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13.11.2018 Open Access

Achievements and Challenges in Automatic Locus and Envelope Animations in Dynamic Geometry

A survey on the speed of real-time animation of loci and envelopes in the dynamic geometry software GeoGebra is presented.


On Meandric Colliers

We introduce the meandric colliers as planar self-avoiding closed continuous curves crossing the 2n arcs of a meander 2r times. We describe their construction from meandering curves obtained by replacing the horizontal line of an open meander with …


Fractal Topological Analysis for 2D Binary Digital Images

Fractal dimension is a powerful tool employed as a measurement of geometric aspects. In this work we propose a method of topological fractal analysis for 2D binary digital images by using a graph-based topological model of them, called Homological …


On Multivariate Hermitian Quadratic Forms

Multivariate Hermitian quadratic forms play an important role in the real quantifier elimination algorithm based on the computation of comprehensive Gröbner systems introduced by V. Weispfenning and further improved by us. Our algorithm needs the …


On the Applicability of Pairwise Separations Method in Astronomy: Influence of the Noise in Data

We used Wolfram Mathematica 11 to study the applicability of the pairwise separations method of estimating fractal dimensions in astronomy. Realistic, i.e. not too large and noisy datasets are used in the simulations. Results demonstrate that one …

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