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2016 | Buch

Magento 1 DIY


Über dieses Buch

Learn how Magento 1 works and how to manage it via easy and advanced techniques. Magento continues to be a top choice for eCommerce solutions in small and large businesses, and many systems are still running on Magento 1.x. This book is specifically designed for these versions.
Aimed at entrepreneurs, marketers, and other experts interested in eCommerce, Magento 1 DIY shows you how to set up and configure Magento 1 for your own project.
You will also learn how to use extensions, templates and enterprise features guided by easy-to-understand, real-world examples.
What You Will Learn:Set up, configure, use templates, designs and extensionsOptimize security and performance
Integrate with PIM, ERP, CRM, and other enterprise systems

Who This Book Is For:
<Anyone who wants to learn the basics of all aspects of Magento. You do not need any previous experience with Magento.


Chapter 1. Setup
The book was written by Viktor Khliupko in a collaboration with the Firebear team. Andrii Pechatkin, Demyd Maiornykov, Rita Aloshkina, Konstantin Sokolov, Oleg Pomjanski, and Andrey Nikolaev contributed much to make this happen. They shared their ideas and edited my thoughts.
Viktor Khliupko
Chapter 2. Sales Generation
The newcomers on the field of ecommerce often tend to have problems with gaining enough traffic to their websites. It is quite difficult to attract customers if nobody even knows about your existence. Since making a profit online requires a lot of time, investments, planning, and management, you have to be patient and consistent to get your website out of the Google search abyss and increase your website traffic. In this chapter, I’ll shed light on the most effective ways of sales generation in the context of a successful marketing campaign.
Viktor Khliupko
Chapter 3. Growth
This chapter is about ecommerce growth, covering such topics as business expansion. The chapter is also closely related to the previous one, but it shades light on more advanced topics, such as conversion rate optimization, trusted shops, cart abandonment, referral and affiliate marketing, promotions, discounts, customer support, A/B testing, advanced analytics, and extended admin, tax, invoices, shipping, and order management.
Viktor Khliupko
Chapter 4. Enterprise
This chapter begins with a detailed guide to getting all Magento EE features on the Community platform. Later, I share other features that are useful for reaching new ecommerce levels.
Viktor Khliupko
Chapter 5. Custom Magento Development
You don’t need to become a coder to get involved in custom Magento development. While there is always a necessity for making your store more competitive, default extensions are no longer helpful, since they are available to everyone. Therefore, if you are going to offer a unique customer experience, custom development is a must. In this chapter, I explain how to utilize this phenomenon if you are an ecommerce merchant.
Viktor Khliupko
Magento 1 DIY
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Viktor Khliupko
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