing load transfer in geosynthetic-reinforced and pile-supported embankment

Weizheng Liu, Shuai Qu, Hao Zhang, Zhihong Nie

10.06.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Numerical study on load transfer effect of Stiffened Deep Mixed column-supported embankment over soft soil

Guanbao Ye, Yongsheng Cai, Zhen Zhang

07.07.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Experimental study on time-dependent behavior of silty mudstone from the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China

Huai Chang Yu, Han Dong Liu, Zhi Quan Huang, Guang Cheng Shi

15.06.2016 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 3/2017

Back-fill grout experimental test for discharged soils reuse of the large-diameter size slurry shield tunnel

Shunhua Zhou, Xue Li, Chang Ji, Junhua Xiao

15.06.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

A modified elasto-plastic model with double yield surfaces and considering particle breakage for the settlement analysis of high rockfill dams

Raksiri Sukkarak, Pornthap Pramthawee, Pornkasem Jongpradist

11.07.2016 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Hyperbolic model to evaluate uplift force on pile in expansive soils

B. Soundara, R. G. Robinson

24.06.2016 | Highway Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Evaluation of methods to prevent soil on a box culvert from freezing-heaving

Jaehoon Lee, Deoksoo Son, Soonmin Kwon, Sung Woo Ryu

06.06.2016 | Highway Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Automated runway groove measurement and evaluation

Lin Li, Kelvin C. P. Wang, Qiang Joshua Li, Wenting Luo

31.05.2016 | Highway Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

The analyses of environmental factors for curing concrete pavements inside tunnels

Christopher Jabonero, Sung Woo Ryu, Jun Young Park, Yoon-Ho Cho, In Tai Kim

20.05.2016 | Railroad Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Evaluation of area- and volume-based gradations of sand-crushed stone mixture by 2D images

Janaka J. Kumara, Kimitoshi Hayano, Yoshiaki Kikuchi

10.05.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

An automated approach for optimal design of prestressed concrete slabs using PSOHS

A. S. Talaei, A. Nasrollahi, M. Ghayekhloo

31.05.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Free vibration of functionally Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko graded porous beams using the transfer matrix method

Yousef S. Al Rjoub, Azhar G. Hamad

30.06.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Comparing of loose and strong finite element partitioned coupling methods of acoustic fluid-structure interaction: Concrete dam-reservoir system

Farhoud Kalateh, Ali Koosheh

29.07.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Structural behavior of strengthening masonry in-filled frames subjected to lateral load using bonded and un-bonded CFRP

Nesreen Kassem, Ahmed Atta, Emad Etman

30.06.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Investigation of deflection and vibration criteria for road bridges

Hung X. Le, Eui-Seung Hwang

11.07.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Influence of the holes spacing in bolted connections on propagation of fatigue cracks in steel bridge girders

Artur Duchaczek, Zbigniew Mańko

30.06.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Simulation assessment and theoretical verification of a new design for portable concrete barriers

Hasan Jasim Mohammed, Muhammad Fauzi Mohd. Zain

07.07.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Mechanical properties, phase composition and microstructure of activated Metakaolin-slaked lime binder

M. S. Morsy, Y. A. Al-Salloum, T. H. Almusallam, H. Abbas

11.07.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Behaviour of Triple Friction Pendulum isolator under forward directivity and fling step effect

Mazhar A. Dhankot, Devesh P. Soni

30.06.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

A damage assessment technique based on a revised Statistical Pattern-recognition Technique (SPRT)

Gwanghee Heo, Chunggil Kim, Chinok Lee, Jieun Hur, Sanggu Seo

27.07.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Utilization of Supplementary Cementitious Materials in HPC: From rheology to pore structure

M. Iqbal Khan, Shehab M. Mourad, Abdelhamid Charif

07.07.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Prediction on static strength for CHS tubular K-joints at elevated temperature

Yongbo Shao, Shubin He, Dongping Yang

20.06.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Optimum tuned mass damper design in frequency domain for structures

Sinan Melih Nigdeli, Gebrail Bekdaş

10.06.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

An experimental study on FRC infilled steel tubular columns under eccentric loading

S. Ramana Gopal

15.06.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Tuned mass-high damping rubber damper on a taut cable

Viet Hung Cu, Bing Han, Duy Hoa Pham

07.07.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

A comparative study of live load distribution in Skewed Integral and Simply Supported Bridges

O. Fatih Yalcin

15.07.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

A study on ultimate behaviour of composite space truss

P. Sangeetha, R. Senthil

10.06.2016 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Behavior of circular RC columns with two layers of spirals

Lin-Zhu Sun, Dong-Yan Wu, Jun-Liang Zhao, Fang Yang, Wei Li

20.06.2016 | Surveying and Geo-Spatial Information Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Ridership patterns at subway stations of Seoul capital area and characteristics of station influence area

Mi-Kyeong Kim, Sang-Pil Kim, Joon Heo, Hong-Gyoo Sohn

15.06.2016 | Tunnel Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

In-site experiments on the swelling characteristics of a shield tunnel in expansive clay: A case study

Jianxiu Wang, Jiaxing Liu, Xiaotian Liu, Yunhua Jiang, Xuezeng Liu

30.06.2016 | Tunnel Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Fractal crushing of solid particles

Yidong Wang, Chengjian Shao, Yongfu Xu

24.06.2016 | Water Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Investigation of flow over spillway modeling and comparison between experimental data and CFD analysis

Serife Yurdagul Kumcu

15.07.2016 | Water Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Effective intake for critical submergence in the case of more than one intake

Kerem Taştan, Nevzat Yildirim

08.08.2016 | Water Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

MTP validation analysis of scour formulae in an integral abutment bridge

P. T. Ghazvinei, H. Hassanpour Darvishi, J. Ariffin, S. H. Musavi Jahromi, N. Aghamohammadi, A. Amini

07.07.2016 | Water Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Nonlinear dynamic response of tension leg platform under environmental loads

M. Jameel, D. O. Oyejobi, N. A. Siddiqui, N. H. Ramli Sulong

30.06.2016 | Water Engineering | Ausgabe 3/2017

Estimation of time-variant probable maximum precipitation for South Korea

Nam Won Kim, Jeongwoo Lee

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