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Mechanics of Composite Materials

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Numerical Modeling of Resonant Vibrations of an Elongate Plate with an Integral Damping Coating

The classical methods of surface damping of bending vibrations of thin-walled structures and a promising integrated version with a damping coating consisting of two layers of a material with pronounced viscoelastic properties and an intermediate …


Determining the Tensile Properties and Dispersion Characterization of CNTs in Epoxy Using Tem and Raman Spectroscopy

In this work, transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Raman spectroscopy were used to assess the dispersion quality of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in an epoxy matrix. Its ultimate tensile strength (UTS), engineering strain, local strain, and the …


Method for Calculating the Near-Surface Effect in Piecewise Homogeneous Bodies at Large Deformations Based on a Two-Level Approach

A method is proposed for calculating the near-surface effect in piecewise homogeneous bodies under large deformations based on a combined use of one-level applied and two-level carcass theories. The applied theory is used for a macromechanical …


Determinating the Volume Content of a Polymeric Matrix in CFRP Structures Using a Laser-Ultrasonic Method

An acoustic method for a quantitative assessment of the volume content of a polymeric matrix in CFRPs is proposed and realized experimentally. For this purpose, a laser-ultrasonic method based on the thermo-optical excitation of broadband pulses …


A Progressive FE Failure Model for Laminates under Biaxial Loading

A finite-element (FE) model simulating the elastic behavior of anisotropic glass/epoxy composite laminates subjected to a biaxial tensile loading is proposed. A progressive failure prediction and analysis are performed in the ABAQUS FE code by …

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Mechanics of Composite Materials publishes original experimental and theoretical research on the mechanical properties and behavior of composite materials as well as matrices and fibers. Coverage includes:

  • strength and fracture;
  • damage mechanics and fatigue;
  • numerical methods and optimal design of structures;
  • prediction of long-term properties, effect of environment, ageing; nondestructive testing;
  • mechanical aspects of technology, rheology of polymer melts and biocomposites.

This bimonthly journal is a translation of the peer reviewed Russian language journal, Mekhanika Kompozitnykh Materialov.

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