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25.08.2016 | Research Article

Experience, Equity and Foreign Investment Risk: A PIC Perspective

We analyze foreign investment risk-mitigating effects of host-country policy stability, firm experience and equity stakes using an empirical context largely ignored by international business (IB) research: project investment companies (PICs). PICs …

23.08.2016 | Research Article

The Interplay of Mahalanobis Distance and Firm Capabilities on MNC Subsidiary Exits from Host Countries

We examine how the cross-national Mahalanobis distance between home and host countries may affect a multinational corporation subsidiary’s exit from its host country by applying a longitudinal Cox proportional hazard model analysis using data from …

05.08.2016 | Research Article

Developing International Business Relationships in a Russian Context

The collapse of the former Soviet Union has opened up a wealth of business opportunities for companies seeking new markets in the Russian Federation. Despite this, firms intending to do business in Russia have found themselves hampered by cultural …

02.08.2016 | Research Article

Polarizing Effects of Early Exporting on Exit

Extant research offers limited and inconclusive findings on the effects of early exporting by new ventures. This longitudinal study examines such effects, taking into consideration the roles of competition and adaptation in international venturing …

14.07.2016 | Research ArticleOpen Access

How do MNC R&D Laboratory Roles Affect Employee International Assignments?

Research and development (R&D) employees are important human resources for multinational corporations (MNCs) as they are the driving force behind the advancement of innovative ideas and products. International assignments of these employees can be …

06.07.2016 | Research Article

Antecedents and Outcomes of Supplier Innovativeness in International Customer–Supplier Relationships: The Role of Knowledge Distance

The increasing competitive pressures and speed of R&D and product innovation is prompting many multinational enterprise customers to outsource their core activities to suppliers. Despite organizational challenges due to cultural and physical …

22.06.2016 | Research Article

Multinationality and Performance: A Context-Specific Analysis for German Firms

The development of foreign markets can be considered as a strategic key factor in times of globalisation. However, past empirical research could not detect a “universal” relationship between corporate multinationality and performance. There exist …

22.06.2016 | Research Article

Multinationality and Performance Literature: A Critical Review and Future Research Agenda

The literature on the relationship between the degree of multinationality (M) and performance (P) in the context of multinational enterprises (MNEs) has attracted a large volume of research in the past 50 years. Yet, the theoretical foundations …

09.06.2016 | Erratum

Erratum to: Environmental Orientation of Exporting SMEs from an Emerging Economy: Its Antecedents and Consequences

Due to formatting problems some columns in Tables 4 and 5 were not in the right order.

12.05.2016 | Research Article

Internationalization Speed and Firm Performance: A Study of the Market-Seeking Expansion of Retail MNEs

Existing research is divided on whether firms that rapidly expand their overseas operations perform better than firms that internationalize slowly. Drawing on Penrose’s theory of the growth of the firm, we argue that the positive effects of rapid …

10.05.2016 | Research Article

Match-Making in International Joint Ventures in Emerging Economies: Aligning Asymmetric Financial Strength and Equity Stake

This paper attends to prior equivocal results concerning partner asymmetry and international joint venture (IJV) performance. More specifically, we examine how asymmetric financial strength between the partners influences IJV termination in …

09.05.2016 | Research Article

A Cost-Based Explanation of Gradual, Regional Internationalization of Multinationals on Social Networking Sites

This paper examines firm internationalization on social networking sites (SNS). It systematically examines costs faced by an internationalizing firm and how firms react to these costs according to “distance-dependent” (gradual and regional) and …

16.03.2016 | Research Article

Internationalization Speed of Online Retailers: A Resource-Based Perspective on the Influence Factors

Numerous examples of online retailers that have internationalized shortly after their foundation indicate that they internationalize faster than and different from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. This paper identifies and analyzes various …

11.02.2016 | Research Article

Environmental Orientation of Exporting SMEs from an Emerging Economy: Its Antecedents and Consequences

This study proposes and empirically tests a model delineating the major antecedents and consequences of environmental orientation for exporting SMEs from China. Based on a survey on 414 exporting SMEs, it has derived empirical support for most of the…

26.01.2016 | Research Paper

Learning from Others: the Impact of Vicarious Experience on the Psychic Distance and FDI Relationship

This study analyzes the potential moderating effect of vicarious experience on the negative influence of psychic distance stimuli on foreign direct investment. Multinational enterprises can learn from the experience of other firms and benefit from hi…

30.11.2015 | Research Article

Headquarters Resource Allocation for Inter-Subsidiary Innovation Transfer: The Effect of Within-Country and Cross-Country Cultural Differences

Although the importance of cross-country cultural distance is widely acknowledged in the international business literature, we have limited understanding about how culture distance at different levels influences multinational corporations’ (MNCs’) s

06.11.2015 | Erratum

Erratum to: International Establishment Mode Choice: Past, Present and Future

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake. The presentation of Table 5 was incorrect. The original article was corrected.

25.09.2015 | Research Paper

The Interplay of Top-down Institutional Pressures and Bottom-up Responses of Transition Economy Firms on FDI Entry Mode Choices

This study examines the role of institutions in explaining the FDI entry mode choices of transition economy firms. Advancing an institution-based view of international business strategy, the paper proposes a model of interactive institutional process…

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