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Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing

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Investigations on the Interplay Between Focusing and Absorption in Absorber-Free Laser Transmission Welding of Plastics

In recent years, lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices have attracted attention as a promising market for the laser transmission welding (LTW) process, as they exhibit a high growth and an increasing share of thermoplastics are used in them [ 1 ] . The …


Dissimilar Laser Welding of NiTi Wires

NiTi shape memory alloys are well-known due to their outstanding functional properties including superelasticity (SE) and Shape Memory Effect (SME). Laser welding is a viable technique for the joining of NiTi wires, which are employed in the …

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Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing provides an international forum for exchanging information on the development and application of laser technology across the fields of manufacturing and materials processing. The emphasis is on innovation, enhancing fundamental understanding of laser-matter interaction, numerical modeling, new experimental methods and results, practical uses of laser beams and devices and new theoretical foundations for experimental methods.

Topics covered include Laser-based Materials Processing;
Laser applications in Manufacturing; In-process measurement; Modeling of laser-based processes; Hybrid processes; Control of laser materials processing and manufacturing; Laser-based Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring and more.

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