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Generalized Correspondence Analysis for Three-Valued Logics

Correspondence analysis is Kooi and Tamminga’s universal approach which generates in one go sound and complete natural deduction systems with independent inference rules for tabular extensions of many-valued functionally incomplete logics.


Pecularities of Some Three- and Four-Valued Second Order Logics

Logics that have many truth values—more than just True and False—have been argued to be useful in the analysis of very many philosophical and linguistic puzzles (as well, sometimes, in various computational-oriented tasks). In this paper, which is …


Developing Metalogic to Formalize Ontological Disputes of the Systems in Metaphysics by Introducing the Notion of Functionally Isomorphic Quantifiers

A general meta-logical theory is developed by considering ontological disputes in the systems of metaphysics. The usefulness of this general meta-logical theory is demonstrated by considering the case of the ontological dispute between the …


A Note on a Description Logic of Concept and Role Typicality for Defeasible Reasoning Over Ontologies

In this work, we propose a meaningful extension of description logics for non-monotonic reasoning. We introduce $$\mathcal {ALCH}^{\bullet }$$ ALCH ∙ , a logic allowing for the representation of and reasoning about both typical class-membership …


Logical Consequence in Avicenna’s Theory

In this paper I examine Avicenna’s conception of the consequence relation. I will consider in particular his categorical and hypothetical logics. I will first analyse his definition of the implication and will show that this relation is not a …

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Logica Universalis (LU) publishes peer-reviewed research papers related to universal features of logics. Topics include general tools and techniques for studying already existing logics and building new ones, the study of classes of logics, the scope of validity and the domain of application of fundamental theorems, and also philosophical and historical aspects of general concepts of logic.

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