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Measurement Techniques

Measurement Techniques 12/2021

Ausgabe 12/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

14.04.2021 | STATE STANDARDS | Ausgabe 12/2021

Get 210-2019: State Primary Standard of Units of Specific Adsorption of Gases, Specific Surface Area of Pores, Specific Volume of Pores, Dimension of Pores, Open Porosity, and Coefficient of Gas Permeability of Solid Substances and Fabricated Materials

E. P. Sobina

14.04.2021 | FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS IN METROLOGY | Ausgabe 12/2021

Cosmological Distance Scale. Part 12. Confluent Analysis, Rank Inversion, and Lack-of-Fit Tests

S. F. Levin

15.04.2021 | OPTOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Ausgabe 12/2021

Machine Learning In Problems Involved In Processing Satellite Images

L. P. Bass, Yu. A. Plastinin, I. Yu. Skryabysheva

14.04.2021 | TIME AND FREQUENCY MEASUREMENTS | Ausgabe 12/2021

Optical Frequency Standard Based on Strontium Cold Atoms

A. Yu. Gribov, O. I. Berdasov, G. S. Belotelov, E. F. Stelmashenko, D. V. Sutyrin, S. N. Slyusarev

14.04.2021 | MECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS | Ausgabe 12/2021

System for Metrological Support for Traceability of Measurements of Mass Geometry Characteristics

O. V. Dovydenko, A. I. Samoylenko, V. V. Petronevich

14.04.2021 | Ausgabe 12/2021

Hydrostatic Fiber-Optic Liquid Level Sensor with a Position-Sensitive Detector

V. N. Astapov, I. N. Kozlova

14.04.2021 | MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL MEASUREMENTS | Ausgabe 12/2021

Metrology of Fluorescent Analysis in Russia and Abroad

M. M. Chugunova

15.04.2021 | PHYSICOCHEMICAL MEASUREMENTS | Ausgabe 12/2021

Measurement of the Strength and Microstructural Characteristics of Epoxy Polymers Cured by Thermal and Microwave Methods

E. V. Matveev, A. V. Mamontov, A. I. Gajdar, B. A. Lapshinov, A. N. Vinogradov

14.04.2021 | ECONOMIC QUESTIONS OF METROLOGY | Ausgabe 12/2021

Money Metrology

V. N. Krutikov, V. V. Okrepilov

14.04.2021 | INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION | Ausgabe 12/2021

Assessment of Equivalence of the Spectral Radiance Scales Following the Results of the Comparison between the National Metrology Institutes of Korea, China, and Russia

Dong-Joo Shin, Boris B. Khlevnoy, Caihong Dai, Seongchong Park, Dong-Hoon Lee, Maxim V. Solodilov, Svetlana S. Kolesnikova, Zhifeng Wu, Yanfei Wang

15.04.2021 | Ausgabe 12/2021

Videoconference Activities of the Euro-Asian Cooperation of State Metrological Institutions Under the Pandemic

V. L. Hurevich, N. D. Liakhova

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