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Management Review Quarterly

Systematic Literature Reviews, Meta-Analyses, and Replication Studies

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Harmonizing corporate venturing modes: an integrative review and research agenda

The modern landscape of corporate venturing (CV) is emerging and has undergone increasingly rapid evolutions over the past two decades. A growing heterogeneity of CV modes can be observed such as corporate accelerators, corporate incubators …

30.08.2018 Open Access

Across the great divide: a literature review of management accounting and operations management at the shop floor

Management accounting’s ability to provide relevant information in production environments has long been discussed in the fields of management accounting (MA) and operations management (OM). Researchers from each field play a major part not only …


Extrinsic and intrinsic food product attributes in consumer and sensory research: literature review and quantification of the findings

As recent years have seen a growing interest in integrating consumer and sensory science, this paper aims at presenting a systematic literature review of empirical studies investigating the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic food product …


Influences on managerial perceptions of stakeholder salience: two decades of research in review

Mitchell et al.’s (Acad Manag Rev 22(4):853–886, 1997) theory of stakeholder salience is still the leading theory for stakeholder identification and prioritization. However, the influence of contextual factors on managerial perceptions is less …

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Management Review Quarterly (MRQ) is a double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal that specializes in systematic narrative literature reviews, bibliographic studies, meta-analyses, and replication studies. The journal’s scope covers all fields of business and management research including both new and established ones.

MRQ’s aim is to summarize and categorize knowledge in management and business research, aggregate important empirical research findings, and challenge existing knowledge through rigorous replication studies. The journal’s goal is to contribute to the empirical grounding of business and management studies as academic disciplines and is of high interest not only for academic readers but also for practitioners interested in evidence-based management and/or evidence-based policy making.

MRQ was founded in 1951 at the Hochschule für Welthandel in Vienna, Austria (now WU Vienna University of Economics and Business) as a German language journal under the title "Journal für Betriebswirtschaft (JfB)". This makes MRQ one of the oldest research based business and management journals internationally.

Official citation from 2014 onwards: Manag Rev Q

Until 2013 officially cited as: J Betriebswirtsch

Since 2014 the Journal für Betriebswirtschaft is published under a new title: Management Review Quarterly

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