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An International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AIMETA

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Time discontinuous finite element method for transient response analysis of linear time-varying structures

In this paper, a mixed form of Hamilton’s law of variable mass system is proposed, and then a time discontinuous finite element method for transient response analysis of linear time-varying structures is developed based on the law. As these …


An efficient flat shell element

Up to now, various flat shell’s elements are created by combining plane and bending plate elements. In the case of complicated problems with coarse distorted mesh, only using efficient element leads to the accurate responses. These kinds of the …

11.10.2017 | New Trends in Mechanics of Masonry

Failure surface of quasi-periodic masonry by means of Statistically Equivalent Periodic Unit Cell approach

In this paper a homogenization procedure for the estimation of the failure surface of a quasi-periodic masonry, based on a mean stresses approach through the analysis of the Statistically Equivalent Periodic Unit Cell (SEPUC), is shown. The mean …


A non-standard finite element method for dynamical behavior of cylindrical classical shell model

This paper deals with the approximation of the dynamical behaviors of a cylindrical shell, modeled by the classical Naghdi shell’s mathematical model over a reference domain. We use a non-standard method so called MITC4-p finite element method …

09.10.2017 | New Trends in Mechanics of Masonry

Derivation of a model of imperfect interface with finite strains and damage by asymptotic techniques: an application to masonry structures

The proposed study aims to derive an imperfect interface model which couples finite strain and damaging. The governing equations are obtained via an asymptotic approach within the finite strain theory. Theoretical findings have been numerically …

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Meccanica focuses on the methodological framework shared by mechanical scientists when addressing theoretical or applied problems. Original papers address various aspects of mechanical and mathematical modeling, of solution, as well as of analysis of system behavior. The journal explores fundamental and applications issues in established areas of mechanics research as well as in emerging fields; contemporary research on general mechanics, solid and structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, and mechanics of machines; interdisciplinary fields between mechanics and other mathematical and engineering sciences; interaction of mechanics with dynamical systems, advanced materials, control and computation; electromechanics; biomechanics.
Articles include full length papers; topical overviews; brief notes; discussions and comments on published papers; book reviews; and an international calendar of conferences.

Meccanica, the official journal of the Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, was established in 1966.

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