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30.05.2016 | Research Article

Network and Institutional Effects on SMEs’ Entry Strategies

Building on the network and institutional environment perspectives, this study examines the foreign market entry strategies of 851 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Taiwan, a newly industrialized economy. From the network …

12.05.2016 | Research Article

Does Country Equate with Culture? Beyond Geography in the Search for Cultural Boundaries

Traditionally, cultures have been treated as though they reside exclusively within, or perfectly overlap with countries. Indeed, the terms “country” and “culture” are often used interchangeably. As evidence mounts for substantial within-country …

12.05.2016 | Research Article

Internationalization Speed and Firm Performance: A Study of the Market-Seeking Expansion of Retail MNEs

Existing research is divided on whether firms that rapidly expand their overseas operations perform better than firms that internationalize slowly. Drawing on Penrose’s theory of the growth of the firm, we argue that the positive effects of rapid …

10.05.2016 | Research Article

Match-Making in International Joint Ventures in Emerging Economies: Aligning Asymmetric Financial Strength and Equity Stake

This paper attends to prior equivocal results concerning partner asymmetry and international joint venture (IJV) performance. More specifically, we examine how asymmetric financial strength between the partners influences IJV termination in …

09.05.2016 | Research Article

A Cost-Based Explanation of Gradual, Regional Internationalization of Multinationals on Social Networking Sites

This paper examines firm internationalization on social networking sites (SNS). It systematically examines costs faced by an internationalizing firm and how firms react to these costs according to “distance-dependent” (gradual and regional) and …

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