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Management Review Quarterly

Systematic Literature Reviews, Meta-Analyses, and Replication Studies

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To trust or not to trust smart consumer products: a literature review of trust-building factors

Numerous “smart” consumer products are already available on the market, and the diversity of such smart products is expected to increase considerably in the future. However, use diffusion of these products is hampered by consumers’ lack of trust …


Research in business service purchasing: current status and directions for the future

This paper provides a systematic literature review and a future research agenda on the topic of purchasing of business services (BuSe). BuSe purchasing has increasingly gained in importance during the past years. It has established itself as a …


A governance puzzle to be solved? A systematic literature review of fragmented sustainability governance

To address global sustainability challenges, adequate governance solutions are needed. Yet, sustainability governance is typically fragmented. This fragmentation poses a key challenge for practitioners and researchers and receives growing …


The effect of emotion on risky decision making in the context of prospect theory: a comprehensive literature review

Prospect theory has developed into a dominant and widely accepted model to describe risky decision making. Across several research fields, findings regarding emotion’s effect on risky decision making have supported the importance of emotions in …


The effect of entrepreneurship education in schools on entrepreneurial outcomes: a systematic review

This study systematically reviewed 21 quantitative and qualitative articles on the effect of entrepreneurship education in schools. We reviewed short-term effects, focusing on the effect of entrepreneurship education on children and adolescents …

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Management Review Quarterly (MRQ) is a double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal that specializes in systematic narrative literature reviews, bibliographic studies, meta-analyses, and replication studies. The journal’s scope covers all fields of business and management research including both new and established ones.

MRQ’s aim is to summarize and categorize knowledge in management and business research, aggregate important empirical research findings, and challenge existing knowledge through rigorous replication studies. The journal’s goal is to contribute to the empirical grounding of business and management studies as academic disciplines and is of high interest not only for academic readers but also for practitioners interested in evidence-based management and/or evidence-based policy making.

MRQ was founded in 1951 at the Hochschule für Welthandel in Vienna, Austria (now WU Vienna University of Economics and Business) as a German language journal under the title "Journal für Betriebswirtschaft (JfB)". This makes MRQ one of the oldest research based business and management journals internationally.

Official citation from 2014 onwards: Manag Rev Q

Until 2013 officially cited as: J Betriebswirtsch

Since 2014 the Journal für Betriebswirtschaft is published under a new title: Management Review Quarterly

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