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13.08.2019 | Mechanical Engineering + Materials | News | Onlineartikel

Freiberger Startup develops new industrial material

Leyla Buchholz

"SelfSeal" is the name of a new start-up idea at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. It is a sealant that can significantly reduce the annual maintenance and repair costs of high-temperature plants. The idea, which has been registered for patent, is supported with an Exist start-up grant.

Particularly in high-temperature plants, such as glass melting furnaces, wear and tear can often be detected on the joints due to the high temperatures.  This leads to heat and exhaust gas losses. Conventional solutions for sealing joints corrode relatively quickly and must be constantly renewed. 

The "SelfSeal" joint sealant developed at the Institute of Ceramic, Glass and Construction Materials at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology will offer plant operators several advantages in the future. The material consists of foam glass and seals the joints reliably and durably with less effort. As a result, maintenance and repair costs for high-temperature systems can be significantly reduced and the risks of production downtimes lowered.

The patent pending product is to be further developed in a start-up. The founding team includes Dr. Marc Lüpfert (engineer), Rebecca Lehmann (engineer) and Anna Werner (business economist). By the end of 2019, the team led by project manager Dr. Marc Lüpfert intends to have completed the development of the high-temperature sealant and subsequently launch it on the market. Since May 2019, the team of founders, supported by Saxeed, has been receiving funding from the Exist start-up grant program of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy for its journey from university to its own start-up. Within this framework, scholarships for the three founders are being funded for a period of 12 months as well as material resources amounting to 35,000 euros.

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