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Strategic use of just-below numbers in packaged-foods calorie information

Recent research has shown that health-motivated consumers perceive foods with calorie values just below a round 0-ending number (e.g., with 9 endings) as having relatively fewer calories and thus greater appeal. To the extent that brand managers …


Cultural differences in giving experiential (vs. material) gifts

In this research, we propose that consumers’ degree of independence (not consumers’ degree of interdependence) predicts their preference for giving experiential (vs. material) gifts. Across four studies, we find that consumers from the U.S. (vs.

Open Access 29.07.2022 | Idea Corner

Crypto-marketing: how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) challenge traditional marketing

In this article, we argue that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) challenge established marketing understanding of digital ownership, uniqueness, and value; authenticity, status, and sharing; and branding and distribution. We propose a set of preliminary …

28.07.2022 | Idea Corner

DPS 2.0: on the road to a cashless society

While cash will eventually become a thing of the past, marketing researchers have given little attention to the rise of cashless markets and the obstacles and opportunities they present. In fact, research that addresses the strategic approach to …


Measuring the impact of rarity on price: evidence from NBA Top Shot

I measure the impact of rarity on price. The main challenge is that usually rarity is positively correlated with quality. In addition, sometimes price also affects rarity. To overcome these difficulties, I study an NBA digital collectibles market …

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Marketing Letters: A Journal of Research in Marketing publishes high-quality, shorter papers (under 5,000 words, which is equivalent to 20 total pages, double-spaced with 12 point Times New Roman font) on marketing, the emphasis being on immediacy and current interest. The journal offers a medium for the truly rapid publication of research results.

The focus of Marketing Letters is on empirical findings, methodological papers, and theoretical and conceptual insights across areas of research in marketing.

Marketing Letters is required reading for anyone working in marketing science, consumer research, methodology, and marketing strategy and management.

The key subject areas and topics covered in Marketing Letters are: choice models, consumer behavior, consumer research, management science, market research, sales and advertising, marketing management, marketing research, marketing science, psychology, and statistics.

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