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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 11/2020

Ausgabe 11/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 35 Artikel )

05.09.2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection | Ausgabe 11/2020 Open Access

Current Challenges and Opportunities in Microstructure-Related Properties of Advanced High-Strength Steels

Dierk Raabe, Binhan Sun, Alisson Kwiatkowski Da Silva, Baptiste Gault, Hung-Wei Yen, Karo Sedighiani, Prithiv Thoudden Sukumar, Isnaldi R. Souza Filho, Shyam Katnagallu, Eric Jägle, Philipp Kürnsteiner, Navyanth Kusampudi, Leigh Stephenson, Michael Herbig, Christian H. Liebscher, Hauke Springer, Stefan Zaefferer, Vitesh Shah, Su-Leen Wong, Christian Baron, Martin Diehl, Franz Roters, Dirk Ponge

05.09.2020 | Topical Collection: Innovations in High Entropy Alloys and Bulk Metallic Glasses | Ausgabe 11/2020

Triaxial Constraint and Tensile Strength Enhancement in Brazed Joints

Xin Cai, Yanfei Gao, Xue Wang, Wei Zhang, Wei Liu, Xinpu Shen, Wei Zhang, Zhenzhen Yu, Zhili Feng

08.09.2020 | Topical Collection: Innovations in High Entropy Alloys and Bulk Metallic Glasses | Ausgabe 11/2020 Open Access

Beyond Serrated Flow in Bulk Metallic Glasses: What Comes Next?

R. Maaß

16.09.2020 | Communication | Ausgabe 11/2020

Formation of Refined Grain Size Less Than 5 nm and Nano-sized Undulations in the Bonding Interface Region of an Ultrasonic Spot Welded Cu/Ni Joint

Z. L. Ni, J. J. Yang, X. X. Wang, L. Huang, F. X. Ye

26.08.2020 | Communication | Ausgabe 11/2020

Effects of Mn Content and Grain Size on Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility of Face-Centered Cubic High-Entropy Alloys

Motomichi Koyama, Haoyu Wang, Virendra Kumar Verma, Kaneaki Tsuzaki, Eiji Akiyama

28.08.2020 | Communication | Ausgabe 11/2020

The Effect of Retained Work Hardening on the Driving Force for Dynamic Transformation

K. Chadha, C. Aranas Jr., D. Shahriari, M. Jahazi, J. G. Spray

23.09.2020 | Communication | Ausgabe 11/2020

Formation and Stabilization of 18R Long-Period Stacking Order Phase Through Friction Stir Processing of Mg-Gd-Y-Zn Alloy

H. Shahsa, A. Zarei-Hanzaki, H. R. Abedi, J. H. Cho, Sang-Ho Han

18.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020 Open Access

Characterization of Phase Transformations During Graded Thermo-Mechanical Processing of Press-Hardening Sheet Steel 22MnB5

A. Reitz, O. Grydin, M. Schaper

01.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Multi-axial Fatigue of Head-Hardened Pearlitic and Austenitic Manganese Railway Steels: A Comparative Study

S. Dhar, J. Ahlström, X. Zhang, H. K. Danielsen, D. Juul Jensen

26.08.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Mechanistic Modeling of Strain Hardening in Ni-Based Superalloys

Kwai S. Chan

26.08.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Effect of Strain Rate on the Formation of Strain-Induced Martensite in AISI 304L Stainless Steel

Saurav Sunil, Rajeev Kapoor

03.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

The Effect of Microstructure Morphology on Indentation Response of Ta/Ti Nanocomposite Thin Films

Ian McCue, Sisi Xiang, Kelvin Xie, Michael J. Demkowicz

29.08.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Dynamic Strain Aging and Embrittlement Behavior of IN718 During High-Temperature Deformation

K. Saravanan, V. S. K. Chakravadhanula, Sushant K. Manwatkar, S. V. S. Narayana Murty, P. Ramesh Narayanan

08.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

The Role of Microstructure in Hydrogen-Induced Fatigue Failure of 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel

K. E. Nygren, A. Nagao, P. Sofronis, I. M. Robertson

08.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

High Content of Boride-Forming Elements in IN617 Nickel-Based Superalloy Enables Short Isothermal Solidification Time During Transient Liquid Phase Bonding

Mohammadreza Hosseini, Ali Ghasemi, Majid Pouranvari

08.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Intermetallic Diminution During Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Al/Mg Alloys in Lap Configuration Via Ultrasonic Assistance

Sachin Kumar, Chuansong Wu, Lei Shi

20.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Mechanism for Si Poisoning of Al-Ti-B Grain Refiners in Al Alloys

Yun Wang, Zhongping Que, Teruo Hashimoto, Xiaorong Zhou, Zhongyun Fan

04.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Examination and Analysis of 2 Pct Mg-55 Pct Al-1.6 Pct Si-Zn Coating on Steel

Yisheng R. Chen

02.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

A Novel Approach to Determine Variable Solute Partition Coefficients

C. J. Farnin, S. Orzolek, J. N. DuPont

21.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Microstructural Stability of As-Cast and Directionally Solidified AlCoCrFeNi2.1 Eutectic High-Entropy Alloys at Elevated Temperatures

Lei Wang, Xinyuan Wu, Chengli Yao, Jun Shen, Yunpeng Zhang, Yuhui Ge, Guojun Zhang

12.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020 Open Access

Hot Processing of Powder Metallurgy and Wrought Ti-6Al-4V Alloy with Large Total Deformation: Physical Modeling and Verification by Rolling

Marek Wojtaszek, Grzegorz Korpała, Tomasz Śleboda, Krystian Zyguła, Ulrich Prahl

08.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Heat Treatment Optimization of a γ′-Strengthened Nickel-Based Superalloy Based on Central Composite Design

Christina Maria Katsari, Andrew Wessman, Stephen Yue

26.08.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020 Open Access

Hard Cladding by Supersolidus Liquid Phase Sintering: An Experimental and Simulation Study on Martensitic Stainless Steels

P. K. Farayibi, M. Blüm, S. Weber

02.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Processing Maps for the Hot Forming of Polycrystalline Metallic Materials Using the Garofalo Equation

Ignacio Rieiro, Oscar A. Ruano

08.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Effect of Initial Texture on the Evolution of Microstructure and Texture During Rolling of Commercially Pure Titanium at Room and Cryogenic Temperature

Vivek Kumar Sahu, Shubham Gupta, N. P. Gurao

05.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Densification Behavior and Influence of Building Direction on High Anisotropy in Selective Laser Melting of High-Strength 18Ni-Co-Mo-Ti Maraging Steel

Yuchao Bai, Yan Jin Lee, Chaojiang Li, Hao Wang

17.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Effect of the Volume Energy Density and Heat Treatment on the Defect, Microstructure, and Hardness of L-PBF Inconel 625

H. R. Javidrad, Sina Salemi

15.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Key Experiments and Thermodynamic Description of the Co-Nb-Ni System

Chenyang Zhou, Cuiping Guo, Jingbo Li, Changrong Li, Zhenmin Du

03.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

β-Texture Evolution During α Precipitation in the Two-Step Forging Process of a Near-β Titanium Alloy

L. Meng, T. Kitashima, T. Tsuchiyama, M. Watanabe

12.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

The Detriment of Coherency Strains to the Electrical Conductivity of Naturally-Aged B319 Al Alloy

Eli Vandersluis, Comondore Ravindran, Menachem Bamberger

12.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

In Situ Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on Ti Powder for Strengthening of Ti Matrix Composite via Nanotube–Particle Dual Morphology

S. F. Li, J. Y. Cui, L. F. Yang, Y. F. Yang, R. D. K. Misra, R. Zheng, T. T. Zuo, Z. S. Gao, Z. T. Huang

04.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020 Open Access

Gradient of Residual Stress and Lattice Parameter in Mechanically Polished Tungsten Measured Using Classical X-rays and Synchrotron Radiation

Adrian Oponowicz, Marianna Marciszko-Wiąckowska, Andrzej Baczmański, Manuela Klaus, Christoph Genzel, Sebastian Wroński, Kamila Kollbek, Mirosław Wróbel

26.08.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

The Inhibiting Effect of Reactive Element Oxides on the Pack Cementation Aluminide Coating Formation

F. Ebadi, F. Shahriari Nogorani, F. Fatemi

08.09.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Facile One-Step Preparation of 3D Nanoporous Cu/Cu6Sn5 Microparticles as Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries with Superior Lithium Storage Properties

Peng Xiang, Wenbo Liu, Xue Chen, Shichao Zhang, Sanqiang Shi

27.08.2020 | Ausgabe 11/2020

Identification of the Corrosion Mechanism of Brass-Coated Steel Wires in Cords Assembly

Alexandre Romaine, Martial Crozet, Bernard Normand, Fabien Dufour, Jérôme Adrien, Apolline Lecercle, Nicolas Mary

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