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Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis

Application and Innovation for Metals, Alloys, and Engineered Materials

Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis OnlineFirst articles

07.04.2021 | Technical Article

Effect of Shortening Carbon Nanotubes on Carbon Nanotube Dispersion, Damage and Mechanical Behavior of Carbon Nanotube-Metal Matrix Nanocomposites

Carbon nanotube dispersion in metallic matrices has been a challenge for many years. This paper investigates for the first time whether shortened carbon nanotubes as a starting material could promote improved carbon nanotube dispersion and promote …

07.04.2021 | Feature

Dialogue with Emerging Engineers

Mengying Liu, Texas A&M University

My Ph.D. research mainly focused on environmental degradation of metallic materials, specific projects including hydrogen embrittlement of Ni-based alloy, and localized corrosion of pure Ni.

07.04.2021 | Technical Article

Microstructural and Electrochemical Characterization of Zinc Coating onto Low Carbon Steel Substrate

Ordinary steels have poor corrosion resistance in chloride medium leading to a deterioration of their longevity. The present research work focuses on the deposition and characterization of a zinc layer by dip galvanizing onto low carbon steel ASTM …

07.04.2021 | Technical Article

Microstructural Characterization of XH 67 Nickel-Based Superalloy Under Different Heat Treatment Conditions

XH 67 is a nickel-based superalloy, which is used in critical parts of modern aerospace engines. In the present study, XH 67 specimens in five different heat treatment conditions selected based on the processing and application have been …

05.04.2021 | Feature

2020 Jacquet-Lucas Award for Excellence in Metallography

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Metallography, Microstructure and Analysis focuses on the art and science of preparing, interpreting, and analyzing microstructures in engineered materials, to better understand materials behavior and performance. The journal covers the methods of evaluation of metallic materials for use in the metals industry, including the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, and parts of the construction industry, and the results of those evaluations. Coverage includes new techniques in metallography and microscopy which aid in the examination, interpretation, and analysis of microstructures and microstructural properties in metals, alloys, ceramics, and building materials. The journal also examines mechanical processes and environmental behavior in regards to microstructures in materials, as well as the characterization of building materials, tribological surfaces and interfaces, superplasticity, and radiation effects.

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