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28.08.2018 | Manufacturing | News | Onlineartikel

The Inaugural Rapperswil International Bonding Forum Is a Success

Dr. Hubert Pelc

The inaugural International Bonding Forum, held in Rapperswil, Switzerland, on 27 June 2018, was on the adhesive properties of metal- or fibre-reinforced components, as well as on simulation-supported bonding design. 

The head of the Joining Technology department at the Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing (IWK) at the HSR University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Prof. Dr. Pierre Jousset, initiated and organised the day-long event and welcomed more than 90 participants from 9 countries. Twenty presentations in English from research and industry were split into four topics: industrial applications, manufacturing processes, surface treatment and simulation. The extensive programme not only offered presentations, but also an exhibition of various posters, as well as laboratory visits.

Weight reduction in vehicle design

The use of adhesives permits material combinations that play a key role in vehicle weight reduction and as a result help to achieve climate objectives. Dr. Lutz from Dow Europe GmbH demonstrated how joining aluminium car body components can reduce weight by around 40 percent, while joining fibre-reinforced components can save 60 percent of vehicle weight. Surface pretreatment is required to achieve ideal conditions between the substrate and the adhesive. Sommer from German-based cleanLaser held a presentation on laser robot-assisted treatment of component surfaces. Pollutants, old coats of paint and oxidised surfaces can now be cleaned and prepared for bonding within a very short time period. Both static and dynamic mixers promise to mix two-component adhesives correctly. Dr. Jafari from Sulzer Mixpac AG held a lecture on the difficulties of designing dynamic mixers using simulation. A new algorithm developed by Sulzer Mixpac will now make it possible to simulate and predict the mixing procedure in dynamic mixers, analysing such factors as geometry and rotational speed. This was only a sample of several highly interesting lectures.

Adhesive joints on wood

The forum focused mainly on the bonding properties of metal- or fibre-reinforced components, as well as simulation-supported design, which enables bonding at difficult building sites. A highlight, however, was a lecture by Mr Themessl from Bern University of Applied Sciences on frontal adhesive joints on wood in the building industry. Once a certain adhesive layer density is achieved, wooden beams can be joined, which are capable of handling heavy loads. This process makes it possible to bond terrace-like structures made of wood on the front side without having to apply additional support. The bonding process occurs by injecting an adhesive a few centimetres away from the bonding surface. This enables long wooden beams to be bonded evenly, regardless of weather conditions.

Promising Discussions

Lecture intervals offered forum participants enough opportunities to discuss the latest topics and be inspired by the wonderful view of the nearby Obersee in Bavaria.Participants could also learn about various testing and simulation methods in bonding technology from ten different posters. At the company’s booth, Bischof from DOPAG explained various methods for perfect dosing of oils and fats. In the late afternoon, visitors also had the opportunity to visit IWK’s laboratories.

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