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The proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Logistics, Informatics and Services Sciences (LISS’2014) gather 259 papers on the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of logistics, informatics, service operations and service science. The books is divided into four main sections focusing on different aspects: Service Management, Logistics Management, Information Management, and Engineering Management. It also covers ten special sessions: Advanced Management Decision Making Techniques and Application; Freight Transportation and Information Technology; Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and Supply Chain Management; Innovation in Service Science; Comprehensive Service; International Trade and Investment of Service Industries Theories and Practices, Trends and Strategies; Supply Chain Management, Industrial Economy and Urban Logistics; Management Process Optimization Modeling & Data Analysis; Logistics Management & IOT Technology Application; and Digital Publishing & Media. The papers in each section describe state-of-art research works that are often oriented towards real-world applications and highlight the benefits of related methods and techniques for developing the emerging field of service science, logistics and informatics.



Logistics Management


A Game Analysis of Standardization of Aquatic Production Enterprises and Cold Chain Logistics Enterprises

By constructing game model to analysis aquaculture enterprises and logistics enterprises implement the standardization process, and analysis the Government incentive process to aquaculture enterprises and logistics companies. Pointing out aquatic transport cargo damage rate, aquaculture enterprises and logistics companies gain equilibrium value, inter-enterprise preferences, enterprise development cycle has an impact on the implementation of standardized. From the perspective of the supply chain, for the role of the government, aquaculture enterprises, logistics enterprises in the implementation of the standardization process, has put forward a number of policy recommendations.

Ting Gao, Wenbing Wu, Weibing Cao

Evaluation Weight Research on Military Logistics System

This paper proposes an innovative method that uses network questionnaire survey to get the weight value of subjective assignment, and uses the set-valued statistics methods to calculate the weights of objective weighting, at the same time uses the principle of least-square to get comprehensive subjective and objective weights, and finally carries out the analysis by examples. The conclusion provides scientific and effective theory evidence for military logistics system assessment.

Darong Ling, Jun Wang, Peng Shi, Fan Jiang

The Military Logistics System Program Evaluation Based on Set Pair Analysis

This paper proposes an innovative four-dimensional evaluation method for military logistics system that designed with evaluation standard system. This evaluation method is based on SPA and reversal of clustering analysis. This evaluation method can not only judge good or bad, but also take the determination of similitude, difference and contrary degree into consideration so as to find out the reasons for being good or bad and make improvement thereof. Such model is well designed and operational.

Fan Jiang, Zhiyun Duan, Chao Xie, Jun Wang

The Opportunities, Challenges and Countermeasures of Developing the Logistics in “Third and Fourth-Class Cities” Based on SRCT

With the further development of the new round of urbanization in China, the logistics development of “third and fourth-class cities” is facing an important opportunity; but the impact of financial crisis hampered further development of industry in “third and fourth-class cities”. Combining the urbanization with the marching of the general merchandise industry and e-commerce towards “third and fourth-class cities”, this paper analyzes the logistics development opportunities and challenges based on SRCT. And put forward relevant countermeasures and suggestions to promote the coordinated development of the logistics industry of “third and fourth-class cities” and city economy under the market resource constraint.

Jianhua Zhao, Xiaoli Yao, Yuheng Zhao

TAOBAO Logistics Model Based on Joint Distribution

In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic commerce industry, China’s network retail has made remarkable development. TAOBAO take 60 % share in China’s C2C market, but its logistics problems restrict its development seriously. This paper analyzes the TAOBAO logistics management problems of poor quality, high cost and low efficiency. After that, a new TAOBAO logistics model is put forward based on joint distribution. The new logistics model minimizes the object sorting links, so as to improve information flow rate and the level of logistics service.

Jianqin Zhou, Xiaoqin Zhong

Logistics Design for Multi-Brand Vehicle Manufacturing

With a stronger competition on a worldwide scale all automotive original equipment manufacturers (= OEM) are searching for beneficial measures to stay at the helm of the industry sector. However, some measures can only be achieved when even very competitive OEMs are cooperating together to implement new automotive industry standards. Based on empirical analysis this paper aims to identify potential logistics areas to be shared among OEMs for gaining a win-win situation. Focusing on material handling the logistics service provider (= LSP) bears the challenge to harmonize the various logistical OEM standards (e.g. for boxes/crates) to realize synergies between these ones. Only by achieving this cost saving the LSP is in a position to be still profitable but also stay below the cost level as expected and priced by the OEM. Further research aspects include the legal framework to ensure the required win-win situation.

Joachim Kuhn

Chain Restaurant Industry Supplier Selection and Performance Evaluation: A Case of KFC in China

The chain restaurant industries are becoming more and more to focus on supplier selection and performance evaluation. This paper based on supply chain management and the restaurant chain’s characteristics, constructed supplier selection index system and performance evaluation system. Using AHP method, the weight of each index is determined. And taking KFC’s chicken supplier as a case study, the practical and rationality of the system for supplier selection and evaluated its performance are verified. The results can be used to relative enterprise management making decision reference.

Zuqing Huang, Yushi Guo, Caiyun Li

Restriction Factors and Countermeasure for the Development of Low-Carbon Logistics

Low-carbon logistics will be a strong support for the low-carbon economy development. Namely it can ensure the sustainable development of economy and fulfill the strategy of the energy conservation and emissions reduction by adjusting reasonably the industrial structure of the industry chain. In this paper, on the basis of connotation of low-carbon logistics, stating the current development situation of the logistics in China, and analyzing the restricting factors for the low-carbon logistics development in China, and furthermore, its corresponding strategies, such as the development idea, policy, management, technology, talent, etc. were put forward for it.

Li Sun, Jiange Li, Shengyue Hao

Performance Analysis of Collaborative HARQ Protocol with Distributed Codes

In order to improve the reliability of the cooperative communication system, a new collaborative Hybrid-ARQ protocol is proposed by combining the distributed codes with the averaged diversity combining technique. In the destination terminal, the retransmission information of relay is processed by incremental redundancy techniques, and the Chase combining technique is used to process the source information. Joint soft decision decoding is adopted at the destination terminal. In this paper, we give a lower bound of the outage probability expressions and simulation results. It is shown that the outage probability is deduced, and the average capacity is improved. Compared with these protocols which use Chase combining or incremental redundancy combining only, the new protocol can achieve better performance of outage probability and average capacity on rayleigh fading channel.

Xi Wu, Jiaqi Tang, Yan Zhang

The Model of Risk Management in Project Logistics

This paper analyzes the theory of risk management and the particularity of project logistics, and combines with the relevant research both at home and abroad, then puts forward the model of risk management in project logistics, and expounds the qualitative and quantitative research methods of each step, to provide ideas for risk management of project logistics. But the paper did not research one specific project logistics, so it points out the future research direction at the end of the paper.

Rong Zeng, Hanbin Xiao, Hong Zhang

The Pharmaceutical Logistics Forecasting of Beijing in 2020

Pharmaceutical logistics is developing so rapid in china in recentyears. Analyzing the current pharmaceutical logistics capability and predicting the future demand can help us responding to future change. In this paper, we analyze medicine consumption per capita and predict the demand of pallet spaces of Beijing’s pharmaceutical logistics in 2020 by Crystal Ball. We come to the conclusion: the storage capability of pharmaceutical logistics enterprises in Beijing can meet 75 % demand. In 2020, pharmaceutical logistics enterprises in Beijing require 500,000 pallet spaces, increasing 50,000 pallet spaces.

Yanfen Hou, Xiaochun Lu

Research on Purchasing Based on Stock-Out Compensation With Price Continuous Reduction

The electronic products update faster and faster and its price shows a declining trend. In order to seize the declining chance to reduce the purchasing cost, the companies often adopt the small lots & multi-frequencypolicy. As the demand is incertitude, stock-out is inevitable, which leads to the profit lost and furthermore, the loss of market shares. This paper considers introducing stock-out compensation policy into the purchasing decision with declining cost, works out the model through nonlinear programming related theories and compares the result with the model without stock-out compensation policy.

Renxing Tan, Yisong Li

The Assessment Index System of Sustainable Construction of Low-Carbon City

Since the industrial revolution, the global economy has being growing, the negative effects of climate change, one of which is gradually revealed. Some experts and scholars constitute part of the evaluation system for low-carbon city. A set of evaluation index system of low carbon city scientific plays an important role. Previous research also lacks of a low-carbon comprehensive evaluation of urban sustainable building horizontal and vertical. This passage creates the assessment index system of sustainable construction of low-carbon city. A set of evaluation index system of low carbon city scientific plays an important role. Scientific low carbon city evaluation index system can be used as a reference for decision-makers to make decision, help them avoid weaknesses in the low carbon city management, and make a modern new city with economic, social, cultural, ecological civilization coordinated development.

Jun Zhou, Shuaishuai Fan

Influencing Factors Analysis and Countermeasures of Agricultural Green Logistics

In the paper, firstly, on the base of expounding and analyzing factors influencing agricultural green logistics, 12 kinds of factors are enumerated. Secondly, the relationships between these factors are obtained through applying the interpretative structural modeling (ISM). Thirdly, the subgroup method of the ISM is used to cluster these factors in order to find six key factors. Finally, according to these six key factors, countermeasures and suggestions are putting forward.

Shaochuan Fu, Tao Yang

Value Addition-Increase Production by Providing Logistics Solutions

This paper is based upon two trial runs conducted for a poly films firm in India. Flexi-liner was a new concept that had been introduced recently in India for transportation of free flowing dry bulk cargo for domestic transportation. Three different products were taken into consideration and all were manufactured in bulk and have large volumes to cater to and facing similar problems of high cost of packaging, transportation and plant congestion. The crux of the issue was to increase material handling at both the plants, reduce time and storage place and in turn increase production without affecting existing systems and processes by using Flexi-liner and a combination of manual and pneumatic discharge system and aligning the same with the new production line.

Abhilash Saksena, Maneesha

An Empirical Research on Factors Influencing the Stability of the Storage Alliance Based on Contract

According to logistics network theory, a storage alliance is proposed to make full of the storage resources. By means of interviewing and questionnaire survey, this paper gets 189 effective Questionnaires to research on factors involved in stability. By SPSS16.0 & LISREL 8.7, the investigation data is processed, and the reliability and validity analysis and confirmatory factor analysis is conducted, and finally a structure equation model is established to test hypothesis. This paper gets some conclusions as following: Firstly, the storage capacity of the joint-venture has a direct positive effect on the profitability of investment, and meanwhile, cultural integration between enterprises has a direct positive effect on the profitability of the investment. Secondly, the profitability of the investment has a mediating effect on storage capacity, involvement initiative, information exchange and Cultural integration toward stability, as well as a positive effect on stability of alliance.

Mingyu Tang, Hongjie Lan

Logistics Network Hierarchy of Jiangxi Province Based on Factor Analysis

Nowadays logistics industry in China is largely based on the infrastructures, logistics networks and economy level. Jiangxi province is the unique province closest to the three deltas, i.e. Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and Strait West Coast Economic Zone in China. According to the 12th five-year plan Jiangxi province will start to boom the logistics industry especially the logistics networks. This paper develops a model for the hierarchy design of logistics network in Jiangxi province based on factor analysis. Qualitative and quantitative indexes are introduced to evaluate the regional logistics network system. Results show that 11 municipal cities in Jiangxi province can be divided into three hierarchies: Nanchang city is the core hub, Jiujiang city and the other three cities are categorized into the second key hub, and Yingtan city, etc., are categorized into the third auxiliary hub. Finally some suggestions are given to the operation of these three kinds of hubs.

Weihua Gan, Zhenmei Liu, Qihe Xu, Ting Geng

Network Design of Reverse Logistics for Mobile Phones Based on the Recycling of the Third Party

The updating rate of mobile phones is becoming higher and higher, which makes the processing procedure a problem for the whole society. At the same time, improper processing approaches can result in environmental pollution and waste of resources. In this paper, we analyze the processing modes and corresponding reverse logistics processes scientifically and completely in terms of the third party reverse logistics enterprises. And on the basis, a mathematical programming model is proposed in the case of multi-varieties phones and stochastic circumstances to handle node arrangement and facility location. The model takes both cost objective and environmental objective into consideration. The hybrid intelligent algorithm is designed to solve the model which consists of genetic algorithm, stochastic simulation and linear programming. Finally a numerical example validates the feasibility of the model and sensitivity analysis is conducted to illustrate its reliability.

Danning Li, Shi Xianliang

Facility Layout Optimization Design of a Printing Enterprise

According to the research on book printing enterprises, this paper points out the main problems on the logistics in the printing and bookbinding workshops. Based on SLP (System Layout Planning) facilities layout theory, this paper makes a detail analysis about the processes routings and the logistics processes, designs two optimal facility layout plans, and chooses which is better after the evaluation. The optimal plan can reduce the logistics moment in the shops and improve efficiency of logistics. The optimization design based on SLP is proved effective for the facility layout problems in a printing enterprise.

Weimin Zhang, Yanping Du, Xiaohui Wang

Game Analysis on Logistics Cloud Service Combination

With the development of science and technology, the consumers’ diversified demand becomes more and more complex, which poses challenges to the traditional logisitics, in this case, the cloud logistics arises at the historic moment. The paper constructs logistics cloud service cooperation architecture from the perspective of modern logistics Virtual Enterprise Alliance. Base on this, extracts the preconditions of the logistics cloud service combination, builds and analyzes the game model. Finally, the paper proposes reasonable countermeasures, which have a certain practical significance for carrying out the cloud logistics and developing the modern logistics.

Xiaojian Hu, Shuiwang Zhang

Discuss on the Stock Replenishment of VMI With One Supplier and Two-Distributors

In a vendor-managed inventory (VMI) system consisting of one supplier two-distributors with different determined demand, two replenishment policies are discussed. In the first replenishment policy, the replenishment time and number of two-distributors are not coordinated, while in the second one, the method of integer-ratio time coordinatio that the replenishment interval for the supplier is an integer multiple of that for the distributors is applied. Finally, a numerical example is presented to verify the effect of the two replenishment policies. Results show that the method of integer-ratio time coordination is prior to uncoordinated policy.

Chunguang Quan, Anquan Zou, Enyong Dai, Xiaojuan Cheng

Air Express Network Redesign of China Air Express

China Air Express Corporation (CAE) is an enterprise that specializes in air express services. Since the company does not have its own aircrafts, it cooperates with airlines to offer air express services. The company has established branches in more than 30 cities or regions in China.The branch usually adopts direct transportation to complete express shipping, which means that there is no stop between the origin airport and the destination airport. As for the routes with less volume of business, they are unable to achieve scale economies which lead to high transportation cost. The goal of this paper is to redesign the air express network of CAE. We propose a mixed integer programming model to minimize the transportation cost, taking the delivery time and the route capacity into account. We also present an illustrative case study.

Jing Wang, Jie Xu, Jingzhi Ding, Dongmei Wang

Under the Carbon Emissions and Cap-and-Trade Enterprises’ Pricing Strategy Research when Put into Technology

By introducing Newsvendor Model and green technology parameters involved in demand function, this paper analyze sent erprises’ pricing strategy when there is no green technology and in two different green technologies under policies of the Mandatory carbon emissions and cap-trade. Through analyzing, conclusions are as follows. Firstly, demand function changes when green technology is inputted. Secondly, products with different green technologies are priced differently. Thirdly, the green technology parameters are positively correlated with price. This paper gives guidance for enterprises’pricing strategy under policies of the Mandatory carbon emissions and cap-trade based on green technology input, hoping them could obtain economic and social benefits at the same time.

Changsong Ma, Yinfeng Du, Zhenrui Wu, Linlin Huang, Ying Luo

Research on Household Refrigerating Appliances Logistics System Based on Dissipation Structure

In recent years, energy consumption surge, especially the sharp increase in carbon dioxide emissions lead to increasingly serious global climate change, global “carbon revolution” is on the rise. Based on this situation, this article will use the theory of dissipative structure analysis of household refrigerating appliances logistics system, and further analyze the impact of low-carbon product certification system appears to household refrigeration appliances logistics system, the last part is conclusion and suggestions.

Qin Zhao, Xianliang Shi

The Choice of Material Procurement Mode of Beijing Metro Company

In recent years, the development speed of the Beijing subway system has increased, So an efficient scientific procurement and supply mode is needed. This paper starts with the current situation of the Beijing Metro Company. It investigates the status of the material procurement mode and the problem with this mode. Then the thesis use multi-criteria ABC classification to classify materials to apply the mixed procurement mode. For important materials, use centralized procurement mode. And keep the original scattered procurement mode for unimportant materials or the materials which is not suitable for scattered procurement mode. This mixed procurement can not only reduce cost, improve the effectiveness, but is also easier to carry out.

Yining Zheng, Xianliang Shi

An Available-to-Promise Model for Periodical Order Promising

To be competitive in an e-business era, it is critical to make not only responsive but also profitable order promises with an Available-to-Promise (ATP) system. While common practice like first-come-first-served (FCFS) basis will deteriorate overall profit especially under resource shortage situation. In this paper, a dynamic resource reservation policy for order-promising was proposed to prevent current less-profitable customer orders from over consuming the critical resource. Assuming known independent demand distributions, a corresponding stochastic model was developed. Finally, simulation experiments were conducted and showed that the benefit of enforcing the policy is correlated to initial availability.

Jie Zhang, Wei Qin, Wenhao Wang

Exploration Research on Self-Pickup from Metro in Shanghai

The coordination of e-commerce and express industry is booming in China nowadays. During the process of its development, a series of problems have arisen, among which the most significant one is the last-mile delivery problem. In handling this, self-pickup service based on metro is believed to be a promising approach. This study aims to research on consumer’s attitude towards self-pickup from metro in Shanghai. Several insights are obtained from the results. Firstly, nearly 70 % of highly educated young people are willing to accept self-pickup from metro; Secondly, the model is applicable in practice and worthy of promotion, which is feasible in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen etc. Finally, it is a future trend to make use of public resources to build distribution network, and the government should actively promote the sustainable development of end distribution. Besides, this study gives some suggestions to solve the problems that may occur in the self-pickup service.

Chuan Chen, Xin Guo

Organizational Behavior Analysis on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction for China Freshwater Live Fish Circulation

This paper puts forward variable analysis to energy conservation and emission reduction (ECER) of modern circulation for China freshwater live fish, classifies the organizational subjects of China freshwater live fish modern circulation and discusses the incentives issues for different subjects of circulation organization, under the theme scene of ECER. Circulation organization subjects can be roughly divided into three types: loose, semi-compact and compact circulation organizations. Subjects of different types of circulation organization have different ability to conduct ECER. The government should play the role of public service and facilitate the circulation subjects to conduct ECER.

Liming Chen, Fengjun Lu, Huiman Wu, Qing Liu, Xiaohong Lee

Investment Decision Model for Remanufacturing Under Return Uncertainty

Remanufacturing is a means of achieving environmental sustainability. However, uncertainties make remanufacturing investment decision more complex. This paper develops an investment model to find the optimal investment timing while taking returned quantity uncertainty into consideration. When the dynamics of the returned quantity follows Geometric Brownian Motion, the investment timing problem is analogous to an American call option with dividends problem. A numerical example is conducted to illustrate the proposed decision support model.

Mei-Ting Tsai

Study of the Robustness of the European Air Routes Network

In this paper we make analysis on flight flow network structure of Europe. The aim of this study is to analyze the robustness of the European civil European air transportation network from the perspective of the theory of complex networks. This study is based on analyzing the behavior of the network when its nodes (­airports) are removed by random attacks and deliberate attacks. The selection of nodes on deliberate attacks is based on four criteria: degree, betweenness, pagerank and eigenvector. This study aims to contribute to the understanding of the logistics network of European commercial flights, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. The calculation of network statistical indicators as degree and betweenness distribution reveals that the flight flow network has the small-world characteristics and scale-free property.

Oriol Lordan, Joel Florido, Jose M. Sallan, Vicenc Fernandez, Pep Simo, David Gonzalez-Prieto

Impact of Capacity Constraints on the Dynamic Response of Two Level Supply Chain

This paper investigates the impact of capacity constraints on the stability boundaries of two tier supply chain. System dynamic simulation using iThink Software has been applied to explore the impact of different levels of capacity constraints on the Order Rate and Actual Inventory of Automatic Pipe Line Inventory and Order Based Production Control System (APIOBPCS). When manufacturer has capacity level of 1.33 over the mean demand, the factory (farthest echelon) should be confident in dealing with the 20 % increase in demand and this situation has been named as the “Leading Capacity Strategy”, where the manufacturer can use excess capacity to absorb sudden increases in demand. This research gives supply chain operations managers and designers a practical way to develop understanding of capacity constraints at different echelons and to take better decisions about their capacity level.

Matloub Hussain, Mehmood Khan, Hussein Saber

Bargaining Model of ATO Supply Chain Cooperation in Components Replenishment

Considering that ATO (assemble-to-order) supply chain consists of a final product assembler and two component suppliers, who respectively provide one component to the assembler, we propose a bargaining game model between assembler and suppliers to study their profits-sharing policy, i.e., the components sales prices, and the corresponding production and replenishment quantities of these two components. The optimal solution of the model is obtained, and the effect of the bargaining power of the assembler and the suppliers on the optimal solution is analyzed by theoretical and numerical analysis. We found that with the enhancement of the bargaining power of the assembler to one supplier, the component sales price and profit of this supplier reduce, and those of another supplier increase. Simultaneously, the expected profit of the assembler increases if its bargaining power is stronger than the other supplier, otherwise, it decreases.

Yuyu Li, Bo Huang, Weidong Meng

How to Consume Oatmeal in China: A Demand Chain Design

Rising awareness of the benefits of healthy diet and increasing rapid pace of life will remain a key growth driver for oatmeal in China. This research illustrates an investigation of oatmeal consumed in China and the framework of design demand chain bringing the “voice of customers” into the management of demand chain using Quality Function Development (QFD) method. Every step of framework of design demand chain is presented, and we build up an oatmeal demand chain based on consumption data in China which is collected by questionnaires. The result is that prioritizing product management and brand management is the best way to satisfy oatmeal consumer in China. Overall, this research contributes to a better concept of DCM and suggests tools that could realize it efficiently.

Lijing Song, Haitao Wen

Dynamic Optimization Model and Sensitivity Analysis of Logistics Distribution Center’s Goods Configuration

With the advent of the information age, e-commerce has been developing rapidly and a large number of large-scale e-commerce shopping platforms have emerged in China. When the location and scale of the logistics distribution centers’ have been identified, there are still some differences existing in the average distribution costs and storage costs of each centers because of their different geographic location and scale. (Cui, China Circ Econ 1(06):15–18, 2003) This article uses the dynamic iterative manner combined with linear programming and takes model storage capacity, distribution costs, customer demand constraints and other factors into account in order to obtain distribution centers’ best goods configuration which can maximize electricity suppliers’ benefits. Finally, this model analyzes the resource who constraints the benefit. That is funding constraints and inventory constraints. By doing so, the electricity supplier can be guided if the logistics distribution center needs additional investment. The innovation of this paper is the application of iterative dynamic linear programming model to distribution centers’ goods configuration problems.

Ping Zeng, Jiayi Yao

Coordinate the Supply Chain to Reduce Carbon Emissions

In recent years, low-carbon economy received extensive attention of the government and enterprises. To achieve a low-carbon economy, enterprises must invest in upgrading existing production processes to reduce carbon emissions per unit of product. Based on this idea, we study how to coordinate the supply chain to reduce carbon emissions. Specifically, we consider a manufacturer and a retailer who plan to invest funds to transform existing production processes to reduce carbon emissions. Investment decision making in the both centralized system and decentralized system is analyzed. We apply Nash Bargaining Game to design supply chain cooperation mechanisms to achieve supply chain coordination and improve the economic benefits as well as the environmental benefits.

Jing Gao, Juliang Zhang

Logistics Service Supply Chain Network Equilibrium Model

In this paper, a logistics service supply chain network model is developed which consists of four tiers of decision-makers: the logistics service subcontractors, the logistics service providers, the logistics services integrators, the logistics service demand sides. The model optimizes the behavior of the decision-makers, with the integrators’ multi-criteria, concerned with both profit maximization and risk minimization, and under the equilibrium conditions derived. Finally, an example is used to illustrate the application and solution of this equilibrium problem.

Wei Liu, Chan He, Xu Xu

Mechanism About Burglary Warehouse of Express Enterprises Based on Species Interdependence Model

The Burglary warehouse is the common phenomenon in China that express enterprises happen to receive too many orders so that they do not have enough time to sort goods. During last some years, the orders of e-commerce have increased quickly in China, but the phenomenon of Burglary warehouse has not been fixed. In this paper, we will use species interdependence model to study the mechanism of Burglary warehouse and at the same time, this paper will give some advices to help the express enterprises make it.

Chenhui Shu, Xianliang Shi

Logistics Efficiency and Dynamic Trend Analysis Under Constraints of Energy Saving and Emissions Reducing: Case Study of Three Major Economic Circles in China

After Copenhagen conference, carbon revolution has been globally rising, the concept of low-carbon logistics has been the hot spot in logistics industry at present. The paper is based on low-carbon logistics and national energy saving and emissions reducing policy and introduces environmental constraints (carbon emission and energy consumption) to construct input-output index system. Using the data of three major economic circles (Bohai Rim, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pan-Pearl River Delta) in China from 2008 to 2012 as empirical objects, the paper analyzes the logistics efficiency and energy saving potential using ultra-efficient CCR-DEA model and does the dynamic trend analysis by Malmquist Index. The results show that the logistics efficiency of the Pan-Pearl River Delta economic circle is significantly lower than the Bohai Rim and the Yangtze River Delta economic circle. It has huge energy saving potentials and should accelerate its technological progress.

Shuang Chen, Meng Huang, Xuefeng Wang, Hongyuan Wang

Material Requirement Planning Application Example Analysis-Shuohuang Railway Company Case Study

The MRP management is the main content and the key link of enterprise logistics management and it is the premise of enterprise timely and accurate material supplying. In the case of the MRP management of SHRC, this paper states the MRP management present situation of SHRC, and thinks due to the staff pay less attention to MRP management work, it has many problems, for example the timeliness and accuracy are poor. Aiming at these problems, this paper puts forward some solutions.

Qiuping Liu, Xueli Wang

Supply Chain Contract Design of Technology Innovation Collaboration Under Asymmetric Information

Supply chain technology innovation collaboration has the characteristics of high uncertainty and risk. Through the equitable distribution of the proceeds compact design can enhance supply chain competitive advantages and help achieve maximum benefit. It assumes a case study of technology innovation collaboration in a manufacturing enterprise, of which the enterprises’ strength and effort level are asymmetric information. This paper firstly analysis the enterprises’ profit-sharing issues in the supply chain through dynamic game. Then it creates the collaborative model with principal-agent theory, and studies the game strategy of cooperative innovation. The research is expected to provide a theoretical support for supply chain enterprises, to help the enterprises grasp the cooperative innovation rules, formulate the technology innovation collaboration strategy and improve the overall competitiveness.

Na Wang, Zhenji Zhang, Ruize Gao

Study on City Express Delivery Routing and Scheduling Problem with Time Windows

The vehicle routing problem is usually resolved with ant colony algorithm nowadays. Many researchers have put forward advanced ant colony algorithm to improve the calculating speed. City express delivery routing and scheduling model is constructed based on the actuality of city express. Different with traditional vehicle routing problem, this model includes two objective functions-minimum cost and highest service level. The constraint of time window is also included in the model. SF express delivery routing and scheduling problem in Chaoyang District, Beijing is resolved based on this model. After comparison and analysis we draw a conclusion that the model is feasible and more practical.

Li Li, Qilan Zhao

Revenue Sharing Contract Design with Marketing Strategy Types of Suppliers

In this article, research revenue sharing contract design when a supplier is leader and a retailer is follower in a two echelon supply chain. We differ from previous research all assume the supplier and retailer both profit oriented by distinguishing the marketing strategies of supplier. The marketing strategies include two types: profit oriented and sales oriented. The analysis results show the revenue sharing contract can achieve supply chain coordination and Pareto optimality in the supply chain with profit oriented suppliers; In the supply chain with sales oriented supplier, revenue sharing contract can obtain supply chain collaboration solutions and the Pareto improvement for the supplier and the retailer when the retailer’s order quantity is in a certain range. But only get the supply chain collaboration solution when the retailer’s order quantity is beyond the range.

Hua He, Xin Fang, Yinfeng Du

Under Stochastic Demand the Production Strategy for Two Products Considering Cap-and-Trade Regulation

This paper considers a production model involving one manufacture who produces two similar products. One is “green” product, and the other product is “regular” product. In this paper, we formulate models to examine the impact of production for two products under cap and trade policy and study the effect of the green technology input. Analytical results are obtained: With cap and trade policy, the manufacture’s maximum quantity for product 1 and product 2 is not higher than the case without carbon emission constraint, and the expected profit of manufacturer under this situation depends on the initial allowance. Manufactures are required to apply some green technologies to produce “green” products. General economics concepts are achieved. That is, the green technology input could improve manufacture’s normal product quantities and expected profit in some degree.

Zhenyu Luo, Changsong Ma

The Empirical Analysis on Farmers Participating in “Supermarket-Farmer Direct Purchase” Based on TPB

Based on the TPB, this paper built a theoretical framework of farmers taking part in “SFDP” by introducing psychological behavioral characteristics, it also took farmers endowments, market opportunities faced by farmers and what services cooperatives provided and other factors into account. Then it made an empirical analysis on the influencing factors with field survey data and binary Logistic model. The results showed that farmer’s age, education level, product price fluctuate, product certification, whether cooperatives supervise and farmers’ psychological behavioral factors all had significant effects on farmers’ participating behavior. So, it proposed some policy recommendations to promote farmers’ enthusiasm to involve in “Supermarket-Farmer Direct Purchase”.

Ya-li Niu, Jing Zhou

A System Dynamics Modeling Framework for Urban Logistics Demand System With a View to Society, Economy and Environment

These years, cities in China have been seeing rapid expansions of population, transportation and economy, etc. With those expansions, the logistics demand in cities is rocketing in amount and changing in the distribution, which have brought a lot of problems to the development of urban logistics, as well as the development of the whole city. Therefore, it is vital to find out a method to help people simulate urban logistics demands system. In this work, we adopt the system dynamics (SD) methodology as a modeling and analysis tool tackle the complicated issues of the simulation of urban logistics demand system.

Ying Qiu, Xianliang Shi

A Study on the Paths Choice of Intermodal Transport Based on Reliability

Based on the literature reviews on the related research, the paper built a bi-objective optimization model with the objectives of maximizing reliability andminimizing generalcosts including direct transport costs and transport time cost, and transport reliabilityin terms of penalty of time deviation. This paper made a soft time window design to get the penalty of time deviation to achieve an effective time cost. Genetic algorithm inMATLABis applied to solve the models. The bi-objective model was tested to be feasible and rationalby a case study in the “


” intermodal transport.

Jing Zhang, Qi Zhang, Li Zhang

Supply Chain Collaborative Forecasting Modeling

With cooperation among the partners, the supply chain can coordinate its operations and improve the efficiency. The cooperated partners could collaboratively forecast demand and replenish product along the supply chain under the collaborative planning framework. The collaborative forecasting method studied is based on the Bayesian combination model in this paper. The collaborative forecasting model simulation is implemented using the actual order data of a retail item shared among the supply chain partners. The collaborative model is combined with three single forecasting methods, which include the simple moving average, the exponential smoothing and ARIMA methods. The simulation results show the effectiveness of collaborative forecasting method and improvement of forecasting accuracy in the supply chain.

Wenjie Wang, Qi Xu, Changchun Gao, Xiaodong Liu

Supply Chain Agility of International Trade: A Case Study of China Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone

China Shanghai Pilot FTZ was lunched on September 29, 2013 in a bid to become a world-class trade facilitation zone with international standards featuring convenient investment and trade. Given the growing emphasis on the need for supply chain agility of the Shanghai FTZ to achieve the goal, this study explores the conceptual framework of agile supply chain (ASC), and proposed the routes to it from constructing agile supply chain of manufacturing enterprises, logistics system, service provider system and government service system, together with the respective of building an integrated and agile IT platform. This study contributes to establish the facilitation environment of investment and trade in the Shanghai FTZ from agile supply chain of global trade and adds to the understanding of agile supply chain of the FTZ.

Hao Sun

A Measure of the Radiation Range to the Industrial Logistics Park of Adjoining Harbor Area

It is the precondition of effectively measure park’s logistics demand to confirm the range of adjoining harbor area logistics park radiation, which has a profound historical significance to the rapid development of city, port and industry. The article selects related parks which can be compared with the target park. To determine the scope of the radiation, firstly evaluate the Logistics Parks’ comprehensive strength, then apply principal component analysis and the gravity model method, and use the secondary factors to correct, finally obtain the final scope of radiation. The result of the study may provide useful guidance for the future development of industrial logistics park adjoining harbor area.

Lu Qin, Si Pi, Xijun Ge

Research on Multimodal Transport Optimization Problem Based on Carbon Constraint Policies

With the development of low-carbon economy, carbon constraint policies, such as carbon tax and carbon emission trading, gradually affect the actual operation of enterprises. Multimodal transport, as the future trend of modern transport, has great potential on carbon emission reduction. Compared with the traditional path selection model, in this paper, new multimodal transport optimization models were established, which have taken the actual constraint policies into account. Then, a case was used to prove the models. Results based on different carbon tax rates, carbon trading quotas and transaction rates were discussed.

Yifei Chen, Yisong Li

Research on Relationship Between Regional Railway Freight Volume and GDP

Railway transportation is playing an extremely important role in promoting the development of regional economy. The research aims at exploring the inner link between regional railway freight volume and regional GDP with the statistical method by exploring the relationship between changes of railway freight volume and regional GDP. Using Cluster Analysis, this paper studies the commonness of the development of regional GDP and railway traffic volume. At last, a proposal is offered for the balanced development of railway and regional economic.

Lixia Meng, Lifeng Li, Shifeng Liu

The Analysis of Supply Chain Finance in Automotive Industry

The application of supply chain finance in automotive industry has achieved a win-win result among the participating subjects under the model of commercial banks, auto companies and logistics companies. Maximizing the value of the automotive industry supply chain finance created and managing credit risk effectively are the important issue in theorists and financial. This paper aims to do a research and make analysis about the basic application mode of automotive industry supply chain finance. Through the analysis, this paper draws a conclusion that the advantages supply chain finance have compared to the traditional financial superiority. Then explore the possible risks in the supply chain finance.

Yunze Guo, Zhenji Zhang, Ruize Gao

Logistics Hybrid Cloud Services Based on the Theory of Collaborative Management

According to the research on the logistics operation status of e-businesses, it is found that logistics service is under scattered, isolated and extensive development, with low utilization rate and high vacancy rate, which results in a great waste of resources and hinders the formation of economies of scale. Therefore, there is an urgent need to integrate the scattered, isolated and inefficient “fragmented logistics service”. In this paper, based on the theory of collaborative management, internal collaborative management is conducted for corporate internal integrated resources and external collaborative management is conducted for social integrated resources; on the basis of collaborative management of integrated resources, cloud computing technology is adopted to establish logistics hybrid cloud service system. The paper details the technical framework of logistics hybrid cloud service model, service function and hybrid cloud service, which aims to achieve the “integrated” service meeting multi-source, multi-user and comprehensive logistics demands.

Xuehua Sun, Xuejian Chu, Zhongdai Wu

Railway Container Terminal Station Layout and Operation Plan of Container Trucks

In order to have a much more high efficiency in the using of horizontal transport system, in this paper based on the practical situation, take into account that railway container terminal station as a special railway terminal station, the reasonable layout and planning will affect operations in the entire function. We applied the pool strategy, which is based on the shortest time policy, into the operation procedure, and the effectiveness of this method is validated in the end with actual data validation.

Wentao Yang, Haifeng Song

A Time-Space Network Model for Medical Goods Order and Delivery Scheduling

This paper presents a logistics support model for medical goods scheduling to address the uncertain demand in the hospital nodes. The model is a stochastic order and delivery scheduling model, which systematically consider the demand of medical goods for every time slot in different hospital nodes, the storage capacity and other constraints, as well as the integrated delivery plan of medical goods in the dimensions of time and space. The problem is formulated as a mixed 0–1 integer programming model and a heuristic algorithm is proposed to solve it. The test results show the good performance of the proposed model. Hence, it is expected to be useful planning tool for decision-maker to get effective medical goods supply order and delivery schedules.

DongDong Liu, Yihong Xiao, Ming Liu

Logistics Service Quality: Searching for New Drivers of 3PL Customers’ Satisfaction

Despite a fairly rich research tradition dedicated to service quality and customer satisfaction in logistics, much of the focus has remained on service quality in buyer–supplier relationships, and only to a lesser extent has it addressed third-party logistics relationships. This study investigates perceived satisfaction, defined as the degree to which a logistics customer is satisfied with a third-party logistics provider’s overall performance in the outsourcing relationship, and provides relevant insights for scholars and managers. Our study has advanced Logistics Service Quality beyond previous literature, adding two new relevant drivers (returns management and reputation) with significant impacts on perceived satisfaction among 3PL customers.

Ivan Russo, Barbara Gaudenzi, Ilenia Confen te, Antonio Borghesi

Empirical Study of Agricultural Supply Chain Information System Integration

This paper mainly research integrated management strategies about agricultural supply chain information system of Dish Network. Firstly, it elaborates the the basis of understanding on the integrated management agricultural supply chain information system. Then, it analyzes information system, combining with the electronic commerce environment where it and points out the limitations of the existing system management software. Finally, it puts forward system integrated management new measures, namely, how to manage network, business processes, and database application system from multi-level.

Yong Wang, Xudong Deng

Solving a Variant of the Hub Location-Routing Problem

We investigate a variant of the many-to-many (hub) location-routing problem, which consists in partitioning the set of vertices of a graph into cycles containing exactly one hub each, and determining an extra cycle interconnecting all hubs. A local search heuristic that considers add/remove and swap operations is developed.Also, a branch-and-cut approach that solves an integer formulation is investigated.Computational experiments on several instances adapted from literature show that our algorithms are good to deal with small to medium-sized instances.

Mauro Cardoso Lopes, Thiago Alves de Queiroz, Carlos Eduardo de Andrade, FlávioKeidi Miyazawa

Information Management


Performance Evaluation of Rural Construction Standards System Based on the“Addition” Integrated Method and BP Neural Network

The performance evaluation of rural construction standards system is an important link to ensure effective usage of resource and safety in rural construction, which directly influences the economy development and the stability and harmony of the society. However, little research exists on it. This article provides a guidance to establish the evaluation index system in three dimensionalities, uses the “Addition” integrated method to determine the comprehensive weights of indexes, applies the BP neural network by MATLAB to model and acquire the result of evaluation. This article provides a new idea for performance evaluation model of rural construction standards system, hoping to make a contribute to standardize village construction.

Yishen Liu, Shijie Ren, Jiarui Yang

Internet Advertisements Prediction

Internet is a resourceful virtual world where a variety of information is open to public access, which expedites knowledge explosion. While the openness of internet facilitates knowledge learning, it also carries some information people do not need. For instance, advertisement on the internet is one of the side products that has increasingly become a concern in recent years. The identification of advertisement on the internet pages develops its necessity in the areas such as internet security, search engine, or even education. In this paper, as an attempt to differentiate advertisements, some approaches are examined to predict the advertisements on internet pages. As a matter of fact, some promising results are presented in this paper.

Chao Jiang, Zijiang Yang

Comparison of US and Australia Banking Systems Using Data Envelopment Analysis

This paper presents a Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) evaluation of 46 banks including 26 US and 21 Australian banks. System differentiated DEA model is applied. For the first stage of the analysis the efficiency scores are calculated for all the involved US and Australian banks. In the second stage, the environmental variables are identified and statistical analysis is ran to verify the impact of environmental variables on banking efficiency. The contribution is to investigate the unseen causes of inefficiencies in relation to environmental variables and their impact on banking efficiency. The environmental factors in this research allow us to analyze the effects of each factor in one country and compare it against the other. The recommendations and remarkable results show that in general Australian banks had higher average efficiencies compared to their US counterparts.

Mehrnoush Ashrafi Mahabadi, Zijiang Yang

Investigating the Environmental Factors Affecting US Banks’ Performance Using Data Envelopment Analysis

The significant financial industry consolidation and technological developments have opened up many new businesses to banks. Managers are, hence, expected to deliver greater efficiency to improve the performance of their organizations. This paper evaluates the performance of US commercial banks and savings banks using system-differentiated data envelopment analysis (DEA) in the perspective of profitability and productivity. The special emphasis is placed on discussing how the environmental factors such as bank size, regional GDP, personal income, unemployment rates, and etc. affect the performance of US banks.

Yuanyuan Luo, Zijiang Yang

The Preventive Maintenance Policy for Mechanical System Based on Dynamic Reliability: An Application of Tabu Method

This research tries to find the optimal preventive replacement policy for the mechanical system with series configuration between modules, determines the frequency of unexpected breakdowns and the related spare part quantity to maintain the system in a required level of availability, at the lowest cost. All modules within this mechanical system are unreliable with increasing hazard rate function. The repair time for any failed module is following exponential distribution. In this model, based on the trade-off analysis of average costs for performing the preventive replacement to keep system continuing to operate or stop replacement until system phase-out. Tabu method will be applied to find the optimal preventive replacement cycle, schedule and combination of modules under different system reliability requirements. Finally, the related spare part quantity within system life cycle and the schedule for system phase-out will also be decided.

Gia-Shie Liu

Evaluation of Commercial Circulation Competitiveness of China’s 31 Regions in E-commerce Age

The paper, based on establishing the appraisal index system of commercial circulation competitiveness in e-commerce age, collects the index data of China’s 31 regions in 2011 and analyzes and evaluates the commercial circulation competitiveness in e-commerce age by factor analysis. Meanwhile, the paper obtains the comprehensive scores and rankings of China’s 7 major regions. Then, the paper uses category analysis to the 31 regions into 5 competitive power levels. Finally, we appraise the regions in this 5 competitive power levels according to the results of the factor analysis. The results show that the commercial circulation competitiveness is highly related to e-commerce development levels and the e-commerce development levels reflect majority of factors belong to commercial circulation competitiveness.

Li Xiong, Yun Zhang, Shan Xue, XiongYi Li

Methodology of Urban Transport Carbon Emission Calculation Applicable for China: Guangzhou as a Case Study

The calculation methodology of urban transport carbon emissions, based on the methodology recommended by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is proposed. By using the methodology, the carbon emissions of highway transport (including passenger and freight), waterway transport (including passenger, freight, inland and costal port) and urban passenger transport (including city bus, taxi, urban railway and passenger ferry) from 2005 to 2011 of Guangzhou City are calculated and evaluated. And the developing trends and main features from the perspectives of the total amount of transport carbon emissions, the structural proportion of various transport modes, and the carbon dioxide intensity, are systematically analyzed. Finally, some policy implications of low-carbon transport development are conclusively put forward, including reducing carbon intensity as the core focus, the highway transport as the breakthrough point, optimizing the integrated transport system structure and developing public transport as priority strategy, developing clean and low-carbon energy as an important way, etc. The research methodology and results can provide references for decision-making and management of the relevant cities.

Bin Ouyang, Yi Zhang, Zhongkui Li, Jie Guo

Study on Port Business Intelligence Platform Based on Data Mart

This paper analyzes the informationization development direction of port enterprise, puts forward a kind of port business intelligence platform based on data mart according to the characteristics of port operations. Clarify the reason of using data mart as business intelligence platform. Establish three-tier architecture of the port business intelligence platform based on data marts. Take Guangzhou Port as an example, this paper designs the star logical model and gives statistical results based on data marts. Finally, describe the current problems of data marts and look into the future of the direction.

Lei Huang, Baoyu Zhao

A Brief Analysis of Bargain-Huntingin Gold: Based on Signaling Game Model

Individual Chinese gold investors have progressively invested in gold recently, since they believe it is a good time to bargain hunt in gold. This essay will build up signaling game model to analyze weather it is reasonable and profitable to invest in gold under present economic and financial condition, and thus draw a conclusion that under which circumstance Chinese investors can benefit from gold-investment. In order to explicate the point of essay effectively, we simplify the model and add some necessary assumptions.

Wenzhe Xiong, Ying Ren

A Statistic Analysis of Flight Delays of Major US Airports: Illustrated by the Example of the JFK Airport

Flight delays are quite common; however, their causes are quite complicated. Weather, airport scheduling, airline differences, etc. all can impact the on-time performance. In this paper, we analyzed changes of the delay rate with FFT model, and pointed out the influence of time factor for flight delays. In this way, we can use the model to predict the delay rate of each period with a high precision, and provide the information to the passengers.

Qiuli Qin, Hao Yu

Study on Customer Relation Management Based on Data Mining SLIQ Algorithm

This paper started from the Customer Relation Management and Data Mining classification analysis theory, discussed the connotation and system architecture of CRM, DM classification analysis and data processing. The article focused on the SLIQ decision tree classification algorithm and applied it to CRM customer classification study. Customer classification is an important part of CRM and one to one marketing based on customer classification is the essential means for enterprise to improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability.

Yingwei Zhang, Zhenji Zhang, Ruize Gao

Multi-Agent Synergy in the Behavior—Intensive CA Model of Road Intersection

Due to the homogeneity of cellular and the simplicity of algorithm, traditional CA modeling is weak in the simulation of social complexity which mainly contains the psychological and cultural factors of traffic participants. Based on the analysis of social complexity and the theory of planned behavior, a multi-level model of road Intersection combined with multi-Agent technology is established in this paper. The structures of Agents at different levels are designed with different social complexity characters. The synergy method of multi-Agents reflects the traffic operation and social complexity mechanism in the road interaction. This model effectively enriches the description and simulation of social complexity of CA model with improved structure of different cellular and their synergy mechanism.

Liming Yu, Gou Juanqiong

The Role of Online Trust and Satisfaction in Building Loyalty Towards Online Retailers: Differences Between Heavy and Light Shopper Groups

E-tailing has had a phenomenal growth in the last few years but still great potential remains unused because of consumers’ general lack of trust in online retailers. The purpose of this study is to develop and test an integrated model to understand the role of satisfaction and trust in building e-loyalty. It further explores the moderating effects of shopping levels on antecedents of trust, satisfaction and loyalty toward an Internet retailer. The study has used structural equation modeling to reveal the nature of relational influences of these constructs on loyalty. The moderating effects of the levels of shopping are observed as the price/value had a stronger effect on e-satisfaction for light shoppers, while e-trust had a stronger effect on e-satisfaction for heavy shoppers.

Soma Sur

An Intelligent Forecasting Model for Commodities in Retail Stores

The inventory management is a key to meet the increasing daily demands of customers and reduce the unnecessary cost in retail stores. However, because of various characteristics of demands in retail stores, the traditional demand forecasting technologies don’t work well. In this paper, we use the modified K-means clustering analysis and a demand forecasting model with BP neural networks and grey model is proposed to make the prediction more intelligent and general. Making the comparative analysis between the predicted values and the actual values, the superiority of the proposed model is proved.

Donghua Chen, Xiaomin Zhu, Runtong Zhang, Shen Haikuo

A Three-Stage Combined Network Traffic Prediction Model

With the development of the network technology and the increasing demands on communication, we need more complex, heterogeneous, and suitable network models. So, this paper proposes a novel model, which includes three stages. The proposed model can avoid the problem of slow convergence speed and an easy trap in local optimum when coming up with a fluctuated network flow. Thus, the network traffic prediction with high-precision in cognitive networks is achieved.

Dandan Li, Wanxin Xue

ID3 Algorithms for Strategy of Air Cargo Customer Segmentation

In order to improve service efficiency, this paper brings forward analytical CRM study based on ID3 Algorithms in China’s air cargo industry. The aim of this paper is to provide an analytical CRM solution with strong decision support function by integrating CRM with technologies of data warehouse, OLAP and data mining. The using of data mining could not always stand on the level of algorithms and models. Data mining should connect with the air cargo business conditions so as to dig out useful rules. This paper classifies the air cargo customers by the methods of ID3 Algorithms, so as to forecast customer’s leaving and making decision.

Li Cheng

The Theory Research of CDM Collaborative Degree in Arrival-Departure Flight Decision

In terms of the dynamic priority of the three sides of the control unit of air traffic, airline and airport simultaneously entering into the departure systems, we put forward the method of departure based on the synergy decision to solve the priority of the airline benefits of flight going into the departure process (Bai Y, Wenxiu H 2000). We define the collaborative degree between airline and the unit of air traffic under the collaborative theory, figure out the solution of collaborative degree and find the optimization strategy based on collaboration, combing with the dynamic programming principle. Meanwhile we propose the concept of flight regulation efficiency and establish its matrix (Hawkink H 1984). We put this measure into solving the optimization of the collaborative decision making of flight departure (Hawking H 1988).

Huiyan Zhou, Lina Shi, Cheng Li

The Research on the Electronic Commerce Service Quality Indicators in C2C Field

The development of network promotes the development of electronic commerce rapidly. In e-commerce modes, the C2C pattern with its advantages of low cost and high response speed characteristics became a significant part in the e-commerce market. In this paper, I will discuss the seller’s service quality indicators through a questionnaire and achievements of experts and scholars. And I want to solve the sellers’ question that what should they do to improve their service quality from five different indicator, such as usefulness, convenience, delivery professionalism, reliability and web designing rationality. On the end of the article, I will give some suggestions to the improve service quality for sellers in C2C models. This is a new empirical study, so I think it can bring more both on theory and practice reference.

Haituo Qie, Jiaji Liu

Research on Customer Experience Model of B2C E-commerce Enterprises Based on TAM Model

The rapid development of B2C e-commerce enterprises makes customer experience become more and more important. The paper elaborates the factors affecting customer experience from website usefulness, website ease of use, transaction costs, customer participation and interactivity, Internet word of mouth five aspects combined with previous research literatures; establishes customer experience model of B2C e-commerce enterprises based on the TAM model and points out the directions for future research.

Yilei Pei, Wanxin Xue, Dandan Li, Jinping Chang, Yong Su

Research on Evaluation of Network Growth Capabilities of High-tech Small and Micro-sized Enterprises

In the complex and changeable global competitive business environment, Enterprises seek network growth through the formation of formal or informal network relationships, and then obtain and share resources. This paper establishes index system of network growth capabilities of high-tech small and micro-sized enterprises, uses analytic hierarchy process to determine the weight of each level index, establishes the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, finally the case study shows that it is reasonable and credible to evaluate network growth capabilities of high-tech small and micro-sized enterprises with analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation.

Qiuyan Tao, Yilei Pei, Dandan Li

Study on the Project Supervision System Based on the Theory of Information Economics

This paper presents the problems in the current project management system firstly. Then it analyzes the principal-agent relationship between the owner and supervisor with “principal-agent theory”. The owner has private information about the project profitability and exerts an unobservable level of effort. The incentive contract plays an important role in reducing the moral hazard. At last, the paper validates the model through two project cases.

Hongnan Zhuang, Runtong Zhang

Monthly Profit Development Analysis Using SD Model: Shun Tai Hotel as an Example

Currently, the increasingly rapid development of service industry, people in solving the problem of food and clothing turn to the enjoyment of life. The city of Yantai is an attractive city where its tourism industry is well developed, which led to the development of the surrounding services industry where the profit is considerable. Due to the tourism industry easily affected by seasons and holidays, the hotel’s monthly income vary. This paper takes the system dynamics as a means to establish Shun Tai Hotel in Yantai monthly profit SD model for dynamic simulation and prediction. Studies show that the model is effective and credible, which can represent the current month profit curve of Shun Tai Hotel, and predict the future development, at the same time, this model certainly has some versatility and portability.

Xiaoman Chen, Bing Zhu

The Construction of Counter Effect Evaluation Index System of Internet Public Opinion Based on EMR

Strengthen the management of internet public opinion, and establishing the perfect public opinion supervision system has become a new important task around the world. The existing monitoring and counter mechanism of internet public opinion mainly includes public opinion monitoring, early-warning, response, neglecting the key link of evaluation, especially the evaluation of the effect of counter internet public opinion. Besides, the existing index is incomplete, unclear, or difficult to calculate. In this paper, based on the structure of internet public opinion ecology system, designing the model of ecological monitoring and response system. Relay on the decision-making layer, we get the 3 first-level indicators and giving detailed analysis then. We tend to guide the evaluation of the effect of dealing with the internet public opinion, and to improve the level of counter network public opinion.

Qian Wang, Zhenji Zhang, Ruize Gao

Research on the Quantitative Methods of Classified Information System Security Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is an effective way to protect the security of classified information system. Due to the particularity of classified information system, China hasn’t yet conduct risk assessment in the quantized perspective. This paper, combining with evaluation factors of general information system and the particularity of classified information system, proposes the assessment model based on AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, which solves the difficulty when conducting quantitative evaluation of qualitative assessment in risk assessment. Finally, examples are given to verify that this method can be effectively applied to the classified information system security risk assessment.

Kang Zhang, Liping Shao

The Research of Evaluation Model of Confidential Work Assessment

Assessment is an important basis for testing effect of confidential work, adjusting confidential work and putting forward proposals. According to problems of current confidential work assessment, and following principle of constructing evaluation index system that comprehensiveness, operability, combining of qualitative indicators and quantitative indicators, this paper determined a confidential work evaluation index and calculated the weight of each index by using AHP theory. The evaluation model of confidential work provides an important reference to confidential work assessment.

Yinan Cao, Liping Shao

User Characteristics Analysis Based on the Topic Propagation

The author has analysis users’ characteristic through SPSS software and Micro-blog visualization tools by using the data of about more than twenty thousand users. Refer to the data characteristics, ordinary users can be divided into several different types. Then point out that different types of users assume different roles in the process of topic propagation process. Then build discriminant function and analysis the propagation process of a particular topic through PKUVIS software to verify the rationality of the classification above.

Xing Yang, QiuLi Qin

Analysis on the VAT Reform Effect for the Finance Management in Universities in China

Some regions and industries carried out pilots to deepen the value-added-tax reform since 2012, which aimed to change the business tax to value-added-tax in China. By analyzing the characteristics of the implementation of tax reform in universities, this paper presents a comprehensive effect analysis on the detailed tax reform on the financial management in universities in China. The effect includes: university taxable entity, tax management, and bill management, accounting calculation and finance analysis. According to the characteristics of financial management in universities, this paper puts forward corresponding financial management measures and suggestions, which can be taken during the implementation of the tax reform.

Xi Yan

How to Scientifically Construct a Smart City

More and more cities in China are devoted to construct smart city nowadays. But many of the cities are lack of a scientific and global knowledge of smart city. Duplicated construction, isolated information islands, lack of scientific top-level design and lack of standards support, these issues are very common. Then how to scientifically construct a smart city? From the local government’s management side, we can make up a powerful leading group, Establish a unified project examination and approval mechanism. Introduce the government-leading and market-operation investment and financing mode, and make a suitable development strategy for local government’s smart city construction. From the technical side, we can do good top-level design, Use cloud computing data center to develop the green data center concept, Use the standards for smart city in the implementation, Make a scientific and reasonable method of data sharing and establish or introduce the estimating system in the implementation.

Shaojun Luan, Yunzhao Li

Steel Prices Index Prediction in China Based on BP Neural Network

Steel prices index in China are effected by upstream and downstream of steel supply chain, so it is necessary for steel prices index prediction to conduct correlation analysis between steel prices index and it’s influence factors. These influence factors are selected as input factors and steel prices index as output factor to establish a BPNN model, then the model is applied to predict with influence factors data ranging from October 2011 to October 2013 and output factor data ranging from November 2011 to November 2013. The training relative error is 0.32 %, and the prediction error is 6.8 %.The results prove BPNN has good predictive ability.

Zhishuo Liu, Yongcong Wang, Shuang Zhu, Baopeng Zhang, Lingyun Wei

Thread Steel Price Index Prediction in China Based On ARIMA Model

Thread Steel price can be well represented the changing tendency of the china steel market price. Aiming at the problems of price index on the steel production and sales ,the ARIMA model based on the time series analysis provides the basic theory and a good solution. According to the price index data of the China thread steel market from January 1, 2013 to October 30, 2013, the ARIMA(3,1,4) model is established to analyze and forecast the first ten period of China thread steel price index in November 2013.the result shows that the short-term (four phases) forecast is very efficient with mean error only 0.68 %;while the long-term (ten phases) predictive error is 1.94 %, which is not ideal. so the short-term predictive result of the established model is reasonably reliable, and has good application value,which further verifies the ARIMA model is suitable for short-term forecast of sample data sequence.

Zhishuo Liu, Shuang Zhu, Yongcong Wang, Baopeng Zhang, Lingyun Wei

A Network Formation Model for Social Object Networks

Social networks can be differentiated according to the type of entities that are represented within them. Entities in human networks can act strategically to maximize their own payoffs during interactions with other humans. However, entities in social object network (e.g., SaaS service network) are not able to perceive the environment and act strategically upon that at any time. This paper contends that existing network formation models lack sufficient attention to social object networks. Therefore, we propose a new network formation model, through which we are able to explain how a SaaS service network emerges during the service composition procedure by service developers. The new network formulation model not only considers the usage frequency and reputation but also the similarity of the functionalities of the main SaaS services. It also explains how social objects (e.g., SaaS services) benefit from establishments of links between each other in the network.

Somayeh Koohborfardhaghighi, Jörn Altmann

Research on the Improved Clustering Method to Traditional Media’s Microblog Comments

This paper makes Chinese comments of traditional media’s microblog as the research object. After studied the features and the research status of traditional Media’s microblog comments, we proposes the clustering method which is suitable for traditional Media’s microblog comments and improves the clustering method by improving calculation rules of feature words’ weights based on the words semantic relationship. As a result, relevant basis for further study of the content is settled.

Qiuli Qin, Jing Liu

Wiener Filter and Iterative Regularization Methods for Solar Image Reconstruction

Wiener filtering considers the noises in image restoration, and makes full use of the prior statistics knowledge of the noises. So it can improve the recovery effectively. On the other hand, the iterative regularization can effectively solve the ill-posed problem in the image restoration, and make the approximate solution tend to be stable. In this paper, inspired by the characteristics of the solar imaging system, we use the wiener filter and iterative regularization methods for solar image reconstruction. Simulation experiments are conducted to validate the effectiveness and stability of the proposed scheme.

Shuzhen Wang, Yinlong Wang, Liya Xu

Analysis of Hotspots in the Field of Domestic Knowledge Discovery Based on Co-word Analysis Method

In this article, by choosing highly frequent keywords from core journals in the field of 1992–2013 knowledge discovery in CNKI database, counting the number of two frequent keywords co-occurrences in the same journal, then constructing the highly frequent keywords matrix, and transforming the highly frequent keywords matrix into the correlation matrix and the dissimilarity matrix, then we analyzed the dissimilarity matrix based on the use of factor analysis, cluster analysis. Finally, after discussing the results of the analysis, we found that the current hotspots in the field of domestic knowledge discovery have focused on following six aspects, the knowledge discovery based on data research, knowledge discovery algorithm optimization research, the model of knowledge discovery and research of literature study, knowledge management based on domain ontology, expert system construction research, and applied research of knowledge discovery.

Xindi Wang, Jingjing Liu, Fushen Sheng

The Index Weights Analysis of the Information Evaluation Based on FAHP for Logistics Enterprises

This paper established the index evaluation system for logistics enterprises and determined each indicator’s weight by using FAHP. The results show that FAHP can calculate the objective and reasonable index weight, aiming at the fuzziness of expert judgment. The innovation of this paper is that through the research of FAHP, a better way to determine the index weight is proposed, and this method is applied to solve practical problems within the information construction of logistics enterprises.

Miao Liu, Jiayi Yao

How to Enhance Information Management by Non-Compete Agreement in China

Business information, especially trade secrets, has always been the most crucial asset of a company, and therefore requests special protection. Indeed, Chinese labour laws have offered enterprises a legal instrument, the non-compete agreement, to prevent former employees from leaking such information and forming malevolent competition. This article analyses the pros and cons of current legal framework for non-compete agreement in China, and provides a number of “good practices” to enhance information management through non-compete agreement.

Qian Wei, Dong Yan, Jie Gao

Preventing Misappropriation of Trade Secrets in Chinese Workplace

Protecting trade secrets from employee’s misappropriation is a crucial but significantly challenging task for many companies in China. Chinese legal regulations, especially the labour laws, have provided enterprises with a set of legal tools to prevent workplace misappropriation of trade secrets. However, this article suggests that those legal instruments would not be effective unless the appropriate prevention mechanisms have been implemented, and therefore, it is rather crucial to introduce a number of information management of “good practice” recommendations.

Dong Yan, Qian Wei, Jie Gao

Why Hesitate to Measure Performance: How EVA Could Suits Listed Banks Better

It is vital for China’s listed banks to effectively conduct financial analysis and management, However, banks have not yet manage in EVA performance system even if they are approve of the access to EVA. EVA is not panacea indeed, this paper hold the opinion that EVA could organically combine with accountings to better reveal corporate situation. To prove that, the article compares the accounting indicators with EVA status of eight listed banks. Making contrast to highlights whether or not an accounting indicator facilitates the corporate value gaining, then the study conclusively points out the close integration of EVA application.

Yuan Xie, Shuzhang Wang, Aijie Wang

The Construction of Wisdom Scenic Area Research Based on Tourist Experience: A Case of Summer Palace

Now, in China, the majority researches focus on the theory and the overall system construction of wisdom scenic area. However, fewer researches explore the relationship between ITS and tourist demand. To understand more about the demand degree which is affected by tourists’ characteristics, such as age & education, so we made two hypotheses to find out the differences of demands between the visitors who are at different ages and education levels.

Qinfei Xu, Wan Ke

Intension Analysis of User News Sharing in Social Media

Recent researches indicate that individuals can participate in news production and diffusion globally by sharing in social media. Social media is progressively becoming a news source with increasing social, economic and political importance. However the relevant analysis about factors influencing user sharing intension remains limited. Developing from the uses and gratifications and social cognitive theories, this research focusing on the influencing effect of critical factors on user news sharing, the factors are information seeking, socializing, entertainment seeking, reputation seeking and prior social media using experience. A survey was explored and administered to 203 students in local universities and the data was processed by structural equation modeling. The result revealed that information seeking, reputation seeking and socializing were significant determinants of news sharing intention. And prior experience was more likely to influence users to share news in social media. Implications and directions for future work are discussed.

Luyi Sui, Xinsheng Ke

The Dynamics Research on the Ecological System of the Network Public Opinions

Network public opinions reflecting the trend of public opinion directly can affect the harmony of the society. In this paper, it firstly has an analysis of the forces affecting the ecological system of the network public opinions. Then it uses the stock flow diagram to take a analysis of the relationships between the forces. What’s more, it has the simulation analysis of the case. Lastly, it presents the suggestions on how to control the spreading of network public opinions effectively.

Erdan Qi, Zhenji Zhang, Xiaolan Guan, Ruize Gao

The Strategy Research of Information Sharing in M-Business Center Based on Grid

With the further spread of Chinese mobile communication devices and the acceleration of work and life, mobile commerce develops rapidly in recent years. Mobile commerce based on grid management makes the experience of consumers improved when they are shopping in network. However, as an important participant-the seller’s interests in the mobile commerce are often ignored at the study of the process optimization. After introducing the existing mobile commerce based on grid management, we will explore the appropriate strategy to incent seller to share information using the game theory in the implementation of mobile commerce based on grid management.

Fenfen Wang, Dan Chang, Baowei Chen

Research on Evaluating and Rating Systems of E-Commerce Websites: From a Customer’s Perspective

With the rapid development of e-commerce, there are more and more customers do shopping through the e-commerce sites in China. A website’s evaluating and rating system means better feedback on the purchase of goods for customers, and provides reference for other customers. In this paper, according to the Theory of Web Usability, we studied the evaluation forms and the ways they look of the same type of hot selling goods in the evaluating and rating systems of Amazon China, JD mall, and Tmall. Our results could provide a reference for the designers of evaluating and rating systems.

Yuan Zhang, Xiaoxu Zhao, Rong Zou, Chensi Xu

Feature Level Mining of Online Reviews Based on a Semi-Supervised Learning Model

Online reviews are written by customers based on personal usage experience. They not only help manufacturers better understand consumer responses to their products, but also serve as a reliable source of information help other customers make purchase decision. In this paper, we propose a novel semi-supervised learning algorithm to address the feature-level reviews mining problem. The proposed method consists of three phases: (1) build a support function that characterizes the support of a multi-dimensional distribution of a given data set; (2) decompose a whole data space into a small number of separate clustered regions via a dynamical system associated with the constructed support function; (3) assign a class label to each decomposed region using the information of their constituent labeled data and the constructed dynamical system, thereby classifying in-sample unlabeled data as well as unknown out-of-sample data.

Minxi Wang, Xin Li

Application of DEA Model With AHP Restraint Cone in Technical Evaluation for Road Network

In order to solve the subjectivity and uniformity problem in index weighting and convey the preference of the decision maker in technical evaluation for road network, this paper establishes the technical evaluation index system of road network at first; then improves the traditional DEA method by using AHP method to set constraints for weight coefficient of input and output indexes, adds the AHP restraint cone to DEA evaluation model and builds the DEA model with AHP restraint cone; at last, uses this model to evaluate nine road network including Shanghai, Henan, etc. and obtain evaluation scores, rankings and improvements of each road network. The results show that DEA technical evaluation model with AHP restraint cone is strong practical and more realistic.

Xingbang Liu, Daqing Gong, Shifeng Liu

The Relationship Between Customer Equity and Market Value

By investigating the connection between customer equity and market value, this paper seeks to bridge the growing information gap caused by an inability to recognize intangible assets such as customer equity. Customer equity was calculated using publicly available data of Netflix, E-trade and eBay from 2003 to 2012, including the number of new subscribers, the number of lost subscribers, cash flow from subscribers, retention rates, and acquisition rates. We propose a method to measure the relative contribution of customer equity to market value. Customer equity and an adjustment factor, called the customer equity index (market value over customer equity), were set as independent variables. The beta coefficient of customer equity and customer equity index are compared. The results of regression analysis indicate that customer equity alone were unable to reliably predict market value. However, the customer equity index along with customer equity did constitute a good predictor of market value.

Hsiu-Yuan Tsao, Hsin-Yu Chao

A Domain Knowledge Based Method on Automatic Generation of Information Requirement Against Big Data

Increasing number of enterprises are mining Big Data for decision support, but they found Big Data not quite as usable as their own well organized databases. Useful information is hidden within Big Data, and could only be found by search, according to keywords, queries or other kinds of requirement express patterns. It is found that during decision making process, user information requirement highly depends on the decision task, that on processing tasks of a same type, requirements have similar content and scope. Based on this principle, a method is proposed to automatically generate information requirement against Big Data, by making use of a new kind of domain knowledge—the latent mapping relations among decision task types and information requirement models. It is proved by tests that, the method can improve efficiency of decision support information collection from Big Data.

Xin Jin, Shiqiang Zong, Youjiang Li, Jingjing Yan, Shanshan Wu

A New Method on Vehicle Behavior Analysis of Intelligent Transportation Monitoring

This paper proposes a new method on the vehicle behavior analysis. Firstly, complete vehicle object detection based from the background of road and achieve object tracking by the Cam-Shift algorithm, and then get the target trajectory of the vehicle. According to the basic behavior of vehicle trajectory features and speed features based on the analysis of the vehicle trajectory, we propose a method for extracting vehicle trajectory features and obtaining the motion feature vector. Finally, the improved voting strategy in the SVM algorithm is proposed to recognize the vehicle movement behavior. Experimental results show that the proposed method could complete the target vehicle behavior analysis, which functions more quickly and accurately compared with existing behavior-based vehicle trajectory analysis.

Xuan Nie, Zhitong Xiong, Chunlong Liu, Xiaodan Yuan, Yu Bai

Working Pressure of Expatriate Managers in China International Engineering

Chinese construction companies send more and more employees to other countries, those expatriate managers are working under high pressure. This study takes Job Demand-Control-Support (JDCS) model to investigate the impact of cultural shock on the working pressure of them. Data were collected from 116 expatriate managers. The conclusions are: (1) JDCS model can be applied to Chinese managers in international engineering industry; (2) cultural shock is positively related to working pressure and plays a moderating role. International Chinese engineering enterprises should pay more attention to cultural adjustment of managers working abroad, help them to manage cultural shock effectively and reduce the working pressure.

Rui Zhuo, Chunmei Wang

Bidding Task Characteristics Influence on the Bidders’ Risk Attitude

We select the staff from the top ten construction enterprises of China who have ever involved in the bidding as the subjects in an experiment. In the experiment, the subjects are required to bid for a domestic engineering project in order to investigate the impact of the magnitude of probability of winning and the magnitude of outcome on the bidders’ risk attitudes. Results show that, for Chinese bidders, no matter gain situations or loss situations, they are risk seeking in the domain of high winning probability. The bidders are risk seeking in the domain of small probability of gain whereas they are risk averse in the domain of small probability of loss. This conclusion is not consistent with Prospect Theory. At the same time, different magnitudes of probability of winning and magnitudes of outcome have different impacts toward the risk attitude.

Chunmei Wang, Rui Zhuo, Bingbing Xu

The Analysis and Design of Review Mining System Based on PHP

This paper aims to design a review mining system that is capable of extracting and classifying the product reviews online, comparing among various products from both subjective and objective perspectives on the feature level, performing recommendations to the customers and visualizing the results. After analyzing the necessity building up a review mining system, this paper has carried on system design, database design, our approach and system output. This system is being built based on PHP technique.

Xiaolian Zhu, Yao Zhou, Yancong Gu, Jiayi Yao

Wi-Fi Indoor Location Technology Based on K-Means Algorithm

With GPS-based outdoor location maturing, its defect in the indoor environment is becoming increasingly prominent. And with Wireless City being promoted, Wi-Fi wireless communications technology coverage is more widely, providing a foundation of equipment for Wi-Fi-based indoor location. This paper use Wi-Fi signal and smart phone to put forward a Wi-Fi-based indoor location algorithm based on K-means algorithm, which can combine K-means clustering analysis with location fingerprint recognition algorithm. After testing, the improved algorithm has higher positioning accuracy and it costs shorter response time.

Chao Zhou, Houyao Xie, Jiaoyang Shi

Study of Traceability System of Dairy Products Based on Chinese-Sensible Code

The key to implementation of traceability system of dairy product is collecting data and combining data information with material information. The system aims to trace information of cow breeding, base of milk, transportation, and sales of dairy products. While, automatic identification technique-bar code makes it work to get and transfer information fast and accurately. At present, most of dairy products use one-dimensional bar code, some of which use QR code or RFID. However, capacity of one-dimensional bar code is small, and its ability of Chinese characters is weak. And QR code is from aboard, which is insecurity and high cost. Chinese-Sensible code is developed by Chinese own, which adjusts to Chinese character environment. So study of Chinese-Sensible code is very important and significant.

Tingting Li, Lifeng Li, Shifeng Liu

Research of Book Management Information System Design and Application Based on the Unified Modeling Language

This paper firstly introduces the main content of the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Secondly, a library management system design is carried out based on the UML Modeling mechanism in analyzing a simple library management system. Thirdly, a demand analysis mode of management system is built by the use case diagram and analysis diagram after the analysis for a simple library management system using the UML modeling mechanism. At last, the book lending management subsystem in the library management system has been designed by the design class diagram and sequence diagram.

Jiaojiao Yang, Xiaoquan Gong, Yunqing Feng

Service Management


Radiated Region Studies of the Beijing-shanghai High-speed Rail Node Cities Based on the Gravity Model

In this paper the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail was selected to be the target line to research its rational area. Firstly, 15 node cities were selected to be the radiation source in the Beijing-Shanghai line. Secondly, 45 prefecture level cities of Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui province in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line were selected to be the radiation regions and a gravity model. Thirdly, the attraction of the node cities to the 45 neighboring cities was classified into three levels and radiation areas of different node cities with different levels were established to research the radiation effects of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed line.

Weixiao Liao

The Potential Challenges of the Entrepreneurial Education for China’s Open Universities

Different from traditional universities, Open Universities have no entry requirement for students, and the mission of Open Universities is to make sure that students have access to knowledge anytime anywhere. Compared with some developed countries, Open Universities are still new in China. It faces many problems and challenges and needs a lot of human and financial support. In this paper, we bring forward some discussion on potential issues for Open Universities. We mainly focus on entrepreneurial education since entrepreneurial education may be the most challenging task for Open Universities in China. The discussion covers several topics: heterogeneity of students, competition and cooperation, the quality of entrepreneurial education and research.

Yuekun Li, Mingxuan He, Hongbin Lv, Hongliang Sun

Research on the Character of Tourism Destination Network of Capital Region of China

The research of tourism destination network of Capital Region is important to identify the function of each city in this area. To explore the relationship among the destination cities, a series of geography indicators (tourism resources density and location quotient) has been applied in this study. The main conclusions are as follows: there is an uneven distribution of resources and large differences among cities in Capital region of China; the quantity analysis gives the evidence that there exists the agglomeration of tourism enterprises and the degree of clusters of each province is difference. Then, some suggestions put forward to deal with the problems of tourism of this region.

Ying He, Ping Yin

A Study on Promoting Approach of Innovation Management Capability of Enterprises Based on Capability Maturity Models

The innovation management maturity model was constructed according to software capability maturity model (CMM). From the innovation research, organization management, mode selection, process system, achievement application, talent mechanism, culture cultivation and so on, the key process areas (KPA) and key activities (KP) were described. The maturity of innovation management is defined as five levels, including disordered level, initial level, basic level, standardizing level and optimizing level, and main characteristics of each level were analyzed. On this basis, the approach to improve the innovation management capability of enterprise was studied deeply. Through the construction of the systematic innovation management mechanism, appropriate choice of innovation mode and cultivation of excellent innovation culture, the innovation management capability and maturity level can be promoted, which can help enterprises to improve the core competitiveness and realize sustainable development.

Maoxiang Wang, Dong Li

An Analysis on Tourists Behavior of Middle-Aged People in Medium and Small Cities: The Case of a City in China

The understandings of residents travel case are of great significance. This paper aims at the tourist behavior offered by a small city in China to analyze the situation of travel preferences of middle-aged tourists, including travel motivation, time and frequency, preferences and consumption. The case, derived from survey, can differ from previous ones in subject investigated and scale of cities. It concludes that tourists of middle-aged are relatively conservative and family and work-centered, historical precipitation scenic spots are more attractive, convenience and cost-effectiveness are their consideration when making decisions.

Wenjing Cai, Jianping Zhang

Service Procurement, Customer Perceived Value and Relationship Link Duration: A Study of Chinese Fine Chemistry Industry

This paper focuses on business service types and its impacts from the buyer’s perceptive. Based on the literature review, we classified the business service into operand resources based service and operant resources based service, and argue that different dimensions of business service have different effects on the customer perceived value and the buyer-supplier’s relationship link duration. With a large sample survey of companies in Chinese fine chemistry industry of 250 valid responses. The results show that customer perceived value in terms of economic value, relational/support value and technical/core value mediates the relationship between operant resource based service and link duration.

Linyan Liu

The Study of DEA Application in Tourism City: A Case for Members of the World Tourism City Federation in China

With the method of Data Envelopment Analysis (hereinafter referred to as DEA) was carried out to analysis the factors that influence efficiency of urban tourism industry which is useful for the resource input and output of tourism optimization. The results show that: Eastern region is of better overall in comprehensive technical efficiency; Central region has been paid attention to the development of tourism industry; urban tourism development in western China still need to put in more management and technical factors. Just rely on the growth of tourists, Blind tourism infrastructure investment does not bring comprehensive technical efficiency.

Dantong Man, Hui Zhang

The Performance Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Enterprises’ R&D Team Based on ANP

Taken in full consideration of pharmaceutical enterprises characteristics, a set of R&D team performance evaluation index system composed by technical innovation, team cooperation ability, team achievement was established. The index system consists of 3 primary indexes, 9 secondary indexes and 22 tertiary indexes. The result shows that technical innovation playing an important role in R&D team, and the system implementation is ranked first, which prove the project funding, technology assessment pass rate of R&D team to be critical.

Mo Zhang, Xiaoli Wang, Tiezheng Mao, Cheng Cheng

Research on Pricing Model of China Railway Freight Transportation in Transformation Period

The establishment of China Railway Corporation is a sign of separation between government function and enterprise management in railway industry. This paper analyses problems of current railway freight transportation pricing and detailed studies the establishment of pricing model of railway freight transportation in transformation period through influencing factors analysis. After researching, this paper considers railway freight state pricing should be replaced by guidance pricing under current background. The pricing model in transformation period takes costs, market demands, competitions, shipper affordability and government policies into account to set benchmark rate, followed by setting upper and lower limit.

Yongmei Cui, Mengran Jia, Guifen Lu

Exploration and Research About the Platform Based on O2O for the Science and Technology Service Industry

With the gradual deepening of reform and opening up, science and technology service industry gradually developed. It is not only an important place in the national economy, but also an important component of national innovation system. Based on the current status of the development of the science and technology service,this paper proposes constructively and elaborate the Platform based on O2O for the science and technology service industry.The Platform strengthens the market ability and sharing of scientific and technological achievements, and improves the ability of scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces.

Jiangfeng Xu, Jiayi Yao, Tao Wang

Constitution of Virtual Service System Based on Multi-agent

Virtual service developed greatly in recent years with the help of information technology and network development. Based on the structure of multi-agent system, virtual service system was established and analyzed to achieve the service target. The constitution of virtual service system was discussed as six types of service agents according to the characteristic of multi-agent system especially for distributed computing and cooperation. The function and structure were deeply investigated for each type of virtual service agent and the collaboration relation among agents was also analyzed. Virtual service process was further studied and the resource allocation might be concise.

Tao Zhang

Study on Optimal Path Selection of Railway Emergency Based on Neural Network

According to the characteristics of specificity and multi-goal property for the railway transportation organization in emergencies, this paper constructs the path evaluation index system from three aspects, including road network conditions, emergency management and emergency resources. Through the application of analytic hierarchy process, the weight of each evaluation index in the system is determined. In addition, the index is quantized by expert consultation and fuzzy processing with the establishment of three-level BP neural network evaluation model for alternative path assessment. Finally, the feasibility of this approach is proved with the use of algorithm cases.

Xiaogang Zhao, Yanping Du

Internal Control Weakness Disclosure and Earnings Management

The authority jointly issued that the central and local state-owned listed companies and the domestic and overseas listed companies should disclose the company’s internal control report by the Board and the audit report of financial report internal control made by CPA when they disclose the annual report of 2012. Since then, internal Control information disclosure starts its mandatory era. Based on the realistic foundation, this article classifies the weakness into five categories—severity, auditability, detail, effectiveness and remediation. This research indicates that the internal control information disclosure becomes more complete and standardized in mandatory era; the relation between earnings management and internal control weakness is insignificant positive; the relation between earnings management and detail as well as remediation are insignificant; earnings management is negatively related with effectiveness, which suggests internal control may be helpful in reducing earnings management.

Xuemeng Guo, Wei Liu

Application Study of Marketing in Tourism Enterprises’ Competitiveness: A Case Study of Yuntai Mountain in China

With the accelerated process of economic globalization, the tourism’s competition becomes fierce increasingly. How to gain a competitive advantage among so many tourism enterprises has become a hot topic in domestic and foreign travel managers and specialists. As an indispensable work in every corporation, marketing is essential in order to upgrade core competitiveness of tourism enterprises. Through took Yuntai Mountain in China as an example, this thesis concluded with two gains: Five characteristics of tourism marketing; four measures to upgrade the marketing core-competitiveness of tourism enterprises.

Ting Li

Impact of Industrial Structure on Carbon Emission in China: A Perspective from Economic Aggregation

Environmental degradation has attracted world’s attention. This study examines the impacts of industrial structure on carbon emissions in China by employing evidences of 283 cities from 2004 to 2011.Specially, taking the economic aggregation into account, the study aims at testing the relationships under different economic density areas. Results of STIRPAT models reveal that in areas with higher and high economic density, the secondary industry and tertiary industry exert much pressure on carbon emission; besides, the primary industry is negatively related with it. In the area with low economic density, it appears to be a transition that the effects of the secondary industry decline, the effects of the primary and tertiary industry raise. In the lower economic density area, the primary industry needs more attention.

Qian Wang, Weidong Li

Prediction of Tobacco Sales Based on Support Vector Machine

The prediction of tobacco sales is helpful to tobacco production, transportation and delivery. It promotes the tobacco industry to meet the market demand more accurately. Tobacco sales is affected by many factors. It is seasonal and cyclical, so the traditional linear model is difficult to get a good prediction performance. This article is to establish a multi-dimensional time series model of tobacco sales based on support vector machine. Experimental results show that this model get a good prediction performance, which can reflect the trend of tobacco sales accurately. Comparative experiments also show that the prediction performance of the model proposed in this paper is better than others. It can provide a scientific basis for tobacco sales management, so it has a great practical value.

Fuli Ding, Limin Sun

Customer Lifetime Value Incorporating Negative Behavior: Measurement and Comparison

Some customers might have negative behavior that harms a company’s benefit. In this study, we emphasize on incorporating negative behavior incurred by these customers into the calculation of customer lifetime value (CLV) when doing business with them. Data from a railway e-booking system was adopted for a case study. The invisible cost of cancellation was incorporated along with the revenue of ticket selling into the calculation of CLV. From the results, we conclude that our model has a good estimation about the customers’ real values and can cherry-pick out customers with higher values than the traditional CLV models. By cherry-picking customers, lower cancellation rate and higher customer satisfaction are expected.

Jiana-Fu Wang

Risk Capital Allocation Based on Minimal Excess Principle Constrained by Expected Shortfall in Chinese Market

The risk capital allocation problem comes from the diversification of one portfolio. In this paper, we combine the minimal excess principle and expected shortfall into capital allocation with Chinese market portfolio data. And the loss distributions are estimated through extreme value theory which is suitable for the property of fat tail. Our idea satisfies the requirements of coherent risk measure and capital allocation rules. Comparing with two other allocation rules, the result turns out that our allocation can be more efficient, more precise and fairer.

Chengli Zheng, Feng Gao

Research on Network Marketing Performance Evaluation Based on GIOWA Operator

Network marketing is an important part of marketing strategy, which can not only improve the performance of enterprises, but also enhance the brand recognition. Enterprises are increasingly concerned about network marketing. How to evaluate the effect of network marketing scientifically and effectively has become the current research focus. Based on the GIOWA operator method, this paper determines important indicators of evaluating network marketing performance, establishes the comprehensive evaluation system of network marketing performance, and uses the AHP method to determine weights. Through the example, this method can be effectively applied to the evaluation of network marketing performance of enterprise.

Wanxin Xue, Yilei Pei, Dandan Li

The Path of Enhancing Customer Service Ability of Civil Aircraft Manufacturers

The study on customer service abilities of civil aircraft manufacturers is help to enrich theory of manufacturing servitization and to enhance the performance of civil aircraft manufacturers. Combined with the characteristics of the customer service of civil aircraft manufacturers, based on service economic theory, the main factors impact on customer service productivity of commercial aircraft manufacturers are combed. As a result, it is a effective path of enhancing customer service abilities of civil aircraft manufacturers that improve the rate of outputs over inputs of customer service productions, improve the satisfaction of employees, and ensure final qualities, pay attention to process quality, and improve the customer service power efficiency of civil aircraft manufacturers.

Lin Chen, Qianlong Yu

Application of Combination Forecasting Model in Service Parts Demand of the PC Industry

This paper puts forward combination-forecast model for service parts demand forecasting of PC firms, based on data analysis in the information system. The data need to collect and information system for demand forecasting is specifically designed. This paper holds the idea that correct selection of single forecasting model can improve the accuracy of the combination forecast model. Through in-depth analysis of service parts demand in PC enterprise, selecting regression analysis method based on failure rate, improved model of commercial enterprise existing prediction models, and grey prediction as single prediction model. Then, put forward the combination forecast model based on the least absolute value of error. Through the empirical analysis and verification, combination-forecasting model can improve the prediction accuracy, and can be used as spare parts demand forecasting tools.

Yuanyuan Ge, Yuan Tian

Study on the Service Quality Evaluation Research on Express Based on the Customer Perceptive

In recent years, with the booming development of the Internet and e-commerce technology, express transportation has became an important channel for the flow of commodities, but the quality of service has declined. Service quality has become an important factor to differentiate competitors in Chinese express industry. This paper is based on the SERVQUAL scale, we make all negative issues change into positive and add the new dimension of Remedy, and use that as a basis for the questionnaire design.Finally, we modify express service quality evaluation scale further through the data analysis.

Yisheng Liu, Xueer Chen, Dongya Dong

The “Fatal Flaws” and the “Trump Cards” of a Business Model: From the View of Key Disadvantages and Key Advantages

The premier precondition for a company to pursue a certain business model (BS) is to recognize its merits and demerits. By comparing with different BSs bilaterally, we can find the “fatal flaws” and the “trump cards” of a BS, which are so called key disadvantages and key advantages. To support them accordingly are the concepts of hygiene abilities and motivational abilities. The possession of hygiene abilities doesn’t necessarily bring success, but the lack of them will certainly leads to the failure of a BS. On the contrary, the lack of motivational abilities doesn’t necessarily leads to failure, but strong motivational abilities often bring success. It is necessary for a company to have both these two types of abilities, which means it can not only have the ticket to the game, but also have the trump cards at hand. The contributions of this paper lies in three aspects: (i) the clarification of the concept of key resources and key abilities, (ii) the uncover of the influence of them to BS. All these opened a window for the future research on firm strategies based on BSs.

Yajun Liu, Xiaomei Wan

On Business English E-C Translation Model Based on Equivalence Theory

With economic globalization going on, Business English (BE) translation becomes more and more important. Meanwhile, many scholars have paid great attention to the study of BE translation. However, the substantial discrepancies between the Chinese and English make it a highly flexible and a rather difficult job. As a sub-branch of translation study, it gradually attracts translators’ attention and appears as a field of study of great value due to its special features. It is believed that Equivalence Theory is a scientific theory that can guide BE translation. Based on Equivalence Theory, this paper aims to propose a model which can put Equivalence Theory into BE translation practice. It applies the model to BE E-C translation at the lexical, the syntactical, the pragmatic and the stylistic level to achieve equivalence.

Huan Wang, Yuhang Bai, Jianhua Jiang

The Optimization Study of Industry-University-Research Cooperative System Based on Collaborative Perspective

The industry-university-research cooperation is a complex system involving in multi-agents. Only this system makes coordination relationship and synergy in all parts can the whole system be steady in long term. Based on collaborative perspective, taking research methods of system dynamics, this paper has established the causal relationship model of the cooperation system, and made use of this model to do system simulation for industry-university-research cooperation. Finally, policies and suggestions were proposed to support system optimization from three dimensions: enterprise function, government function and function of universities.

Yanran Hu, Xiang Xie

Research on the Relationship Between Empowerment and Sales Performance in E-Commerce Service Industry Enterprises

At present, E-Commerce service industry plays an important role in E-commerce development. E-Commerce service industry enterprise’s growth and development is inseparable from customers. How do salespeople in E-Commerce service industry enterprises grasp the key moment of contact with customers and enhance sales performance? This paper discusses sales performance of salespeople in E-Commerce service industry enterprises from the perspective of empowerment. Based on the literature of empowerment, this paper constructs the structure model of the relationship between empowerment and sales performance and verifies the theoretical hypothesis through the questionnaire of 203 salespeople. The research findings show that superior empowerment behavior has a significant positive effect on salespeople’s perception of empowerment; salespeople’s perception of empowerment has a significant positive effect on on-site contact quality; on-site contact quality has a significant positive effect on sales performance. This paper reveals the effect mechanism between salespeople’s empowerment and sales performance in E-Commerce service industry enterprises.

Yilei Pei, Wanxin Xue, Dandan Li, Jinping Chang, Yong Su

Analysis of Parking Lots While Dubai Prepares for Expo 2020

This paper provides an analysis of an existing parking lot in one of Dubai’s major shopping mall. Dubai has won the opportunity to host EXPO 2020 which is likely to attract more visitors to the shopping malls in the future thereby increasing the pressure on the parking facilities. A mathematical analysis of this problem is done to explore the possible solutions. The concept of queuing theory satisfies the model when tested in real time situation


The concepts of arrival rate, service rate, utilization rate, waiting time in the system, average number of vehicles in the queue, using Little’s Theorem and M/M/s queuing model along with simulation software have been used to suggest an empirical solution. The aim of the paper is twofold, (i) To assess the present situation at the Mall and (ii) To provide recommendations to reduce the queues in the parking areas.

Priti Bajpai, Maneesha

The Construction of High Performance Work System for China Railway Transportation Industry

Recent years, the impact of high performance work system (HPWS) has been widely explored by examining the effects of the specific systems. The main focus of this study is to explore the construction of these advanced management practices in the China railway transportation industry. The data are collected from employees’ perspective in


railway transportation industry and show that the organization displays some of the human resource practices associated with HPWS which are labeled information sharing, recruitment and selection, employee empowerment, incentive compensation, and performance appraisal. The major contribution of this study is to establish the frame of HPWS and he foundation of future analysis of human resource management in the China railway transportation context.

Ganli Liao, Long Ye, Ming Guo

Research on the Evaluation Criteria of Railway Skilled Employees’ Career Success in China

Through interviews and questionnaires of railway skilled employees, summarized and sorted career success evaluation criteria of skilled employees, the study shows that “subjective respect of success”, including work-family balance, life satisfaction, career satisfaction, perception of career success, “objective respect of success”, including level of total revenue venue, growth rate of wage and times of promotion, “skills and abilities respect of success” including upgrade of knowledge and skills, classification of skills, external competitiveness and job autonomy, are three important career success standards of skilled employees. In addition, we also carried out variance analysis of evaluation criteria for the different categories of skilled employees. The results show that different age groups, different titles and different positions of skilled employees, there is a significant difference in the choice of career success evaluation criteria.

Fulei Chu, Long Ye, Ming Guo

Contributions Organizational Identification, Job Performance and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from China New Generation Employees

New generation employees have been the main force in the enterprise employees in China. This study explores the impact of organizational identification on job performance of new generation employees, and tests the role of job satisfaction in relationship between organizational identification and job performance. The data was collected from 428 new generation employees from telecom industry in China. The results indicated the positive and significant correlation between organizational identification and job performance which is composed of task performance and contextual performance. Job satisfaction was tested to play a moderating role in the relationship between organizational identification and contextual performance, but not in the relationship between organizational identification and task performance.

Ming Guo, Ganli Liao, Ruijian Liu

Evolutionary Analysis of Trust Relationship Among Animation Industry Chain Enterprises

Based on evolutionary game theory, this paper describes trust relationship among animation industry chain enterprises and puts out some hypotheses, then builds evolutionary game model of this trust relationship, analyzes the evolutionary results and path of trust relationship. In the end, it puts forward some suggestions in three aspects to promote mutual trust among animation industry chain enterprises, respectively from aspects of reducing trust risk, improving earning capacity and lessening knowledge gap.

Xiuping Chen, Yanan Duan

Impacts of Travel Cost on Taxi Transport Demand and its Policy Alternatives

With the development of China’s economy, the trip volume of urban taxi and traveling demands rise rapidly. In this paper, based on the taxi price adjustment of Beijing, from the perspective of economic behavior choice of pedestrians, through the cost-demand equilibrium and the break-even analyze the travel cost on taxi. The analysis shows that the adjustments of the taxi price related factors have different influence on the taxi traffic demand. Thus it puts forward the targeted taxi traffic demand management policy recommendations.

Xuejiao Wu, Jing Li

Comprehensive Evaluation of China Eastern Airlines’ Social Responsibility Performance

From the employees’ responsibility, passenger liability and shareholders liability external four aspects, airline social responsibility is analyzed in this paper. Base on Employees, accident symptoms, revenues, taxes and other typical index data of China Eastern Airlines co., LTD. from 2008 to 2012, The TOPSIS model is set up. The comprehensive weight combines an impersonal entropy weight with a subjective AHP weight. According to the model, the social responsibility fulfillment situation of China Eastern airlines co., LTD. was evaluated.

Li Zhang, Zhanfang Sun, Lina Shi

Analysis on China’s Private Non-academic Education Institutions (Company) Development Strategy

With the development of economy, great changes have taken place in social economic structure, the educational field has undergone major changes, people pay more and more attention to education, the background of non academic education such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like institutions blossom everywhere, has been rapid development. But from the current development situation, the majority of non academic education institutions are still in the small micro enterprise ranks, there is no brand no strategic planning and business development, and even some organizations even organization structure is not perfect, the market is often regional, the target customer group is relatively simple, and brand awareness is relatively weak, it is difficult to get rapid development. This article from the development of the enterprise market strategy, brand strategy, innovation strategy, talent strategy, specifically elaborated the company private non academic education (Institutions) development research.

Jiange Li

The Influence of Teachers’ Competency on Job Performance in Research University with Industry Characteristics: Taking Job Satisfaction as Mediator

This paper extracts competency indicators of teachers’ in research-oriented universities with industry feature. The competency model comprises the basis of the quality, teaching ability, industry literacy, research ability. We found that there is significant positive correlation between job performance with overall level and each dimension of competency; teaching ability exclusively impact on job performance through job satisfaction, industry literacy not only impact on job performance directly, but also effect on job performance.

Anguo Xu, Long Ye

Research on How Characteristics can Forecast the Vocational Mental Diathesis of Locomotive Stewards

The paper makes research on the relationship between vocational mental diathesis and personality of locomotive stewards. We choose 564 locomotive stewards in Xi’an railway station for sample. Evaluate the sample stewards with vocational mental diathesis test software, to analyze the relevant between MBTI results and mental diathesis test indexes and then to conclude the profession personality of locomotive stewards. The study shows that different personality is obvious different on Sight Scope, Work Efficiency, Attention Distribution, Complex Reaction and Logic. With psychological selection, we can choose locomotive stewards with better mental diathesis, who can afford the job. Psychological selection can help to select, evaluate, train and manage locomotive stewards in scientifically.

Long Ye, Hong Zhou, Chunfeng Wang

Influential Factors of Knowledge Sharing Behavior in Virtual Communities: An Empirical Research

The Internet is a convenient channel which allows people to share knowledge. To identify the motivations that affect individual’s knowledge sharing behavior in virtual communities, this paper proposes the social exchange theory to construct a model for investigating the motivations behind people’s knowledge sharing. By analyzing the results of a survey, this study indicated that share willingness, trust, reciprocity, altruism will influence individuals’ knowledge sharing in virtual communities.

Jinyang Li

Research on Company’s Quick Response Model Oriented to Customer Demand

Nowadays, customer’s preferences tend to be much more diversified, and the updating cycle for product and service is shortened. It is urgent for enterprises to respond and obtain as well as maintain competitive advantages. This paper studies the relationship between the uncertainty of external environment and adaptability of enterprise so as to propose quick response model the clients may need. The results will be the mainstay for the enterprise’s rapid development in management theory and flexible organization theory.

Dezhi Yan, Fuyu Huang

The Price Formation Mechanisms in Channel with Different Control Pattern

This paper presents the study of price formation mechanisms and the stability in distribution channels with differentiated products. The analysis result of price formation mechanism shows that the control pattern of distribution channel influences the price setting. We analyses the stability of the price setting and identify out the stability status.

Bangyi Li, Lingyun Wang

Empirical Study on the Antecedent Variables of Dual Commitment in the Context of China

On the basis of the switching theory, the thesis constructs a measuring model of the antecedent variables of dual commitment in the context of China. It applies AMOS4.0 and SPSS17.0 to do a confirmatory factor analysis on the survey data. The research indicates that there exists dual commitment in the context of China; promotion opportunity and union participation have significant relationship with dual commitment; job satisfaction and turnover intention have no relationship with dual commitment; the results indicate that in China, when undergoing social economy transition, companies and unions can achieve prospects of win-win by cooperation. The thesis not only has instructive effects on the company-union relations practice in China, but has great significance on the harmonious industrial relationships constructing.

Hongmei Shan, Enhua Hu, Lingyun Wang, Guangping Liu

Influence of the Perception of Network Group-Buying on Purchase Intention of University Students Under the Impact of Reference Groups

This paper discusses the impact of perceived value and risks on network group-buying of college students. From a multidimensional perspective, it quantifies the composition of perception variable, and studies regulation role of the reference group for these effects. Using structural equation model, multi-factor variance analysis and multiple comparisons and other methods for empirical model checking. The research finds that: (1) Functional value, emotional value, service risks, psychological risks in network group-buying play a significant effect on purchase intention of college students. (2) Reference group has significant regulatory function of the willingness to buy. (3) In the case of general support of reference groups, the perceived value declines but the willingness to buy doesn’t change significantly.

Wanming Chen

Study on Relationship Between Leaders’ Characteristics and Equity Incentive Mode in Chinese Listed Corporations

Equity incentive mode is the result of corporation management decision. So, the characteristics of Leaders have important impact on it. By empirically studying, this paper found that the age of leaders has no significant on equity incentive coverage, but the professional background of Leaders do. When leaders’ professional background is more similar to company main business, the Equity incentive coverage will be wider. Furthermore, the better the education of Leaders is, the better the effect of equity incentive will be.

Lingyun Wang, Jianling Wang, Enhua Hu

Does Stock for Stock M&A Exhibit Real Earnings Management?

We investigate whether acquiring firms attempt to adopt real earnings management strategy to upward reported earnings in the period of M&A announcement and the effect on performance of post-M&A, based on the related data of share payment M&A affairs occurring in China’s capital market from 2008–2010. Our results demonstrate that acquiring firms overstate earnings in the period of M&A in order to improve market confidence. Meanwhile, we also find that real earnings management is one of the main reasons to explain under-performance of post M&A. It is necessary for stakeholders to realize real earnings management opportunistic behavior underlying financial statements when they evaluate acquiring firm’s value.

Ziqiao Zhang, Qiusheng Zhang

Factors Influencing the Implementation Performance of Charge Mechanism for Recycling WEEP in China: An Empirical Study

As the electrical and electronic products are reaching their last legs, the establishment and effective management of a recycling system for the waste electrical and electronic product (WEEP) has become a topic more important than ever. In this paper, descriptive statistical analysis and principal component factor analysis are used to process 194 valid questionnaires and identify the influential factors and their contribution rate to the performance of WEEP recycling charge mechanism. This study also proposes some suggestions for the government to improve the performance of WEEP recycling charge mechanism.

Yacan Wang, Wen Li, Shuang Yao, Yakun Wang

Study on Tourism E-Commerce Market in China

With E-commerce and tourism develop rapidly in China, understanding of Chinese online travellers is required. This article investigates psychology and motiviation in tourism e-commerce, then an empirical study is designed to explore effect of psychology and motiviation on tourism e-commerce services, the psychology is measured from four dimensions including price, trust, independence and sensory (National Bureau Statistics of China 2013), while motivation is measured from three dimensions including ration, trust and personalization. At last suggestions are given from personalizing tourism service, enhancing payment security and promoting tourism e-commerce website.

Jianling Wang, Cheng Shen, Junyan Wu

Engineering Management


Improvement of the Market Comparison Approach Based on Property Tax Levy Purpose

China is exploring property tax reform, scientific and rational assessment of the value of property is an important work. Due to lack of basic data, limitation of local government revenue and lack of high educated appraisers, the market comparison approach is still a basic assessment method in China. Part of adjustment coefficients in current market comparison approach are freely determined by appraisers, which cannot accept by taxpayers. In this paper, considering of China’s reality, with the idea of the hedonic price method to subdivide the factors affecting adjustment coefficients. Adjustment coefficients are accurately determined after using clustering analysis to make taxable property reasonable partition, and then determine the property value. Ultimately, a case study in Jincheng Shanxi Province shows the accuracy of the assessment is improved.

Yipeng Ren, Aibo Hao, Jingjuan Guo

Improved Genetic Algorithm for Extension Dual Resource Constrained Job Shop Scheduling Problem

In this paper a mathematical model was built for extension dual resource constrained job shop scheduling problem which takes into account the specific characteristics of numerical control devices, and a branch population genetic algorithm was constructed on the basis of inheriting evolution experience of parent chromosome population with pheromone. In addition this algorithm used some optimization operators to optimize algorithm performance, such as the elite evolutionary operator, the Pareto solution rapid selection operator based on the dominated area, the roulette selection operator based on sector partition, and so on. At last the statistical analysis on the simulation results of strategies comparison simulation, algorithm performance comparison simulation and real case calculation simulation proved that these optimization mechanisms could effectively improve the calculation efficiency and optimization effect of the algorithm.

Jingyao Li, Yuan Huang

Evaluation of Organizational Performance for the Construction Projects Based on Multilevel Gray Theory

With the integrated development of construction projects, the complexity of construction management is increasing. Owing to numerous participants and resources are involved in, it is necessary to evaluate the organizational performance for the construction projects. Considering the objectives and process of construction and the benefits of participants, an index system is established in this paper. Based on the index system, entropy method is introduced to calculate the weight. Then analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and grey theory are elected as the method for the organization’s performance evaluation. The research provides the theoretical basis and practical guidance for improving the management level of construction projects to achieve higher efficiency of the organization.

Yisheng Liu, Jiarui Yang, Shijie Ren

Risk Management Policy and Clean Development Mechanism of Urban Infrastructure Construction

Clean Development Mechanism provides a win-win solution for urban infrastructure development, which not only can achieve a more cost-reduction program to provide broader technology transfer channels, but also can really bring additional capital revenue and technology to better meet the requirements of sustainable development of urban infrastructure. This paper describes in a broader sense of the clean development principles of urban infrastructure construction, and focuses on the risk and controlling method of CDM potential with the purpose of promoting the formation of sustainable urban infrastructure system.

Shuaishuai Fan, Jun Zhou

The Environmental Impact Assessment of High-Speed Railway Project Based on Entropy Weight

Inappropriate human intervention in natural activities will inevitably occur in the process of high-speed railway construction, so the environmental impact condition inconsistent with the expected environmental impact of human. With the gradual strengthening of the people’s awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development in China, the environmental impact assessment of high-speed rail becomes an important part of the project feasibility study. This paper establishes a sort of environmental impact assessment system which includes many factors that affect the environment: the high-speed railway construction project environmental impacts evaluates through the use of Interpretive Structural Modeling and select a multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method based on entropy weight, and it draws comprehensive results of Environmental Impact Assessment to verify the feasibility of the program.

Yong Zhu, Jun Zhou, Shuaishuai Fan

Enhancing Decision-Making Process for Major Infrastructure Projects: A Comparative Study of Australia and China

There is continuing demand for more and better major infrastructure to achieve sustainable high quality growth in China. Decision making of major infrastructure projects (MIPs) is vital to the successful construction. Incorrect decisions lead to irretrievable results, great financial loss and waste. Therefore, conducting a research in the decision-making process of the major infrastructure is quite necessary. This paper is aimed at finding the shortages in the decision-making process of the major infrastructure in China. Comparative study of Australia and China is adopted in this research and documentary analysis is used as the main data collection method. Recommendations are provided for achieving greater uniformity and efficiency in decision-making process for major infrastructure. The solutions have practical implications for decision-making process of general MIPs in China.

Yisheng Liu, Yan Wang

Drug Residue Issues of Aquatic Products Export from China

This paper analyzes the panel data during 2002–2012 of aquatic product exports from China to USA, and the results show that export stumbles are mainly caused by drug residues. Through combining the literature researches to the analysis of drug residue problems in China’s export aquatic products, this paper results in five major pollution sources and three kinds of specific reasons that leading to drug residues in aquatic products. Finally this paper puts forward relevant proposals on helping improve China’s export aquatic products quality safety level and international competitiveness, aiming to reduce export stumbles caused by drug residues.

Xi Liu, Xi Liu, Xinge Ren, Jiansheng Zhang, Robert G. Nelson

Topology Analysis of VANET Based on Complex Network

Recently, Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANET) is a very promising direction in intelligent transportation system (ITS). In this paper, we analyzed the topology characteristics of VANET using complex network theory. The authors contribute to VANET model, analyzing the statistical properties of complex network based on the degree distribution, the clustering coefficient, the average path length and they find that the network has small world and scale-free features. The structure and properties of VANET have great implications on traffic congestion and urban planning.

Hong Zhang, Jie Li

Research of Value Engineering Model in Confidential Economics

Confidential economics is a new field in science which aims at the ­economic patterns in confidential works. It is a new science based on appropriate combination of organization, control and adjustment in confidential works targeting on rational allocation of confidential resources achieving the goal of both optimal security and economic revenue. In this paper, a new method of value engineering model is proposed within the field of confidential economics by which confidentiality programs can be compared in terms of both scientific and economic aspects, and provides a scientific basis for the evaluation of confidential programs. The research on this model has a significance influence in the field of confidential economics.

Lei Yu, Liping Shao

Information Technology-Based Promotion of Quality Teacher Resources Sharing

Based on absorbing and inheriting the results of previous studies, the paper proposed the overall scheme model of information technology-based promoting the sharing of teacher resources distribution in urban and rural areas to find new measures, new methods and new ideas on educational equity. In addition, with the use of Moodle online teaching platform, Delight IP 5.0 remote interactive teaching platform, network video conference systems and instant messaging software, the feasibility and operability of the proposal was verified.

Jia Geng, Yiming Zhao

Consumption Estimating Model of the Frame Shear Wall Structure Materials

The cost of raw materials accounts for about 60 % of the engineering cost in engineering projects. Reducing the consumption of construction materials is the key to control the project cost. The paper based on multivariate statistical method, through the investigation, collected a large number of building the indicators of the construction materials to establish three main building materials of the concrete frame shear wall structure, which is steel, concrete and block. Measuring building material consumption has a certain value, which can estimate the structure of the construction cost, it is also conducive to each stage of cost control in the construction.

Zhiting Wu, Xuedong Chen

Collaborative Innovation Model Research Based on Knowledge-Supernetwork and TRIZ

Technology innovation involves both the market development and technical development in the technology commercialization process. This article builds a Knowledge-Supernetwork model to describe the various knowledge elements and innovation actors elements involved in the collaborative innovation process. And the innovation activities of knowledge acquisition, knowledge integration, R&D innovation problems mining, R&D innovation problems evaluation are realized based on this model. After R&D problems distinguished by collaborative innovation matrix, TRIZ provide strong support to get innovative problem solutions.

Ting Chen, Yunfei Shao, Yujun Han

Knowledge Transfer Mechanism in Collaborative Network of the Construction Project

Knowledge has become a critical asset of organizations in the era of knowledge-based economy, especially in project-based industries such as construction. The participants of construction project form a collaborative network. Knowledge transfer will occur unconsciously in the network. This article firstly defined the project collaborative network that including the client, the designer, the contractor and the supervisor. Secondly, the knowledge such as explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge that transfers among the network are illustrated in this paper. Thirdly, knowledge transfer methods in collaborative network of the construction project are analyzed. Finally, a framework is proposed to illustrate that the different kinds of knowledge transfer among the participants of the project during the process of construction. This study has great academic and realistic meanings to improve the efficiency of construction project management.

Jian Sun, Xu Ren

The Prospect Analysis of the PPP Financing Model Application in Ports of China

The article firstly introduces a new model of port financing—the PPP financing model (Public-Private Partnership, that is to say, the cooperation between public sectors and private enterprises). Then, by analyzing the model’s characteristics, the paper expounds a crucial issue that the confirmation of concession period by game theory. At last, the paper discusses the obstacle of private capitals and the role of government to put forwards the prospect of PPP model. All in all, it provides a certain theoretical basis in the application of the PPP financing model in port s of China.

Wei Liu, Wenjuan Li, Xu Xu

Research on Multi-view Formalized Description of Traffic Social Scenarios for CA Model

The traffic scenario is a interaction result of many social and cultural factors. Using cellular automaton for microscopic simulation of traffic scenarios, to verify and optimize traffic situations, is proved to be an effective research method to improve the the humanism design and traffic order of intersections. Building traffic scenario formalized description model is a critical part of simulation. Based on the requirements of the analog application with cellular automaton, the paper propose a multi-views framework to describe traffic scenarios, which were defined and formalized described from these three perspectives: phenomenon description, mechanism explanation and results evaluation, providing an important theoretical basis for CA simulation and research of traffic social problems.

Huan Qiao, Juanqiong Gou, Hongyu Ma

Controlling Systems with a Single Actuator

In this paper the problem of designing a single actuator control for a class of systems is addressed. The existence of such control is studied and several ways for designing such control are provided. The results depend either on the rational canonical form or on the Jordan structure associated with the matrix which characterizes the system dynamics. The constructed control laws can be employed in the design of minimum cost controllers for a large variety of systems.

Alberto Portal, Pedro J. Zufiria

Technology Transfer in Construction Engineering Joint Venture Projects—The Case of South Africa

Construction Engineering Joint Venture (CEJV) projects are believed to be beneficial with regard to aiding technology transfer in the local construction industry, but still debatable whether such skills and technology transfer effectively occur in the hosting companies in developing economies. Substantial research on technology and skills transfer from an industrialized country companies to developing counterparts reveals worrying trends. South African construction companies are therefore not immune from these undesirable trends. Three main issues are dealt with in this paper: if foreign partnering company has knowledge and technology that the local partner is lacking; how Construction Engineering Joint Venture projects are structured at delivery stage; and key strategic elements of expertise transfer in Construction Engineering Joint Venture project relating to structure. The paper identifies, analyzes and interprets the critical success factors for speedy transfer of expertise and technology and proposes a conceptual project delivery structure that can accelerate the transfer of expertise.

P. D. Rwelamila, S. Mkandawire

Optimization of Production System Based on Value Stream Mapping

With rapid changes of market environment, it is very important for manufacturing enterprises to shorten production cycle time to respond to customers’ requirements quickly. Through an investigation for the production processes of SM6 series products in M electric equipment manufacturing enterprise, the authors use value stream map and other lean concepts and techniques to identify and eliminate hidden wastes during the whole production process. Finally, we achieve pull mode of production, shorten production cycle, reduce inventory, and save manpower.

Yanli Chen, Chunfang Guo, Liang Li

Research on Interpreter of Context-Aware Cooperative Composition Modeling Language

In recent years, context-awareness technology is introduced to Web Service Composition to solve the personalization problem in Web Service Composition, which makes the composition results more suitable to the user’s environment. The context-aware web service composition language called CA-CCML (Context-aware Cooperative Composition Modeling Language) is designed. This paper focuses on the research of CA-CCML interpreter, which is composed of CA-CCML Editor, Context Manager and Web Service Manager. Finally, an application case of a study hall searching system is presented to show the usability and validity of CA-CCML interpreter.

Hao Wang, Ying Ren, Xiuguo Zhang, Zhiying Cao, Xiong Xie

Analysis of Coal Transport Channel Status Quo and Problems in Xinjiang

With rich coal resources accounting for 40 % of the total predicted resources in China, Xinjiang has become China’s important strategic energy deposit area and onshore energy thoroughfare. Under the guidance of the western development policy, the coal production capacity in Xinjiang gradually increased. The contradiction between the heavy coal outward transportation demand and the insufficiency of coal transportation capacity has become a prominent problem. This article, based on the analysis and calculation of the capacity of the Xinjiang railway coal transportation channel capacity, put forward a series of development countermeasures which include speeding up the construction of transportation channel, constructing coal chemical industry base and large coal industrial base, and accelerating the construction of high-voltage direct current transmission project.

Mei Song, Tao Chen

Factors Influencing the Financial Efficiency of PPP Projects and Their Relations Based on DEMATEL

The financial efficiency of a PPP project is critical to the success of the project. The enterprises should be familiar with the factors influencing the financial efficiency of PPP projects so that a reasonable investment and refinancing strategy could be made. This paper theoretically summarizes the seven factors influencing the financial efficiency of PPP projects and puts forward the theoretical model of the relations among factors influencing the financial efficiency. On that basis, Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) method is adopted to analyze the relations and the theoretical model is verified, which can help enterprises to evaluate financial efficiency dynamically and then make refinancing decisions accordingly.

Xiuqin Wang, Yuchen Sun, Ying Gao

Special Session on AdvancedManagement Decision MakingTechniques and Application


A Comparison of Similarity Measures of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets

This paper compared the properties of several measures of similarity of IFSs and provides a new definition of equilibrium line of a fuzzy set. This study aims to highlight the main theoretical and computational properties of the measures under study. It is show that several properties are common to all measures and some properties are not for all of them. This investigation is important due to the fact that it can provide us some useful information to select a suitable similarity measure in applications of IFSs.

Zhen Zhou, Runtong Zhang, Yun Lin, Ruimei Wang

Evolution of the Interplay Between E-Commerce Vendor and Consumers

We employ computational experiment to explore the co-evolution of service vendors and consumers under collaborative commerce. GAs based on CA is designed for the optimal profit model. We program agent-based computational experiment system with Logo on NetLogo 5.0 platform, and a virtual implemented system is presented. The experiment system can provide technique support to e-commerce firms in decision making with regards to optimal collaborative service providing, consumer behavior management, etc.

Guoyin Jiang, Youtian Wang, Na Zhang

An Interactive Group Decision Making Approach Based on Satisfaction Degree

Multi-attribute group decision-making problem (MAGDMP) has received increasing attentions in recent years. Nowadays, many attribute weighting approaches have been developed to comprehensively evaluate all the alternatives in MAGDMP. In this paper, two optimal programming models are presented, and then a satisfaction function is also developed. Finally, an example is provided to illustrate the specific decision-making process. The proposed method will be helpful for setting and adjusting subjective attribute weights to achieve consistency in interactive group decision-making.

Wenqi Jiang, Pingkang Shen, Fei Liu, Xi Fang

The Effect of Workplace Learning on Logistics Management Specialty: An Empirical Research Perspective

Workplace learning plays is very important in practical education of the undergraduate. In this paper, we study this issue by a structural equation model (SEM). We focus on workplace learning’s effects on practical education and show that the workplace learning has a positive effect on the practical ability, employability and job satisfaction significantly. Moreover, it reveals relationships and paths among university-organized workplace learning and short-term job hunting and long-term career development. Finally, we are sure that our research will supply a referable decision making path for university education reformation.

Wenliang Bian, Yu Bian, Qilan Zhao, Li Zhang, Jingzhi Ding, Yana Chen

A Pan-Evaluation Index System Construction Method and its Application

To solve the problem that evaluation index system is complex and chaotic, the paper puts forward a new method to construct an evaluation index system based on SOM-K combination clustering. The new method is applied in constructing an evaluation index system of emergency response capability. The application example shows that the constructed pan-evaluation system takes into account the dual principle of comprehensiveness and representativeness of the evaluation indicators, and the construction method has the characteristic of universality.

Faming Zhang

Cost Vs. Customer Service Level in Supply Chains Under Major Disruptions

This paper presents a bi-objective stochastic optimization problem of supplier selection and customer orders scheduling in the presence of major disruption risks. The supplies are subject to independent random local disruptions of each supplier individually and regional disruptions of all suppliers in the same geographic region simultaneously. Given a set of customer orders for products, the decision maker allocates the demand for parts among certified suppliers and schedules the orders over the planning horizon, to optimize expected cost and expected customer service level. The obtained combinatorial stochastic optimization problem is formulated as a mixed integer program with weighted-sum aggregation of the two conflicting objective functions. Numerical examples and some computational results are presented.

Tadeusz Sawik

The Analysis on the Questionnaire Survey Results of China’s Construction Market Credit Evaluation System

Construction market credit evaluation System and the application of the evaluation result are important parts of construction market integrity System. The evaluation results are valuable reference for the government supervision and business transactions. There are still many problems in the process of construction of China’s construction market credit evaluation System. The paper studies the present situation of China’s construction market credit evaluation System by questionnaire survey, summarizes the problems. For example, the evaluation index and criteria are not uniform, the evaluation results are not effectively applied and so on. And give some suggestions for the improvement of China’s construction market credit evaluation system.

Yisheng Liu, Dongya Dong, Xueer Chen

Allocation Proportion of Reward-Penalty Mechanism on Electronic Product Reverse Supply Chain

We study the allocation proportion problem of reward-penalty mechanism (RPM) on reverse supply chain (RSC) in equilibrium and get following conclusions: the allocation proportion of recyclers is always more than that of manufacturers under the RPM; the difficulty coefficients for the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and the target recycle rate are positively correlated with the allocation proportional coefficients, while the reward and penalty degree has negative correlation with the same coefficient; the recycle rate increases in the RPM, meanwhile the buy-back price of WEEE increases while the new product’s price decreases; too high target recycle rate will inhibit the collection rate from increasing.

Wenbin Wang, Shuai Yang, Mingbao Cheng, Zuqing Huang

Forecasting Electric Vehicles Demand in USA

This paper seeks to forecast electric vehicles demand and its proportion to the whole car sales based on the historical 37 EVs monthly sales and Cars monthly sales spanning from Dec. 2010 to Dec. 2013 in USA. Triple exponential smoothing method is applied in this study. This paper provides EVs manufacturers and policymakers an effective solution to tightly observe and track the whole US EVs market demand, which can help them to adjust or reformulate some technology tactics and market measurements according to the forecast results.

Zhanglin Peng, Shanlin Yang, Wenliang Bian, Zhiqiang Chen, Xiaojia Wang, Zhijun Yu

Research on the Factors Influencing Mobile Game Adoption in China

The mobile game is experiencing a rapid development and one of the favorite mobile applications. This article focuses on Chinese mobile game market and conducts an empirical research on the factors of the user adoption of mobile game. The research results show that perceived usefulness, perceived entertainment, economic cost and subject norm significantly affect the attitude of use, which results in behavior intention to adopt the mobile game, while the perceived ease of use, similarity and brand trust, which proposed to affect the user adoption in related literatures insignificantly affect use adoption of mobile game.

Guoyin Jiang, Ling Peng, Ruoxi Liu

Decision Science in Olympic Games: An AHP Approach in Selecting the Highest Quality Gold Medals

This study explores the potential of applying analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to quantify the values of gold, silver and bronze medals and use these values to compute the total value of the sports in order to determine which sports may be considered the highest quality ones in Olympic Games. It finds that each game has different characteristics and these factors also should be considered to interpret the medals won. A gold medal may have different meanings in two different categories of games.

Xiaojia Wang

Advantage Industry Selection and System Implementation for Independent Intellectual Property of High-Tech Industry

Firstly, this paper has selected the high-tech industry as the research background. The 60 kinds of patent information of the high-tech industry in China has been retrieved by compiling the retrieval strategy and retrieval logic for the 60 kinds of high-tech industry. Secondly, the comparative advantage selection method and the absolute advantage selection method have been used to analyze the independent advantage industry of the high-tech industry and research the selection of the advantage industry for the independent intellectual property of high-tech industry from the aspects of patent application and patent authorization. Besides, the selection results have been analyzed.

Xiaoquan Gong, Jiaojiao Yang

A Fuzzy Rule-Based Decision Support System for Determining the Level of Collaboration in a Supply Chain

Today making a decision on the level of collaboration in a supply chain is very important problem for the managers of a supply chain. For the purpose of helping them make better decisions, in this research, we aim to develop a fuzzy rule-based decision support system. To achieve this, firstly, the factors that are important for the level of collaboration in a supply chain are extracted. Later, the fuzzy rules are established by using the related literature in SCM area. At this point, expert opinions are also used. Finally, applicability of the proposed fuzzy rule-based decision support system is demonstrated with an illustrative example.

Kazim Sari

Special Session on Freight Transportation and Information Technology


Supply Chain Coordination based on Effort and Service Level with False Failure Returns

This paper studies supply chain contracts strategy under service level constraint with one manufacturer and one retailer when demand is uncertain and dependent on effort and price. False failure returns model is built under decentralized supply chain. To solve the problem of double marginalization, two contracts, including the traditional buy-back contract and the contract based on rebate and penalty are designed to coordinate the supply chain. As the results have shown, the contract based on rebate and penalty could better coordinate the supply chain. Retailer’s effort is encouraged by rebate and penalty and whether to improve the service level to gain a larger profit should be further concerned with cost and benefit.

Meng Su, Hongjie Lan

A Multi-echelon Inventory Control Model with Random Leadtime and Stochastic Demand

Multi-echelon inventory control is aimed at coordinate the inventory levels in the supply chain nodes, which can help reach the optimal operating strategy of the whole supply chain. On the basis of previous studies, this paper considers a three-echelon inventory control model with random leadtime and stochastic demand, which can be more practical. This paper discuss a three-echelon distribution inventory system with a central warehouse, wholesalers, A retailers (large and medium retailers) and B retailers (small retailers), which are all approximated by different types of distribution. The system is controlled by continuous review installation stock (R, Q) policies. The model is illustrated by numerical examples and sensitivity analysis is conducted.

Liang Zhao, Hongjie Lan

The Coal Demand Prediction Based on the Grey Neural Network Model

Along with rapid development of economy and society, the coal demand grows continuously. Therefore energy demand forecasting has important theoretic and realistic significance. This paper analyzed the influencing factors of coal demand, made use of grey prediction model, BP neural network model, and grey neural network model to forecast coal demand. Comparison of three model predictions, the forecast result of combined model is better than a single prediction model. Then using grey neural network model forecast coal demand of 2011–2016. According to the forecast results, put forward the policy recommendations about future development.

Wanjing Wu, Xifu Wang

Reverse Logistics Network Optimization Design under Fuzzy-stochastic Environment

Considering the uncertainty of reverse logistics of waste products, combine enterprise decision-making of periodic reverse logistics networks, this paper builds the forward and reverse integrated logistics network optimization chance constrained model to minimize the construction and operation cost, within the warehouse capacity limits under random consumer and fuzzy recycling demand environment. Then we transform the model to certainty, puts forward multi-state ideas and designs GA, eventually solving the dynamic optimization analysis of network model by an example test and verifies its validity and rationality.

Jing Ye, Xifu Wang, Zhaoyun Li

The Location Model and Application of Regional Coal Logistics Key Nodes in Xinzhou Shanxi

By using the traffic distribution algorithm of the extended shortest OD path first and damping coefficient which based on the OD data of coal logistics and the transport network structure in Xinzhou Shanxi, the location model and application of regional coal logistics key node was established. According to the traffic flow of the coal logistics network, the location, size and numbers of the coal logistics network hubs was determined. Therefore, the optimum scheme of the key node and channel layout could be designed. Through the comparison among the three schemes, the optimal solution was selected.

Mengliang Li, Xifu Wang, Quanxin Sun

Mode Choice of Power Generation Coal Transportation and its Application in China

The reverse distribution of coal production and consumption regions generates power generation coal transport demand, and effective transport capacity integration and configuration become a hot research. This paper analyzes the whole process of power production and coal transportation in coal logistics system, and builds the cost model of power generation coal transportation and response algorithm which is applied to practical power generation coal transportation, thus to verify the validity and practicability of the proposed model.

Xiushan Jiang, Wanwan Lu, Ge Yang, Ming Yu

Special Session on Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and Supply Chain Management


The Impact of Building FSDN Traceability System on Corporate Profits

Building food traceability system made little progress in recent years, so we propose the idea of building the system under the concept of FSDN (food supply and demand network). After comparing the likelihood of food safety incidents in food supply chain with food supply and demand network and analyzing corporate profits in the network, we concluded that building FSDN traceability system can reduce the occurrence of food safety incidents and companies can gain economic profits.

Qing Ma, Jing He, Fuyuan Xu

Research on Synergy Mechanism of Logistics Network Based on System Theory

From the viewpoint of the system theory, the logistics network coordination mechanism is studied. The collaborative characteristics and synergies of the logistics network is analyzed based on the principle of synergy. At the basis, the generating mechanism of the synergies of the logistics network is conducted. The research could provide references to the development of logistics network theory and the practical operation, as well as the management.

Xu Xu, Wei Liu

Impact of Policy Adjustment on the Port Performance: the Case of Shanghai Port

Despite the interest shown by many authors in port management, only a few contributions have tried to evaluate the relative impact of policy adjustment on the port performance. Based on the literature reviews, a statistical approach was adopted to measure the impact of policy adjustment on economic, operational and governance performance. The sampled harbor districts cover over 44 % of the annual operated container volume in Shanghai Port. Empirical outcomes reveal that a strong positive relationship between economic indicators and operational indicators, and a negative relationship between economic/operational indicators and governance performance. This article, by addressing the complexity and diversification of variables affecting the port performance, provides an exploratory contribution on the policy research in the literature.

Danping Lin, Youfang Huang, Houjun Lu, Daofang Chang

Supplier Selection for Equipment Manufacturing Under the Background of Free Trade Zone

This paper analyzed market competition and established supplier selection objectives and supplier evaluation under the demand of supplier selection for equipment manufacturing industry chain in free trade zone (FTZ). The model of supplier selection based on cluster analysis was established. First the mathematical model was used to describe the supplier selection by cluster analysis. Then, the solution procedure and decision strategies were proposed to solve the model. At Last a case was studied to prove the effectiveness of the model.

Wei Yan, Youfang Huang, Yu Wang, Junliang He

Multi-objective Based Fuzzy Mathematical Programming Model for Green Logistics Network Design Under Uncertainty

Current environmental issues are reflected in the environmental legislation of several countries. Because of the significance of environmental issues, enterprises actively seek ways in which to reduce CO


emission across the logistics network Elhedhli and Merrick; Transp Res Part D 17(5):370–379, 2012. This paper develops a multi-objective fuzzy programming model for designing a strategic green logistics network under uncertainty, which aims to minimize the total cost and the CO


emissions. Besides, to solve the multi-objective fuzzy model, an interactive fuzzy solution approach is applied. The case study indicates the applicability of the model and the usefulness of the solution method.

Bin Yang, Weishan Sun, Yong Li, Zhihua Hu, Jiankun Hu

Analyzing Network Media on the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Based on Term Frequency Analysis

The term analysis method is used to study the network media during the first four months since the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone was opened. From the following aspects, the attention frequencies by the network media are examined: the general purposes, the customs supervision scope, main tasks and measures, policy environments for supervision and tax. Finally, the achievements of the free trade zone are summarized, “effective and efficient supervision” is discovered as the most popular construction objective of CSPFTZ.

Zhihua Hu, Cheng Wei, Jinxian Zhou, Qing Li, Yangyang Hao

Remanufacturing Logistics Network Design Considering FTZ

With the establishment of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (CSPFTZ). For remanufacture industry, Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has improved in some policies, such as import tariff, customs performance and timeliness of shipments. Regarding the remanufacturing network design considering FTZ as research subject, the maximum operating profit and the highest Logistics Performance Index (LPI) as objectives, an optimization model involving recovery ratio reflected by dynamic pricing will be build to study the collection strategies and specific logistics network layout of remanufacturing enterprise. Our conclusions show that, under the premise of just considering economic efficiency, the enterprise will still set up remanufacturing center outside the FTZ in spite of taking off the restriction of double-overseas industrial pattern. Meanwhile, along with the increase of the goal weight of LPI, lifting double-overseas industrial pattern restriction will cause the remanufacturing center transfer to FTZ and the bigger scale of the center.

Shengchi Wang, Bin Yang, Bowei Xu, Xiaolin Zhu, Zhihua Hu, Jiankun Hu

Development Strategies of the Cargo Transshipment Hub of Shanghai Pudong Airport in Free Trade Zone

Shanghai Pudong Airport Free Trade Zone (CSPFTZ) is one of the four major areas under special customs supervision of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The overall scheme of CSPFTZ construction make clear requirements that Pudong airport should play an active role as an international hub port, and government should support it to increase international transshipment cargo flights. In the background of CSPFTZ construction, this paper studies the development situation, related policies and suggestions of Pudong airport air cargo hub.

Qing Li, Jingjing Hu, Zhihua Hu, Yangyang Hao

Special Session on Innovation in Service Science


The Impacts of Corporate Social Capital and Market Orientation on Service Innovation Performance: Mediating Role of Organizational Learning

The purpose of this study is to investigate the impacts of corporate social capital and market orientation on service innovation performance and the mediating role of organizational learning. A Structure Equation Model containing an intermediary variable is established. Through an empirical survey of 230 samples in the Pearl River Delta of China, the research findings show that: (1) corporate social capital, market orientation and organizational learning has a positive effect on service innovation performance, (2) corporate social capital, market orientation has a positive effect on organizational learning, and (3) organizational learning plays a mediating role between the corporate social capital, market orientation and service innovation performance.

Zhaoquan Jian, Yulu Zhou

Investment and Financing Mode and Performance Evaluation Model Establish of China’s New Socialist Countryside Housing Construction

Financing is a very important part of new socialist country side construction. This paper identifies the main problems in China’s rural areas of residential construction, analyzes investment and financing behavior and financing demand forecast by using the system dynamics causal loop diagram model and the stock flow graph model, finds the common and difference in rural areas development by using multivariate statistical cluster analysis methods. On this basis, depending on the financing subject, financing channels, the main sources of funding, this paper builds five financial investment and financing modes: self-financing mode, local government financing platform mode, real estate companies dominate mode, land resources financing mode, policy financing and cooperative financing integration mode. Tianjin Huaming Town’s “homestead” mode is used as an example for the build of investment and financing performance evaluation model.

Dan Zhao, Mingyu Zhang, Wenbing Wu, Yijun Shen

A Cherry Model: An Approach to Improving China’s International Long-haul Routes Operations—A case study of Guangzhou-Los Angeles route

This article proposes that the “Cherry Model” can be applied to constructing and supporting the hub of international long-haul routes to achieve the goal of maintaining sufficient demand, improving the quality of profit and enhancing the poor efficiency of international long-haul operations. We argue that geographical location, sufficient thickness and width of the economy are important factors in choosing proper aviation point as the hub. After the establishment of hub location, the hinterland market of the hub should be expanded from different levels. Also the combined modes of transportation with other vehicles should be developed. In the meantime, smooth and comfortable service of hub transit should be provided to attract sufficient customers to improve the operation.

Juzhen Peng, Mingyu Zhang, Wenbing Wu, Wen Wu

Study on Aquatic Products Cold Chain Logistics Performance Evaluation in China

This paper builds performance evaluation indexes system of aquatic product cold chain logistics in China according to aquatic product, customer, supply chain and society four dimensions. In order to reflect the complicated feedback relationship between indexes, the paper structures an ANP model to determine the weight of evaluation indexes. Considering the subjectivity of ANP method, the paper uses the entropy method to revise the indexes weight got by ANP. At last, this article evaluates the operational performance level of aquatic product cold chain logistics using four supply chain example data by grey Relational Analysis method.

Wenbing Wu, Yanwei Deng, Mingyu Zhang, Shuxiang Wang, Yihua Zhang

Research on Credit Risk Management Mechanism of B2B Online Financing Mode

“Online Financing” is the business development that electronic commerce enterprises carried out through fund flow. This new model breaks the limit of mortgage and pledge, enables a credit risk management mechanism different from the traditional credit model, and completes the association of banks and enterprises. This paper compares B2B online financing and traditional bank credit business, and then takes the examples of Alibaba, Treasure Island to analyze the credit risk management mechanism of B2B mode online financing and study the problems and suggestions of the mechanism.

Wenjie Zhao, Shujun Ye

The Assessment System for OA&M Service Quality Based on SERVQUAL Model

With the development of ICT technology, how to improve service quality becomes hot topic for telecom operators. This paper studies on the service quality of OA&M based on the SERVQUAL model and establishes the assessment system to explore the factors influencing OA&M service quality. Based on the research of service perception and service expectation, the effect factors can be concluded into four categories: network factor, service process factor, collaboration factor and resource allocation factor.

Mengke Yang, Jianqiu Zeng

Structural Attributes and Evolution Features of Products

Researchers both home and abroad have revealed that products possess multilevel structural attributes. Meanwhile, many scholars have explored the comparison and choices made by consumers. Research into attributes of products is of great value to products as well as consumption. By combining the structural attributes and consuming behaviors, this article not only analyzes the formation of core attributes and extension attributes, but also explores into their respective functions. The core attributes of products refer to the long cycle in development of products, which would promote absolute competitive advantage in market, while extension attributes refer to the short cycle in development of products, which would promote relative competitive advantage in market. The mutual conversion of motivation and hygiene functions for consumers occurs when products are in the two different cycles. The interaction mechanism between structural attributes and consuming behaviors is illustrated explicitly in this article.

Shuxiang Wang, Ao Wang, Yuhan Wang

Special Session on Comprehensive Service


Empirical Analysis on Outward FDI Promoting Industrial Upgrading in China: Taking Manufacture Industry as the Example

At present Chinese economy is facing with duplicate pressures from domestic environment and international situation and the government needs to strengthen policy of “Going Out” and encourage domestic enterprises to choose internationalized road and improve domestic industrial upgrading and push economic transition. By definition of the content of industrial upgrading in the condition of open economy and studying the relative materials and taking manufacture industry as the example and through construction of industrial upgrading index the article examines its relativity with Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) of China and proves that OFDI can push industrial upgrading of China.

Rongmin Zhou

The Marketing Model of Cultural “Going Out”: the Origins and Strategic Path

Based on the analysis of the connotation and origin of the marketing model of cultural ‘going out’ strategy. This paper explores the significant regulatory function of the “going out” strategy of international operation of cultural enterprises, cultural products, cultural brands and creative stars to directly show spread, indirectly reputation effect of the nation image and products & services image. Thus it reveals the specific strategic path for product & service marketing and nation marketing by the manner of culture.

Min Li

Empirical Analysis of Influencing Factors of Demand for the Endowment Real Estate in Beijing

As the problem of population aging is becoming more and more serious, the pension has been becoming a major social problem. In the process of pursuing social pension, people pay more attention to the endowment real estate.Based on the random research on the elderly from three regions of Beijing, this paper considers personal characteristics, economic situation, subjective perception and pension security as influencing factors, then studies the factors by logistic model and analyzes the results. At the end of the article, some suggestions are put forward in order to provide beneficial references for the government and enterprises.

Jiawei Wang, Daqing Gong, Shifeng Liu

A Study on Real-Time Monitoring and Accident Emergency Rescue Decision Support System Based on Cloud Computing in Chemical Industry Park

Regional cooperation emergency management model provides a new way of thinking to further reduce security risk in chemical industry park. Taking the model as the basis, the “cloud computing” as the system, a seven-layer concept model is designed to explain the architectural pattern of the case emergency rescue cloud and investigate the method to carry out some key technologies, such as real-time data acquisition technology, chemical industry park construction methods, and multi-source data integration middleware design. The system will provide highly effective technical support on dangerous substance monitoring, management and case pre-warning, case rescue and decision support for chemical industry park.

Lele Qin, Shuang Feng, Ganghui Dong

Research on Low-Carbon Logistics Environmental Impact Evaluation Model

Based on low-carbon logistics system, this paper built a suite of evaluation index systems to measure low-carbon logistics impact on the environment, including the following aspects: enterprises operating, resource and energy utilization, and environmental impacts. We used fuzzy AHP model to determine the weight of each index, and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model to calculate the scope of the low carbon logistics system, and then studied empirically. The result shows the synthetic score of low-carbon logistics system and indicates that enterprises lay special emphasis on difference indices. They both provide the basis for improving the low-carbon logistics management of the enterprise.

Wenji Fan

Analysis on Chaos Characteristic of Software Project Risk System Based on Method of Lyapunov Exponent

Software project risk system is a nonlinear system and the chaos theory provides a new paradigm for understanding the development and evolution of its risk factors. From the angle of chaotic dynamics, this paper studies the software project risk system and based on the rational premise, builds a dynamical model of software project risk system dominated by three main parameters. According to Lyapunov exponent which can judge chaos characters, this paper calculates Lyapunov exponent of the software project risk system model, proves that this system is a chaos one and analyzes the chaos characters such as initial sensibility, inner randomness and strange attractor of this system. Therefore, it opens up a new thought for software project risk control.

Ying Qu, He Wang, Dongmei Li

Research on Early Warning of China’s Energy Market Volatility Based on Self-Organizing Competitive Neural Networks

This paper extracts seven indicators from energy production, per capita consumption and energy import and export trade in elements of energy market as the basic data for analyzing China’s energy market volatility. It establishes a self-organizing competitive neural networks model after normalizing the data, and then makes an empirical analysis of the volatility from year 1990 to 2009. It finds that the results of the model are in line with reality. It is significant to master the market rule and predict the energy market volatility.

Ning Liu, Jiaxin Wang

Research on Customer Loyalty Model of Mobile Phone Manufacturers

How to measure customer loyalty is important for enterprises to segment market and make different marketing strategies. This paper does research in the impacting factors of customer loyalty in Mobile phone manufacturers, brings forward customer loyalty measurement model of mobile phone manufacturers, which is a three-level factor structure and there are more concrete indicators in each level, and counts the weightiness index by using group decision making Analytical Hierarchy Process.

Pengfei Shang, Tieke Li, Yanping Zhang

The Analysis of Logistics Finance Operation Modes for Minor Enterprise in China

Financing is the problem for minor enterprises in the course of development. The problem has seriously hampered the development of minor enterprises. However, it is one of the effective ways to make use of logistics finance for solving the problem. First, the paper carries out a review of the Research status of Logistics Finance at home and abroad, highlights that Logistics Finance has practical significance to solve the financing problem of minor enterprises, and then analyses the possibilities of the implementation of China’s minor enterprises’ Logistics Finance, as well as Logistics Finance’ operation mode that fits for China’s minor ones: mode of pledge of warehouse receipts. And this model is divided into two forms which are analyzed. Finally, it has an analysis of the optimal order strategy after their implementation of Logistics Finance, which is expected to have the role of theoretical guidance to the enterprises.

Jiaxin Wang, Limin Wang

The Variational Inequality Model of Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Equilibrium with Environmental Indicators

Through variational inequality theory, we propose a model of the closed-loop supply chain network equilibrium with environmental indicators, consisting of raw material suppliers, manufacturers collecting recycled products directly, retailers and demand markets. To promote sustainable development, the Ministry of Environmental Protection set different upper limits of emission in the form of legislation in order to prevent the manufacturers from exceeding the limits. Specifically, the penalties should be greater than the corresponding shadow prices serving as the environmental indicators in the model. We describe their optimal behavior for pursuing maximum profit, establish the optimality conditions of four-tier decision-makers and provide the variational inequality in accordance with the closed-loop supply chain network equilibrium conditions.

Ziqiu Wei, Jia Jiang, Shiqin Xu

Study on Fuzzy Catastrophe Risk Model Based on Synthetic Effect

In this paper, we analyzed the essential meaning of the catastrophe risk on the basis of its many results, that is, the bottleneck of the catastrophe risk analysis is its complexity. One way to resolve or alleviate this problem is to analyze the risk from the viewpoint of fuzzy logic-catastrophic fuzzy risk analysis. we propose the concept of synthetic effect and further establish a fuzzy catastrophic risk (FCR) model based on synthetic effect, and specify the model by considering catastrophe risk in Shanghai. The results indicate that the method is not only accommodates the existing fuzzy decision-making methods, but also successfully incorporates the decision preference into the optimization process.

Xiaoxia Zhu, Jiaxin Wang, Ruijiang Wang

Special Session on International Trade and Investment of Service Industries Theories and Practices, Trends and Strategies


Study International Trade Theory Trends: to Explore the Pros and Cons on Trade in Services

In this study, we analyze international trade by the bibliometric method to provide insights on CTSA. This article reviews 48,957 academic references on international trade that were published in 1841 Social Sciences Citation Index and Science Citation Index journals from 1996 to 2012. This study found that the number of publications by year, authors, and most-cited articles. Herein, our study created a plot of knowledge network of international trade research and identified the correlation among the influencing research. We further centralized the most important two articles in the network, which provides insight into citation process and a sense of the future in international trade research.

Hao-te Lu, Chang-che Chang, Yi-chou Wang

Exploring the Relationship Among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: A Case Study of Carrefour Hypermarket

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship among service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty for Carrefour Corporation in Taiwan. A questionnaire survey was conducted to fulfill this purpose using a sample of 290 effective questionnaires gathered from customers in five service areas of Carrefour hypermarket at Tainan branch. The analysis of statistics such as hierarchical regression analysis, path analysis and canonical correlation analysis were used to analyze the data. We found that service quality is significantly associated with customer satisfaction. Service quality and customer satisfaction both have a significantly positive effect on customer loyalty. Finally, customer satisfaction mediates the effects of service quality on customer loyalty.

Ping-Kun Hsu, Elaine Yi Chou

Impacts of Knowledge Leadership and the Characteristics of Organizational Structure on Employee Learning Motivation in the Cultural and Creative Industries

This study explores the influence of knowledge leadership and the characteristics of organizational structure on employee learning motivation in the cultural and creative industries. A questionnaire survey of related enterprises was conducted with stratified sampling, resulting in a collection of valid samples from 36 firms, with 76 copies completed by mid- and high-level managers and 309 by other employees. A hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) analysis of the data was carried out.

Wen-Yu Chiu, Yuan-Cheng Chang, Yuan-Duen Lee

Exploring the Relationship on Service Quality and Satisfaction of Extracurricular Activity Section of Universities in Taiwan

The purpose of the study was to understand the correlation on service quality and satisfaction of Extracurricular Activity Section toward club students of Southern universities in Taiwan. The method of questionnaire survey was adopted for this study. Total of 848 valid questionnaires were analyzed. The empirical results from the five aspects of service quality including tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy are able to significantly predict overall satisfaction. Finally, based on the findings, this study provided some recommendations for the extra-curriculum activity sector of universities and future researchers for future research reference.

Tung-Miao Chang, Zhengyi Shon

The Determinants of Chinese MNEs’ Performance Effect: China OFDI From the Portfolio Perspective

This paper develops a portfolio perspective on foreign direct investments of Chinese firms, which represents the pattern of multiple simultaneous portfolio investments. This study investigates the determinants of firm performance of Chinese outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) and the extent to which three special explanations (international diversification, home government involvement and host country risk) need to be rooted within the general theory of multinational firms. By testing a comprehensive sample of 1598 panel-data observations of 45 Chinese publicly-listed firms from 2000 to 2010, we find strong support for the pattern of multiple simultaneous portfolio investment, performance effect seems to be associated with high levels of home government involvement in, with diversified projects and countries to, and with low levels of host country risk throughout the internationalization strategy. We conclude that Chinese OFDI is indeed distinctive in certain respects that determinants of firm performance effect need to be rooted within the general theory where implications for IB theory.

Hsin Mei Lin, I-Fan Yen

The Force of Investing in China: The Perspectives of RBV-Based Pull Force or MBV-Based Push Force

The roles of the market-based view (MBV)-based push force or resource-based view (RBV)-based pull force of the firm investment are both fundamentally essential in explaining of entering emerging markets. In order to unfold the real force of investing in unstable environment, we take investment overseas from Taiwan to China during first Asian financial crisis (1997–1999). Using 836 listed Taiwanese firms investing toward China, we examine whether the MBV-based push force or RBV-based pull force enables the Taiwanese firms investing in China during Aisa crisis. The empirical finding shows that the RBV-based pull force is remarkably more influential than MBV-based push force as Asia encountered financial crisis during this period of time, which offers a natural experiment arena for testing the explanation power of the RBV-based pull force under environmental instability.

Yi-Tien Shih, Hsin-Mei Lin, I-Fan Yen

Exploring Use Intention of a Smart Bike-Sharing System-Extending Technology Acceptance Model with Trust

This study investigates the factors affecting consumers’ use intention of a smart bike-sharing system by employing an extended technology acceptance model (TAM) with trust. By using survey data collected in Taipei where a smart bike-sharing system is under operation, we apply the structural equation modeling technique to analyze the extended TAM model. Results reveal that customer’s attitude toward the system and perceived usefulness have direct effects on their use intention.

Wen-Tai Lai

Special Session on Supply Chain Management, Industrial Economy and Urban Logistics


A Study onthe Price Decisions of the Dual- Channel Composite Decision in B2C Mode

This paper studies the subject of pricing decisions of online dual-channel based on hybrid decisions wherein a manufacturer introduces direct online marketing channels beyond the traditional online retail channels. The purpose is to study how to balance the interests of different online channels and maximize the overall efficiency of the channel. Having considered both online channels’ satisfaction and the hidden costs of channel selection, by means of the demand function of both channels derived from a consumer utility and selection model, the author investigates the impacts of these two factors on the online dual-channel pricing decisions. This article also provides decision-making reference for the enterprises’ managers in the supply chain to develop optimal pricing strategies.

Haoxiong Yang, Wen Wang, Jindan Li, Jingrui Zhang

Game Analysis on Product Safety Input of Fresh Agricultural Supply Chain Upstream

This paper address the quantitative description on enterprises’ safety input behavior and take into account three kinds of game model based on agricultural product safety input of the farmers and agro-processing enterprises in the fresh agricultural supply chain. Studies show that in the case of cooperation, the income of enterprises is higher than that in non-cooperation, but also in the more realistic situation, Bayesian equilibrium, the safety input level of both sides is proportional to the probability of cooperation that the counterpart takes.

Haoxiong Yang, Dan Wang, Jingrui Zhang, Jindan Li

Research on the Quality and Safety Issues of Fresh Agricultural Products in Perspective of Supply Chain Management

A system dynamics approach is applied to study the factors of quality and safety of fresh agricultural products in this paper. Using system dynamics simulation software Vensim, the quality and safety system dynamics model of fresh agricultural products was established to quantify the supervision policy of Hebei on vegetables. The article holds that the supervision should be in the direction of the development of the integrated management of the supply chain. It must be closely integrated internal government regulation and supply chain management, and focus on strengthening the supervision of production processes in order to prevent the emergence of food quality and safety issues, firstly. Secondly, the constructions of regulatory system of agricultural products are the premise. Thirdly, the technical inputs have long-term nature. Lastly, it is not significant for improving the quality to carry out food safety training.

Haoxiong Yang, Wen Wang, Jingrui Zhang

The Effect of Financial Subsidies on Hybrid Recycling Channels of Closed-Loop Supply Chain

In the hybrid recycling channels of closed-loop supply chain, we established retailers and manufacturers profit models in two different conditions- with and without financial subsidies. Based on these models, we compared the effect of financial subsidies on retailers and manufacturers’ behavior. Studies show that after receiving financial subsidies from the government, the retailers and manufacturers’ rate of recovery, profit, retail price and trade price are all higher than before. They share customers’ financial subsidies by raising the retail price and trade price. The result is that customers have most of the financial subsidies, retailers take second place and manufacturers get the least.

Haoxiong Yang, Jingrui Zhang, Jindan Li

Special Session on Management Process Optimization Modeling & Data Analysis

Adaptive Real-Time Clustering Algorithm with Resource-Aware

In order to effectively consider the problems of limited resources of equipment node’s memory capacity, processing power, and battery power in the environment of data stream, the method of fast and effective extraction mining knowledge is analyzed. DRA-Kmeans clustering algorithm is proposed on the basis of CluStream algorithm, which combines with RA-Cluster algorithm and introduces the adaptive clustering method and improves CluStream algorithm. The clustering accuracy is increased and clustering effective range is optimized in the case of resource constraints.

Xiaoni Wang

A Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Travelling Salesman Problem Based on Geographical Information System for Logistics Distribution

This paper represents a hybrid algorithm for travelling salesman problem. The main idea of the hybrid algorithm is to harness the strong global search ability of the genetic algorithm and the high local search capability of the simulated annealing algorithm. The real distance between customers has been used on the basis of GIS in order to make the result more suitable to be used in real-life. The algorithm has been tested on standard examples and it showed that the algorithm proposed in this paper has improved the results.

Wei Gu, Yong Liu, Lirong Wei, Bingkun Dong

Definition of Data Warehouse Subject Areas Based on Object-Attribute Partitioning Approach

In traditional data warehouse system construction, the subject areas are all defined artificially according to the specialists’ subjective experiences. In order to solve the problem, the paper clusters user’s analysis demands into different subject areas according to the relationship matrix between analysis demands and indexes based on object-attribute partitioning approach. The case demonstrates that the approach can imitate specialists’ thinking process to effectively define the subject areas, which makes the definition of subject areas easier and more operable, especially with massive analysis demands and indexes.

Guiying Wei, Lei Zou, Jing Pan

A Method for Partitioning Subject Level in Data Warehouse Based on Interpretative Structural Modeling

In the construction of data warehouse, the levels of subject are currently determined on decision-makers’ intuition. To make subject level structure illustrative and reasonable, a method is proposed to partition subject level. After presenting the “Subject” level partitioning process, a method for partitioning subject level in data warehouse on the basis of Interpretative Structural Modeling is put forward. Finally a case about university financial data warehouse’s subject level partitions verifies the rationality and validity of this method.

Xuedong Gao, Yixuan Ma, Shujuan Gu

Community Structure Detection of Shanghai Stock Market Based on Complex Networks

To investigate community structure of the component stocks of SSE 180-index, a stock correlation network is built taking the stocks as vertices and the correlation coefficient of logarithm returns of stock price as edges. It is built as undirected weighted at first. GN algorithm is chosen to detect community structure after transferring it into un-weighted based on different thresholds. The result shows that the stock market researched in this paper has obvious industrial characteristics.

Sen Wu, Mengjiao Tuo, Deying Xiong

An Algorithm for Distribution of On-Grid Bidding Contract Electricity Quantity in Power Plant Unit on Generation Side

After the reform and opening up, Chinese national economy began to boom, by a central investment power can not meet the needs of national economic development. In this situation, a series of funded power and multi-channel fund-raising run electricity policy, promote the development of electric power industry and independent power generation enterprises, the reform China power industry has taken an important step, at the same time it is also China germination power market. Based on load forecasting and unit output power characteristics of power grid, this paper presented series of algorithms for contract electricity quantity distribution problem in power grid operation management, and meanwhile theoretically analyzed these algorithms. The analysis showed that power market determines the particularity of electric power market bidding strategies. The paper proposed contract power generation allocation scheme and designed the optimization & adjustment algorithm for contract quantity allocation sequence at normal output segment.

Lei Wu, Shujuan Gu, Yong Liu

Combined Forecast of China’s Steel Demand

This research conducts an error analysis between forecasting value and actual value of steel demand in China both in 2010, which is based on the analysis of forecasting methods and their results of Chinese steel demand in the existing studies, and then forecasts China’s steel demand in 2015 by making use of a combined forecasting method. The combined forecasting method includes two stages. In the first stage, with reference to actual steel demand of China in 2010, a threshold is set and some forecasting results are selected according to the error between forecasting value and actual value of steel demand of each method. In the second stage, weights of combined forecast of corresponding selected methods are determined which are based on the error. And the final demand of China’s steel in 2015 is forecasted through combined forecasting method.

Yuyan Weng, Li Zhou, Sheng Zhou, Tianyu Qi

The Algorithm of Laundry Lining Procedure Scheduling Based on RFID

With the using of mobile devices with location sensing and positioning functions, people now are able to acquire the information of objects’ present locations and collect them. Combining the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with the intelligent analysis of information and decision-making technology, this paper firstly presents the background of the RFID applications. Based on the foundation conceptions of washing line, this paper proposes the algorithm of laundry lining procedure scheduling based on RFID. At last, the experimental results demonstrate that our techniques are available and feasible.

Quanming Cheng, Sen Wu, Yang Zhao

Special Session on Logistics Management & IOT Technology Application

The Information Security for the Application of IoT Technology

With the wide use of IoT technology in the production and daily life, the problems of information security and privacy security have been gradually exposed. Based on the IoT technology architecture, we made a deep analysis of the security problems from the sensor layer, network layer and application layer respectively, and we try to find the key technical points and put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for the security problems in the above three layers, for example, the security problems of the terminal access mechanism and the routing attacks of wireless sensor networks for the sensor layer; the address space shortage and the denial of service due to network congestion for the network layer; personal privacy and unsound security standard for the application layer.

Jia Jiang, Donghai Yang

Data Encryption and Transmission Technology for Cotton of IoT Security

IoT is a double-edged sword, it brings convenience to the control system, but also brings some security problems to be solved (Yang, Research on Key Technology of Control Security in IOT. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Beijing, 2013).This article describes the research on information data in cotton warehouse environment in terms of the security of IoT transmission. Through the analysis and research about data encryption algorithm and a virtual private network technology (Virtual Private Network, VPN), using data encryption technology and VPN technology combined, it is to study a scheme that send the local information of country’s cotton warehouse and data to the central control center secure transmission. This will not only ensure that data will not be a attacked or tampered by a third-party during transmission, but also have important significance for modern management of cotton warehouse.

Xiaodong Zhao, Lin Qi, Yajing Li, Junxia Chen, Huanhuan Shen

A Federated Filter Based on Innovation Filtering Interacting Multiple Model Filter for Multi-sensor Navigation System

A federated filter based on innovation filtering interacting multiple model (IFIMM) is developed in this paper. The proposed algorithm combines the innovation filtering interacting multiple model filtering and federated algorithm. The former implements dynamic interaction and dynamic changing of multiple modes based on the Markov chain process of the system models. Compare to the traditional interacting multiple model (IMM) algorithm, it decreases the sensitivity of probabilistic weightings to measurement noise. Experiment results show that the proposed federated IFIMM filter has significant improvement in navigation estimation accuracy and reliability as compared to the federated Kalman filter and federated IMM filter approaches.

Lei Wang, Xianghong Cheng, Yixian Zhu

Performance Analysis for Dual-channel Supply Chain Under Different Channel Structure

The influence of channel structure on the price decision and performance of dual-channel supply chain has been investigated. Two Stackelberg models and one Bertrand model have been developed to determine the price strategy for the dual-channel supply chain with one manufacturer and one retailer. The results demonstrate that the leadership position in Stackelberg structure has little effect on the system performance and decision. It just influences the profit allocation between the member enterprises. While compared with Stackelberg structure, the price decision and whole profit is better off in Bertrand structure. However, the Bertrand structure is unstable. Both manufacturer and retailer’s profit under Bertrand structure has been deteriorated comparing with Stackelberg structure of its leadership.

Mingfang Li, Jia Jiang, Jingmei Xue

Study of Multi-target Tracking Algorithm Based on Mean-shift and Particle Filter

Target tracking in video sequences is an important part of information management. To combine the advantages of mean-shift tracking algorithm’s real-time and particle filter tracking algorithm’s robustness, this paper proposes a kind of particle filter multi-target tracking algorithm that based on weighted mean-shift. Firstly, we introduce non-parametric fast pattern matching algorithm of Kernel density estimation into particle filter, and iteratively calculate the probability density estimation. Then, the particle gradient direction is estimated by mean shift, and the mean for each particle moved to the sample is calculated. When the position of particle is changed, the weighted processing of the resampling particles will be done. Finally, sampling the new particles based on our algorithm. That can solve the particle degradation phenomena effectively and improve the status estimation accuracy. The algorithm that we proposed has been applied to multi-target tracking, and the experiments have shown the feasibility and effectiveness of the algorithm.

Lijing Huang, Naiwen Yu, Ming Han, Peng Liu

Synergy Degree Analysis on Science and Technology-Economy System of Hebei Province

The synergy operation between science and technology subsystem (S&TS) and economy subsystem (ES) plays an important role in improving local economic development. The research analyzes the synergy degree of science and technology-economy system (S&T-ES), and constructs the synergy degree model for S&T-ES. By using statistics data, the synergy degree of Hebei Provincial S&T-ES is calculated. The result indicates that the synergy degree of this system is low. It is recommended to improve the science and technology (S&T) innovation system, the innovation input mechanism, and the talent training system.

Xuefeng Lin, Huizhen Kong, Shuyang Gao

Special Session on Digital Publishing & Media

Digital Publishing to Create “Smart Tourism”

The smart tourism, regarded as a developing direction of high-end tourism in the future, plays a vital role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of China’s tourism industry. This paper analyzes concepts of the smart tourism, that the key point of the smart tourism is the high effective tourism information service, which based on the tourists. Then, the data of tourism enjoys a typical character of ‘big data’, and the digital product with big data as its origin, is centered by smart tourism. Finally, applying the big data technology in smart tourism, use the digital publishing form high quality digital information products. In additional, put three aspects which is tourism management, tourism service and tourism marketing into together to form the core resource in order to develop the smart tourism.

Tong Liu, Bo Wei

Analysis of Bank Crisis Contagion Based on Information Diffusion

From the perspective of information, any factors impacting on bank ­stability can be attributed to information factors. In fact, the process affecting bank stability is that the information arrives in the banking system, continues to spread and ultimately impacts on the banking system. From this perspective, information diffusion plays an important role in the banking crisis and the infection process. This paper analyzed the effects of information diffusion on the banking crisis contagion. It found the characteristics of information diffusion of banking crisis contagion in time and space.

Xiao Li

The Research on Business Intelligence Application Framework of Printing Enterprises

Business intelligence (referred to as BI) can improve risk control and decision-making ability of printing enterprises, has vast application prospect. Using business intelligence system to extract and analysis useful information from various data sources in printing enterprises, to explore and enhance the value of data through business intelligence, to help printing enterprises to find the causes of the problem. The paper analyzes the demand of printing enterprises, to introduce BI methods, to put forward BI in application mode of printing enterprises.

Biyu Qin

The Application of ERP in Printing Enterprises Information Management

With the growth of the economy, printing enterprises are facing strong competition, more and more printing enterprises use ERP systems to manage daily business operations and production, ERP system will integrate external information and internal information to make printing enterprises realized informatization, to achieve a unified business data, all online processing. ERP system can create greater profit margins for printing enterprises, better improve the management level, and enhance all kinds of information ability to respond to change.

Biyu Qin

Research on the Evaluation System for the Development Level of Low-Carbon Logistics in China Based on ANP

Low-carbon logistics is one of the most important parts of low-carbon economy and it is the essential way for the sustainable development of logistics industry. Given this reason, this paper establishes an evaluation system for the development level of low-carbon logistics based on analytic network process, and analyzes the key factors which will influence the development of low-carbon logistics in China form government, industry and enterprise level. Then, some empirical researches based on Super Decision are carried out to reflect the quantitative relationships among the indicators influence the development of low-carbon logistics. Finally, some scientific measures are proposed to promote our low-carbon logistics based on the research.

Yang Li, Shuo Liu

Research on Roles of University in the Development of Digital Publishing Industrial Clusters

Industrial cluster plays an essential effect on regional development in knowledge economy. The potential developing mode of digital publishing industry is cluster. In recent years, 12 national digital publishing bases are released in succession to promote the integrative innovation of value chain of digital publishing industry. And universities and public research organizations have become important knowledge sources in digital publishing industrial innovation processes. Based on congregation of digital publishing industry and roles of universities/research institutions in regional system of innovation, that is training, research, consulting/service, creating firms and facilitating linkages, this paper clarifies four roles of university in development of national digital publishing bases (NDPBs), that is component, knowledge source, talent support and incubator, then followed by examining the mechanism of influencing on clusters from universities.

Shouxian Liu

Evolution Mechanism of the Ecological Dissemination System of Internet Public Opinion

Using the theories and methods of ecology and system dynamics, we analyzed the evolution process of the Ecological Dissemination System of Internet Public Opinion, and then studied its evolution mechanism from the perspective of self-organization and hetero-organization deeply. It aims to help researchers to discover the source, development momentum, and also the entire evolution process of Internet public opinion event, and thus help the relevant government departments to find out more targeted coping strategies in the event of Internet public opinion.

Xiaolan Guan, Zhenji Zhang, Shugang Zhang

Evaluation Methods of Innovation Capability of Digital Publishing Enterprise

On the basis of combing the concept and connotation of enterprise innovation capability, combining the digital publishing conception with the production process, the thesis put forward a connotation of innovation capability on digital publishing enterprises, which are shown in each node of the whole process, specifically including innovation capabilities in digital publishing technology, products, channels, service and terminals as well as innovation capabilities of marketing and organization management. The evaluation system of innovation capability of digital publishing enterprises is constructed, which contained four aspects: product innovation capability, technology innovation and learning capability, marketing capability and organization management capability.

Haiyan Fu, Yan Dong

Analysis on Technological Innovation in Economy of Contemporary Developed Countries

Rapid technology development centering on information revolution made main developed countries focus on technological innovation. In view of this, the thesis studies in four aspects; the increasing fund and manpower inputted into production of government and enterprises; high attention to science and techno­logy and the talents thrown into science and technology; technological innovation as the main body both in medium-sized and small enterprises and in multinational corporations and perfect law and policy as the guarantee of promoting technological innovation capability innovation. These can be learned in the innovation in China.

Yan Dong, Haiyan Fu, Jiwei Li

Game Analysis and Simulation Model Design for Research on the Regulation of Trading- Based Market Manipulation in Stock Market

Based on the superiority of game theory in research of the relationships among the players, this thesis analyzes the regulation of trading-based market manipulation in stock market carried out by large investors. A one-time game model is built to explain the reason why the large investors can manipulate the stock price by stock trading, and then reflect the key factors which influence the profits of them. A self-adaptive regulation strategy is proposed based on game analysis. Finally, this thesis designs an agent-based modeling simulation model for experiments in order to verify the research conclusions.

Shuo Liu

A Practice-Oriented Enterprise Resources Planning Course Design

This is a paper in progress. As a key course in business management curriculum, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) represents a new managerial thought that integrates organizational models, enterprise norms, management practices and methods. The characteristics and complexities of ERP determines its importance in the curriculum for students in a business school as well as its difficulties in teaching. In this paper, the authors present a summary of years of experience in the design and teaching of ERP course in the School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), China. The design of this ERP course involves teachers’ guidelines, a question-oriented teaching method, laboratory supports for ERP experiment, group contest with ERP systems.

Mincong Tang
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