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On the Applicability of Pairwise Separations Method in Astronomy: Influence of the Noise in Data

We used Wolfram Mathematica 11 to study the applicability of the pairwise separations method of estimating fractal dimensions in astronomy. Realistic, i.e. not too large and noisy datasets are used in the simulations. Results demonstrate that one …

06.08.2018 Open Access

Teaching Students Nonlinear Programming with Computer Algebra System

This paper presents several didactic examples of the nonlinear programming (NLP) problems solved with Mathematica. We solved examples of Karush–Kuhn–Tucker necessary conditions, Lagrange multipliers method, convex optimization, and graphical …


Computer Algebra Challenges in Nanotechnology: Accurate Modeling of Nanoscale Electro-optic Devices Using Finite Elements Method

The simulation of silicon-based light-emitting and photodetectors nanodevices using computer algebra became a challenge. These devices couple the hyperbolic equations of electromagnetic radiation, the parabolic equations of heat conduction, the …


On the Usage of Different Coordinate Systems for 3D Plots of Functions of Two Real Variables

Students learning towards a degree in a STEM related domain learn quite early a course in Advanced Calculus, i.e. a course where the main object of study are multivariate functions. It happens that students do not see the connection between the …



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Mathematics in Computer Science (MCS) publishes high-quality original research papers on the development of theories and methods for computer and information sciences, the design, implementation, and analysis of algorithms and software tools for mathematical computation and reasoning, and the integration of mathematics and computer science for scientific and engineering applications. Insightful survey articles may be submitted for publication by invitation. As one of its distinct features, the journal publishes mainly special issues on carefully selected topics, reflecting the trends of research and development in the broad area of mathematics in computer science. Submission of proposals for special issues is welcome.

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Product Lifecycle Management im Konzernumfeld – Herausforderungen, Lösungsansätze und Handlungsempfehlungen

Für produzierende Unternehmen hat sich Product Lifecycle Management in den letzten Jahrzehnten in wachsendem Maße zu einem strategisch wichtigen Ansatz entwickelt. Forciert durch steigende Effektivitäts- und Effizienzanforderungen stellen viele Unternehmen ihre Product Lifecycle Management-Prozesse und -Informationssysteme auf den Prüfstand. Der vorliegende Beitrag beschreibt entlang eines etablierten Analyseframeworks Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze im Product Lifecycle Management im Konzernumfeld.
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