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Measurement Techniques

Measurement Techniques 8/2020

Ausgabe 8/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

28.11.2020 | STATE STANDARDS | Ausgabe 8/2020

GET 186–2017 State Primary Standard of Units of Ellipsometric Angles

G. N. Vishnyakov, G. G. Levin, V. L. Minaev

28.11.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020

GET 8–2019 State Primary Standard of Units of Air Kerma, Air Kerma Rate, Exposure, Exposure Rate, and Energy Flux of X-Radiation and Gamma Radiation

A. V. Oborin, A. Yu. Villevalde, S. G. Trofimchuk

27.11.2020 | FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS IN METROLOGY | Ausgabe 8/2020

Mendeleev’s Periodic System of Elements: Between Past and Future

S. L. Chernyshev, L. K. Isaev, A. D. Kozlov


Algorithmization for Calculating Fractal Parameters of the Relief of a Rough Surface According to GOST R ISO 25178-2-2014

B. N. Markov, D. A. Masterenko, P. N. Emelyanov, V. I. Teleshevskiy

28.11.2020 | OPTOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Ausgabe 8/2020

Detection Efficiency Measurement of Single-Photon Detectors Based on Spontaneous Parametric Scattering Process Using the Heterodyning Method

A. A. Samoylenko, A. D. Ivanov, G. G. Levin

27.11.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020

A Method of Measuring the Parameters of the Response Speed of Photodetectors

S. B. Bychkov, I. V. Volkov, A. I. Glazov, I. S. Korolev, K. B. Savkin, N. P. Khatyrev

28.11.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020

Colorimetric Research of Self-Luminous Objects in Software and Hardware Environments by the Method of Implementation of Multidimensional Scales

E. N. Savkova

01.12.2020 | RADIO MEASUREMENTS | Ausgabe 8/2020

Evaluating the Accuracy of Reconstruction of the Electrical and Geometric Parameters of Multilayer Dielectric Coatings by a Multifrequency Radio-Wave Method for Slow Surface Electromagnetic Waves

A. I. Kaz’min, P. A. Fedjunin

01.12.2020 | IONIZING RADIATION MEASUREMENTS | Ausgabe 8/2020

Spectral, Dosimetric, and Metrological Characteristics of Radiochromic Radiation-Sensitive Compositions

V. P. Tenishev

28.11.2020 | ECONOMIC QUESTIONS OF METROLOGY | Ausgabe 8/2020

Assessment of the Impact of Metrology on the Economy: New Methodology

A. P. Chirkov

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