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03.05.2019 | Materials Technology | News | Onlineartikel

Printed heat exchanger with ceramic internal structure

Leyla Buchholz
1 Min. Lesedauer

Researchers from the Chemnitz University of Technology presented a heat exchanger produced in 3D multi-material printing at this year's Hannover Messe. The process allows several materials such as ceramic powders, copper and iron to be used simultaneously during a printing process.


Last year, Johannes Rudolph and Fabian Lorenz from the Chair of Electrical Energy Conversion Systems and Drives at Chemnitz University of Technology attracted attention at the Hannover Messe with their 3D multi-material printing. Using iron, ceramics and copper in the form of pastes, which are then sintered, they produced the world's first additive electric motor in layers. For this process, the pastes must be highly viscous and require specially cut binders and high-precision dosing systems. This year the researchers were back with the printing of a special heat exchanger with a ceramic inner structure. 

"This ensures electrical and chemical insulation of the cooling medium, which opens up new possibilities for cooling power electronic components and in the chemical process industry," explains Rudolph. The printed components can withstand temperatures of over 300°C. Due to the broad interest in 3D multi-material printing, the Chemnitz researchers have already been able to win several industrial partners for cooperation. "Our main focus has been the further development of the printing process, which has increased process reliability and component quality," says Lorenz. This brought the two developers one step closer to their goal to make their process industrially applicable.

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