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Symbolic Computation Applied to the Study of the Kernel of Special Classes of Paired Singular Integral Operators

Operator theory has many applications in several main scientific research areas (structural mechanics, aeronautics, quantum mechanics, ecology, probability theory, electrical engineering, among others) and the importance of its study is globally …


Common Points Between Perturbed Chebyshev Polynomials of Second Kind

We consider some perturbation of the Chebyshev polynomials of second kind obtained by modifying one of its recurrence coefficients at an arbitrary order. The goal of this work is to point out that perturbed Chebyshev polynomials of fixed degree …


Synchronization and Self-organization in Complex Networks for a Tuberculosis Model

In this work, we propose and analyze the dynamics of a complex network built with non identical instances of a tuberculosis (TB) epidemiological model, for which we prove the existence of non-negative and bounded global solutions. A two nodes …


On the Conforming Virtual Element Method for Time Dependent Stokes Equation

In this paper, we present a virtual element method for the time-dependent Stokes equation by employing a mixed formulation involving the velocity and the pressure as primitive variables. The velocity is approximated using the $$H^1$$H1 conforming …

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