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Mechanics of Composite Materials

Mechanics of Composite Materials OnlineFirst articles


Smart Composite Structures with Embedded Sensors for Load and Damage Monitoring – A Review

Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials are widely used in different branches of industry, especially in aerospace, owing to their low mass, high strength and stiffness, and good fatigue and corrosion resistance. However, these …


A Method for Predicting the Parameters of Plastic Deformation of Dispersedly Reinforced Materials by Using a Modified Mori–Tanaka Model

A modified Mori–Tanaka model to predict the average mechanical characteristics for dispersedly reinforced materials considering the physical nonlinearity, especially plasticity, of its constituents is proposed. A comparison of theoretical results …


Theoretical Estimation of the Shearing Strength of Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Contact: A Fractal Model

A fractal model allowing one to theoretically estimate the shearing strength of the interfacial contact in a polymer-carbon nanotube system is proposed. It takes into account the structure of carbon nanotube surface and describes experimental data …


Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Burst Resistance of Glass-Fiber Thermoplastic Composite Pipes under Internal Pressure

Experimental tests and numerical studies were performed to investigate the burst performance of thermoplastic composite pipes (TCPs) under internal pressure. A progressive damage model is established to predict the burst behavior of TCPs, in which …


The Influence of γ-Radiation on the Structure and Mechanical Characteristics of a Polymer Composite Material Based on Low-Molecular Rubbers

For the first time, the effect of γ-radiation (with doses of 5, 10, 15, and 20 Mrad) on the structure and mechanical characteristics of a polymer composite material based on low-molecular-weight rubbers has been studied. It is shown that an …

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Mechanics of Composite Materials publishes original experimental and theoretical research on the mechanical properties and behavior of composite materials as well as matrices and fibers. Coverage includes:

  • strength and fracture;
  • damage mechanics and fatigue;
  • numerical methods and optimal design of structures;
  • prediction of long-term properties, effect of environment, ageing; nondestructive testing;
  • mechanical aspects of technology, rheology of polymer melts and biocomposites.

This bimonthly journal is a translation of the peer reviewed Russian language journal, Mekhanika Kompozitnykh Materialov.

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