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Logistics Research

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Logistics Research is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the SpringerOpen brand. The Journal features fundamental and applied research in the fields of logistics and supply chain management from an interdisciplinary perspective spanning from logistics management to logistics engineering. The journal presents analytical, conceptual, empirical and/or experimental work that advances the development of logistics theory and innovative logistics practices as well as the integration of the various associated disciplines such as management and social sciences, economics, behavioral sciences, operations research, informatics, and other relevant engineering sciences.

The editorial area “Management and Social Science” understands logistics from a single organization or a network point of view. Logistics is examined from a functional and/or an institutional perspective. The editorial area considers research that addresses relevant problems that are based on rigorous methodological ground, including empirical as well as conceptual papers. Research designs may include surveys, case studies, action research or experimental designs. Conceptual papers provide forward thinking solutions for practical problems in logistics or present innovative methodological suggestions for improving practical decision making in logistics.

The editorial area “Quantitative Methods and Decision Support Systems” seeks innovative quantitative contributions in modeling and solving real world logistics and supply chain management problems including freight and public transportation, intermodal transportation, warehousing and inventory management, performance measurement in logistics and at the interfaces of logistics to other disciplines as finance, manufacturing, marketing, and procurement. All kinds of Operations Research methods, in particular exact and heuristic algorithms and simulation to support decision making in logistics are welcome.

The editorial area “economics in logistics” pertains to the economic impact of logistics/supply chain operations, decisions or markets at micro, meso or macro level. Studies on the interplay between exogenous and endogenous factors are also highly relevant. This can relate to the economic impact of regulatory change on logistics/supply chain operations be it motivated e.g. by economic, financial, social, humanitarian or environmental criteria. The context can cover primary production, manufacturing, service provision of all types, logistics/supply chains of public sector or non-governmental / non-profit organisations or related policy-making efforts. Papers using any research paradigm are welcome.

The editorial area “Information and Communication Technology” welcomes both research towards ‘IT for logistics’ as well as research towards ‘logistics for IT’. ‘IT for logistics’ encompasses, e.g., the design, operation, and use of application systems or IT-driven sensor networks for logistical tasks. ‘Logistics for IT’ addresses the logistical aspects of the production of IT services itself, like data center and cloud operations management or the design and operation of IT service supply chains. The editorial area welcomes design science oriented as well as empirical papers.

The editorial area “Technical Logistics and Logistics Engineering” focuses on the technology, operational behavior und optimisation of intralogistic systems. This covers the advancement of material handling equipment and processes in warehouses, plants and distribution centers and in particular the integration of subsystems towards powerful, flexible, scaleable, energy-efficient system solutions. Current topics involve decentral and autonomous decision taking in material flow, swarm behavior and swarm heuristics, modular and small-scale transport equipment, but also general automation, advanced control strategies and system behavior evaluation methods.

The journal went open access in 2014, which means that all articles published since then are freely available online.

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