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28.11.2018 | Manufacturing | News | Onlineartikel

Sealing Solutions for Sustainable Power Generation

Dr. Hubert Pelc
1:30 Min. Lesedauer

The global expansion of wind turbines is progressing at a rapid pace. Power suppliers are beginning to cover new ground with wind power. Nowadays, cost efficiency and reliability are in higher demand than ever before. This requires high-performance components and operating materials.​​​​​​​

In order to achieve a higher energy yield and to become more economical for the operators, offshore wind power plants and turbines are getting bigger and bigger. But these enormous dimensions also pose new challenges. This is because of the increased size of the rotor blades and the resulting stronger wind input, which put heavier loads on components such as main bearings or rotor blade bearings. These heavy loads also impact seals that hold lubricants in the main bearing and prevent dirt particles, settling water or rain from penetrating the machine's interior mechanics.

Seal for particularly large shaft diameters

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed a special seal called "Seventomatic" for particularly large shaft diameters. The new seal contains a meander spring instead of the previously used worm spring, which makes the seal less sensitive to strong movements and deflection of the main bearing. According to Freudenberg, this spring reliably flexes over several millimetres, preventing unwanted leaks. Freudenberg's sealing experts work closely with component and system manufacturers in the development of sealing systems.

Sealing materials for special wind power requirements

In addition to innovative product designs, the materials used are an important success factor in effective seals. Freudenberg has emphasised the fact that its sealing materials are optimised for the special requirements of wind power, withstanding extreme climates, ozone, salty air and aggressive lubricants. According to Freudenberg, the company's premium "Ventoguard" family of high-performance materials have already firmly established themselves on the market. These high-performance materials are extraordinarily resistant and friction-optimized to function reliably and safely over a long life in wind power plants.

Freudenberg also offers a wide range of proven sealing solutions for use in wind turbines. These can be used for sealing blade and tower bearings, as well as main bearings, or for hydraulic seals in pitch cylinders and oil seals for main gears such as various Radiamatic shaft seals, piston and rod seals, O-rings and Enviromatic ring seals.

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