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Meccanica 5/2021

Ausgabe 5/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

07.03.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021 Open Access

An integrated torque-vectoring control framework for electric vehicles featuring multiple handling and energy-efficiency modes selectable by the driver

Andrea Mangia, Basilio Lenzo, Edoardo Sabbioni

19.03.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

On “generalized Kepler’s third law” and mass dependence of periods of three-body orbits

Bogdan Raonić, V. Dmitrašinović

11.03.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

Numerical analysis of the effects of roughness on the electro-osmotic laminar flow between two parallel plates

Mohammad Mahdi Fakhari, Seyed Ali Mirbozorgi

19.02.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021 Open Access

Parametric study of the - two-fluid model for simulating fully suspended slurry flow: effect of flow conditions

G. V. Messa, M. Malin, V. Matoušek

21.02.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

A variational principle for the system of P.D.E. of porous metal bearings

Giovanni Cimatti

03.03.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

Wave interaction with an array of porous walls in a two-layer ocean of varying bottom topography

N. M. Prasad, R. B. Kaligatla, S. Tabssum

02.03.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021 Open Access

A finite element implementation of the stress gradient theory

Tobias Kaiser, Samuel Forest, Andreas Menzel

04.03.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

Influence of microstructural features on the yield strength of Ti–6Al–4V: a numerical study by using the crystal plasticity finite element method

Xiang Wang, Jia Li, Kei Ameyama, Guy Dirras

02.03.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

A modified beam model based on Gurtin–Murdoch surface elasticity theory

Pin Lu, Rui Liu, Hua Zhai, Gangfeng Wang, Peng Yu, Chun Lu

25.02.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

Elastic–plastic stresses in a rotating disc of transversely isotropic material fitted with a shaft and subjected to thermal gradient

Pankaj Thakur, Naresh Kumar, Monika Sethi

17.02.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

Damage detection through nonparametric models using Kautz filters

Samuel da Silva, Cristian Hansen

18.03.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

Free vibration analysis of rotating composite Timoshenko beams with bending-torsion couplings

Hesheng Han, Dengqing Cao, Lun Liu, Jingbo Gao, Youxia Li

08.03.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

Effective mass density of rigid sphere-reinforced elastic composites

J. C. Meng, C. Q. Ru

26.02.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021 Open Access

Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of wave energy converters based on dielectric elastomer generators

Giacomo Moretti, Andrea Scialò, Giovanni Malara, Giovanni Gerardo Muscolo, Felice Arena, Rocco Vertechy, Marco Fontana

10.03.2021 | Ausgabe 5/2021

Estimation of robot states with poisson process based on EKF approximate of Kushner filter: a completely coordinate free Lie group approach

Rohit Rana, Prerna Gaur, Vijyant Agarwal, Harish Parthasarathy

03.03.2021 | Correction | Ausgabe 5/2021

Correction to: Frequency domain approach for probabilistic flutter analysis using stochastic finite elements

Sandeep Kumar, Amit Kumar Onkar, Manjuprasad Maligappa

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