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Mechanical Engineering


17.09.2019 | Materials Technology | News | Onlineartikel

Automated Post-Processing of Milled CFRP Components

A new machine, developed at Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Germany, can not only precisely mill carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) components, but also postprocess them up to 50% more economically. 

15.09.2019 | Mechanical Engineering + Materials | News | Onlineartikel

Biocompatible stents

Cardiovascular stents are special implants used to widen blood vessels that have become constricted as a result of calcium deposits. In some cases, the body’s immune system can reject these implants in a process known as foreign-body reaction. In a joint project  researchers have now developed enhanced coatings that substantially improve the bio-compatibility of stents.

15.09.2019 | Materials Technology | News | Onlineartikel

Research for better recycling

More recycling is needed not only for plastics, but also for many other products and materials to limit the global overuse of resources. This applies to metals in electrical appliances or industrial plants as well as sand or gravel in building materials or refractory concretes. 

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Automotive News

10.09.2019 | Gasoline Engine | News | Onlineartikel

Volvo XC90 Features New Mild Hybrid Petrol Engines

Volvo is electrifying the XC90's model range: Two new petrol-engine models, the B5 mild hybrid petrol AWD and B6 mild hybrid petrol AWD, will be added to the series. The conventional T5 AWD and T6 AWD models will be discontinued.

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