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Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing

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Evaluation of Wear on Macro-Surface Textures Generated by ns Fiber Laser

The demand for improved performance and long term reliability of mechanical systems dictate the use of advanced materials and surface engineering techniques. A small change in the surface topography can lead to substantial improvements in the …


Effect of Laser Power and Gas Flow Rate on Properties of Directed Energy Deposition of Titanium Alloy

Laser metal deposition (LMD) process belongs to the directed energy deposition class of additive manufacturing processes. It is an important manufacturing technology with lots of potentials especially for the automobile and aerospace industries.


Numerical Simulations on the Laser Spot Welding of Zirconium Alloy Endplate for Nuclear Fuel Bundle Assembly

In the nuclear industry, a critical welding process is joining of an end plate to a fuel rod to form a fuel bundle. Literature on zirconium welding in such a critical operation is limited. A CFD model is developed and performed for the …


Structural Transformation in Fe73.5Nb3Cu1Si15.5B7 Amorphous Alloy Induced by Laser Heating

The effect of continuous laser irradiation (λ = 1.06 μm) with laser power of 45 W on the structure of Fe73.5Nb3Cu1Si15.5B7 amorphous alloy has been studied using X-ray diffraction and SEM methods. The sample of the ribbon has been placed at a …


Nd:YAG Pulsed Laser Assisted Machining of AMS 5708 Waspaloy Alloy

Due to very high strenght, low thermal conductivity, and high work hardening rate, the machinability of nickel-based superalloys is poor at room temperature. Laser-assisted machining (LAM) can provide a better aspect of machining such alloys.

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Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing provides an international forum for exchanging information on the development and application of laser technology across the fields of manufacturing and materials processing. The emphasis is on innovation, enhancing fundamental understanding of laser-matter interaction, numerical modeling, new experimental methods and results, practical uses of laser beams and devices and new theoretical foundations for experimental methods.

Topics covered include Laser-based Materials Processing;
Laser applications in Manufacturing; In-process measurement; Modeling of laser-based processes; Hybrid processes; Control of laser materials processing and manufacturing; Laser-based Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring and more.

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Vom Material zur Produktinnovation: ausgewählte Fallstudien

7 Fallstudien mit den jeweiligen Erkenntnissen zu Erfolgsfaktoren, aber auch Gründen für Misserfolge in der Kommerzialisierung von Produktinnovationen. Das Kapitel aus dem Fachbuch "Vom Material zur Produktinnovation" aus dem Springer Vieweg Verlag liefert Ihnen den entscheideneen Wissenvorsprung in Sachen Produktinnovation.  Jetzt gratis downloaden!


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