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16.03.2016 | Online First | Research Article

Internationalization Speed of Online Retailers: A Resource-Based Perspective on the Influence Factors

Numerous examples of online retailers that have internationalized shortly after their foundation indicate that they internationalize faster than and different from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. This paper identifies and analyzes various …

12.02.2016 | Online First | Research Article

The Value of International Assignees’ Knowledge of Interpersonal Networks: Knowledge of People, Networks and Politics and Knowledge Flows in Multinational Enterprises

This paper explores the role of international assignments in sharing knowledge across multinational enterprises (MNEs) by examining how international assignees share knowledge of interpersonal networks and, in turn, the impact on knowledge flow in MN…

11.02.2016 | Online First | Research Article

Environmental Orientation of Exporting SMEs from an Emerging Economy: Its Antecedents and Consequences

This study proposes and empirically tests a model delineating the major antecedents and consequences of environmental orientation for exporting SMEs from China. Based on a survey on 414 exporting SMEs, it has derived empirical support for most of the…

26.01.2016 | Online First | Research Paper

Learning from Others: the Impact of Vicarious Experience on the Psychic Distance and FDI Relationship

This study analyzes the potential moderating effect of vicarious experience on the negative influence of psychic distance stimuli on foreign direct investment. Multinational enterprises can learn from the experience of other firms and benefit from hi…

08.01.2016 | Online First | Research Article

Location Choice Research: Proposing New Agenda

Location decisions assume great significance for both managers and scholars as the choice of overseas location has the potential to either enhance or dissipate firms’ profitability. The aim of the paper is to conduct a critical review of the research…

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