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02.06.2017 | Lightweight Design | News | Online-Artikel

Lotus Presents the New Elise Cup 250

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The new Elise is the British company’s fastest four-cylinder ever. The rigorous use of lightweight materials has cut weight down to 860 kg.

The British race car maker Lotus is launching the Elise Cup 250 onto the market. As the latest Lotus to receive the Cup treatment, the model should bridge the gap between the road and the track according to the company. The all-alloy 1.8-litre engine with charge-cooled supercharger allows the Elise Cup 250 to deliver 181 kW (243 hp) and accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 4.3 seconds, reaching a top speed of 248 kilometres per hour.

The Lotus development team has focused, above all, on cutting weight and boosting performance. By adopting lightweight materials, such as carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium, dry weight has been reduced to just 884 kilograms, and even sinks to 860 kilograms with all lightweight options selected, such as a full exhaust system in titanium. The Elise delivers a power to weight ratio of 3.5 kg/hp as a result.

New aerodynamics increases downforce

The Elise Cup 250 carries forward the new visual identity of the redesigned Elise Sport and Sprint models. The lightweight front apron with wider air intakes and a mesh pattern grille, and the rear transom panel featuring two, rather than four, light clusters get a new look. Announcing the new car, Lotus’ CEO Jean-Marc Gales said, “The Elise Cup 250 is the latest edition in an exciting period for the company, which has seen us launch a number of very special new cars across our entire range.”

The Elise Cup 250 should set the standard for two-seater sports cars due to its combination of design, agility, grip and speed according to the car maker. In addition to the redesigned lightweight front and rear aprons, the Elise Cup 250’s aerodynamic changes modify airflow around the vehicle to increase the downforce to 125 kg at 225 kilometres per hour, allowing harder cornering and even more stability.

Perfectly complementing the car’s personality, the Elise’s six-speed manual gearbox uses Lotus’ open-gate design. First introduced on the Exige Sport 350, but optimised for the Elise, the gearbox provides much more direct operation, giving more precise, faster gear changes. Benefiting from the weight savings delivered across the Elise range, the Elise Cup 250 is a significant 14 kg lighter than its predecessor. As standard, the Lotus Elise Cup 250 includes a lithium-ion battery, Lotus’ hand crafted carbon race seats, forged motorsport wheels and a polycarbonate rear windscreen.


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