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An International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AIMETA

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Band gap synthesis in elastic monatomic lattices via input shaping

This work describes control-theoretic methods for inducing a band gap-like behavior in elastic monatomic lattices. The dynamics of the system under consideration are derived in detail. Open-loop pre-filtering techniques, in the form of Posicast …


Size- and shape-dependent effective conductivity of porous media with spheroidal gas-filled inclusions

Porous media containing gas-filled inclusions embedded in a solid phase constitute an important class of natural or artificial materials of both theoretical and practical interest. In these materials, thermal conductivity is one of the most …


A novel model for analysis of multilayer graphene sheets taking into account the interlayer shear effect

In this study, a multiplate shear model is developed for dynamic analysis of multilayer graphene sheets with arbitrary shapes considering the interlayer shear effect. By utilizing the model, then some free-vibration analysis is presented.


Numerical and experimental characterization of a double-orifice synthetic jet actuator

A complete investigation of a double-orifice synthetic jet actuator, focused on the device frequency response in terms of jet velocity, has been carried out. Numerical simulations have shown that, in many operation conditions, the flow within the …


Bonded contact and general crack problems in generalized materials and their relationships

The term of generalized material is introduced here as the material, whose state is described by the second order homogeneous differential equations with constant coefficients. The generalized point sources are described by homogeneous …

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Meccanica focuses on the methodological framework shared by mechanical scientists when addressing theoretical or applied problems. Original papers address various aspects of mechanical and mathematical modeling, of solution, as well as of analysis of system behavior. The journal explores fundamental and applications issues in established areas of mechanics research as well as in emerging fields; contemporary research on general mechanics, solid and structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, and mechanics of machines; interdisciplinary fields between mechanics and other mathematical and engineering sciences; interaction of mechanics with dynamical systems, advanced materials, control and computation; electromechanics; biomechanics.
Articles include full length papers; topical overviews; brief notes; discussions and comments on published papers; book reviews; and an international calendar of conferences.

Meccanica, the official journal of the Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, was established in 1966.

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Künstliche Intelligenz und die Potenziale des maschinellen Lernens für die Industrie

Maschinelles Lernen ist die Schlüsseltechnologie für intelligente Systeme. Besonders erfolgreich ist in den letzten Jahren das Lernen tiefer Modelle aus großen Datenmengen – „Deep Learning“. Mit dem Internet der Dinge rollt die nächste, noch größere Datenwelle auf uns zu. Hier bietet die Künstliche Intelligenz besondere Chancen für die deutsche Industrie, wenn sie schnell genug in die Digitalisierung einsteigt.
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