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Meccanica 11/2020

Ausgabe 11/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

14.10.2020 | Original papers | Ausgabe 11/2020

An electrostatically actuated microsensor for determination of micropolar fluid physical properties

Mina Ghanbari, Ghader Rezazadeh

17.10.2020 | Original papers | Ausgabe 11/2020

Composite synchronization of four exciters driven by induction motors in a vibration system

Xiangxi Kong, Chong Zhou, Bangchun Wen

14.10.2020 | Original papers | Ausgabe 11/2020

Optimum dimensional synthesis of planar mechanisms with geometric constraints

V. García-Marina, I. Fernández de Bustos, G. Urkullu, R. Ansola

14.10.2020 | Original papers | Ausgabe 11/2020 Open Access

Upscaling the interplay between diffusion and polynomial drifts through a composite thin strip with periodic microstructure

Emilio N. M. Cirillo, Ida de Bonis, Adrian Muntean, Omar Richardson

14.10.2020 | Original papers | Ausgabe 11/2020 Open Access

Absolute instability of an annular jet: local stability analysis

A. Boguslawski, K. Wawrzak

22.10.2020 | Original papers | Ausgabe 11/2020 Open Access

Viscoelastic type magnetic effects and self-gravity on the propagation of MHD waves

Franca Franchi, Barbara Lazzari, Roberta Nibbi

21.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Framing conflicting scientific views of John Robison on the Euler’s column buckling problem in the socio-political context of the late XVIII century

Luis A. Godoy

26.10.2020 | Original papers | Ausgabe 11/2020

A coupled analytical–FE hybrid approach for elastostatics

Yogesh S. Thube, S. K. Lohit, Tejas P. Gotkhindi

23.10.2020 | Original papers | Ausgabe 11/2020

Normalized SPH without boundary deficiency and its application to transient solid mechanics problems

Yihua Xiao, Xiangfu Hong, Ziqiang Tang

15.10.2020 | Original papers | Ausgabe 11/2020

Stress analysis of strain wave gear drives with four different geometries of wave generator

Eloy Yague-Spaude, Ignacio Gonzalez-Perez, Alfonso Fuentes-Aznar

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