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Structural Rules for Multi-valued Logics

We study structural rules in the context of multi-valued logics with finitely-many truth-values. We first extend Gentzen’s traditional structural rules to a multi-valued logic context; in addition, we propos some novel structural rules, fitting …


Gentzen-Type Sequent Calculi for Extended Belnap–Dunn Logics with Classical Negation: A General Framework

Gentzen-type sequent calculi GBD+, GBDe, GBD1, and GBD2 are respectively introduced for De and Omori’s axiomatic extensions BD+, BDe, BD1, and BD2 of Belnap–Dunn logic by adding classical negation. These calculi are constructed based on a small …


Duality Results for (Co)Residuated Lattices

We present dualities (discrete duality, duality via truth and Stone duality) for implicative and (co)residuated lattices. In combination with our recent article on a discrete duality for lattices with unary modal operators, the present article …


Positive Amalgamation

We study the amalgamation property in positive logic, where we shed light on some connections between the amalgamation property, Robinson theories, model-complete theories and the Hausdorff property.


Logical Consequence in Avicenna’s Theory

In this paper I examine Avicenna’s conception of the consequence relation. I will consider in particular his categorical and hypothetical logics. I will first analyse his definition of the implication and will show that this relation is not a …

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Logica Universalis (LU) publishes peer-reviewed research papers related to universal features of logics. Topics include general tools and techniques for studying already existing logics and building new ones, the study of classes of logics, the scope of validity and the domain of application of fundamental theorems, and also philosophical and historical aspects of general concepts of logic.

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