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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 4/2021

Ausgabe 4/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 30 Artikel )

12.02.2021 | Construction Management | Ausgabe 4/2021

Aetiology and Progression of Construction Disputes towards a Predictive Model

Peipei Wang, Lihan Zhang, Kun Wang, Peter Fenn

10.02.2021 | Construction Management | Ausgabe 4/2021

A Hybrid Fuzzy Risk Assessment Framework for Determining Building Demolition Safety Index

Milad Alipour-Bashary, Mehdi Ravanshadnia, Hamidreza Abbasianjahromi, Ehsan Asnaashari

22.01.2021 | Environmental Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Contribution of Different Quantities of Leaf Litter to Nitrous Oxide Emission from a Temperate Deciduous Forest

Nadar Hussain Khokhar, Jae-Woo Park

29.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Risk Assessment of Debris Flow at Regional Scale considering Catchment Area in Chuncheon, Korea

Gou-Moon Choi, Il-Wha Lee, Chan-Young Yune

10.02.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Numerical Modelling of the Creep Subsidence of an Ocean Lighthouse Constructed on a Reclaimed Coral Reef Island

Dawei Yu, Jianhong Ye

25.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Maximizing Strength of CKD — Stabilized Expansive Clayey Soil Using Natural Zeolite

Abdulla A. Sharo, Fathi M. Shaqour, Jomana M. Ayyad

25.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Effect of Stone Columns on Strength and Consolidation Characteristics of Black Cotton Soil

Nitin Ishwarappa Bailappanavar, Mohit Kumar, Kaustav Chatterjee

22.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Soil Conditioning Tests on Sandy and Cobbly Soil for Shield Tunneling

Zheng Zhen, Xinsheng Ge, Jun Zhang

29.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Locally Resonant Periodic Wave Barriers for Vibration Isolation in Subway Engineering

Lijian Lei, Linchang Miao, Chao Li, Xiaodong Liang, Junjie Wang

10.02.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Effect of Turbulent Fluctuation on Settling Behavior of Dredged Slurry in Sheared Condition

Miao-miao Song, Gui-zhong Xu, Jie Yin, Wei-juan Geng, Zhi-yan Zhou, Cheng-chun Qiu

25.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Wall Displacement and Ground-Surface Settlement Caused by Pit-in-Pit Foundation Pit in Soft Clays

Yuyong Sun, Hongju Xiao

10.02.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Improvement of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation with the Wall Attached to the Base-Slab: Model Test

Jung-Geun Hwang, Yeo-Won Yoon, Ki-Il Song

29.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Shear Behavior of Marlstone Containing Parallel Fissure under Normal Unloading

Zhiming Yin, Xinrong Liu, Zhongping Yang, Yanlei Wang

05.02.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Sustainable Implementation of Glass Manufacturing Waste and Geogrids in the Improvement of Fine-Grained Soils

Baris Mahmutluoglu, Baki Bagriacik

12.02.2021 | Hydraulic Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Discharge Characteristics of Drainage Gates on Saemangeum Tidal Dyke, South Korea

Jae-Sang Jung, Jae-Seon Yoon, Seokkoo Kang, Seokil Jeong, Seung Oh Lee, Yong-Sung Park

29.01.2021 | Hydraulic Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

A 3D Thermal Field Restructuring Method for Concrete Dams Based on Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

Peng Lin, Haoyang Peng, Qixiang Fan, Yunfei Xiang, Zongli Yang, Ning Yang

05.02.2021 | Railroad Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Effect of Rail Irregularities and Rail Pad on Track Vibration and Noise

Naveen Kumar Kedia, Anil Kumar, Yogendra Singh

12.02.2021 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Theoretical Study on the Influence of Welding Collar on the Shear Behavior of Stud Shear Connectors

Yulin Zhan, Siji Lu, Yuanbiao Zheng, Haijun Jiang, Shaohui Xiong

22.01.2021 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Residual Strength of L-shaped Steel Reinforced Concrete Columns after Exposure to High Temperatures

Yuzhuo Wang, Xu Wang, Guoqiang Li, Jian Jiang, Tiangui Xu

29.01.2021 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Finite Element Analysis-Based Damage Metric for Airtightness Performance Evaluation of Concrete Tube Structures

Prakash Devkota, Heung Woon Jang, Jung-Wuk Hong, Joonam Park

18.01.2021 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Analysis of Center Frequency Effect on Damping Parameters Estimation Using Continuous Wavelet Transform

Seok Min Lee

05.02.2021 | Structural Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Evaluating Load-Carrying Capacity of Short Composite Beam Using Strain-Hardening HPFRC

Duy-Liem Nguyen, Vu-Tu Tran, Ngoc-Thanh Tran, Tri-Thuong Ngo, Manh-Tuan Nguyen

05.02.2021 | Surveying and Geo-Spatial Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Analysis of an Airport Pavement Management System during the Implementation Phase

Alessandro Di Graziano, Eliana Ragusa, Valeria Marchetta, Antonio Palumbo

29.01.2021 | Transportation Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Agent-Based Simulation for Pedestrian Evacuation Behaviour Using the Affordance Concept

Sajjad Hassanpour, Amir Abbas Rassafi

04.03.2021 | Transportation Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Evaluation of the Expressway Work Zone Guidance Systems Using a Virtual Driving Simulator

Je Jin Park, Im Ki Seo, Gi Yeol Lee

25.01.2021 | Transportation Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

The Fractal Geometry of Turkey’s Urban Transportation Networks

Rana Ibrahim Abid, Ahmet Tortum

05.02.2021 | Tunnel Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Soil Layer Disturbance Caused by Pipe Jacking: Measurement and Simulation of a Case Study

Wenjie Ma, Binglong Wang, Xu Wang, Shunhua Zhou, Bolin Wang

05.12.2021 | Tunnel Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Characteristics and Mitigation Measures of Floor Heave in Operational High-Speed Railway Tunnels

Dongping Zhao, Haobo Fan, Lingli Jia

10.02.2021 | Tunnel Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

Advanced Stability Analysis of the Tunnels in Jointed Rock Mass Based on TSP and DEM

Hongyun Fan, Liping Li, Hongliang Liu, Shaoshuai Shi, Jie Hu, Shen Zhou

05.02.2021 | Tunnel Engineering | Ausgabe 4/2021

An Artificial Freezing Technique to Facilitate Shield Tail Brush Replacement under High Pore-Water Pressure Using Liquid Nitrogen

Ping Yang, Jiling Zhao, Lin Li

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