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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 2/2001

Ausgabe 2/2001

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 26 Artikel )

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

The precipitation of the Q phase in an AA6111 Alloy

G. C. Weatherly, A. Perovic, D. D. Perovic, N. K. Mukhopadhyay, D. J. Lloyd

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

The effect of industrial composition variations on the transformation behavior of ultralow-carbon steels

R. W. Fonda, G. Spanos

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Movement of γ/ε interfaces and coalescence of ε martensite variants under the tensile stress in an Fe-24 Wt Pct Mn alloy

Young-Kook Lee

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

The effect of Cu additions on the precipitation kinetics in an Al-Mg-Si alloy with excess Si

M. Murayama, K. Hono, W. F. Miao, D. E. Laughlin

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Determination of the crystallographic parameters of cubic-to-tetragonal martensitic transformation using the infinitesimal deformation approach and wechsler, lieberman, and read theory

N. Navruz

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Microstructural refinement and mechanical properties improvement of elemental powder metallurgy processed Ti-46.6Al-1.4Mn-2Mo alloy by carbon addition

H. S. Park, S. K. Hwang, C. M. Lee, Y. C. Yoo, S. W. Nam, N. J. Kim

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Formation of nanosized martensite particles in stainless steels

M. Shimojo, K. Takashima, Y. Higo, T. Inamura, H. Myeong

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Calculation of the interfacial energy of B1-type carbides and nitrides with austenite

Z. -G. Yang, M. Enomoto

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Forming-limit diagrams of aluminum tailor-welded blank weld material

R. W. Davies, G. J. Grant, M. A. Khaleel, M. T. Smith, H. Eddie Oliver

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Creep deformation behavior of three high-temperature near α-Ti alloys: IMI 834, IMI 829, and IMI 685

M. Es-Souni

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

The effect of testing temperature on fracture toughness of austempered ductile iron

Cheng-Hsun Hsu, Shen-Chih Lee, Yih-Hsun Shy, Hui-Ping Feng

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

A relaxed-constraint model for the tensile behavior of polycrystal shape-memory alloy wires

Y. M. Jin, G. J. Weng

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Effects of microstructural morphology on quasi-static and dynamic deformation behavior of Ti-6Al-4V alloy

Dong-Geon Lee, Sangho Kim, Sunghak Lee, Chong Soo Lee

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

An investigation of the effects of loading rate on resistance-curve behavior and toughening in cast lamellar gamma-based titanium aluminides

J. Lou, W. O. Soboyejo

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Hydrogen thermal desorption relevant to delayed-fracture susceptibility of high-strength steels

M. Nagumo, M. Nakamura, K. Takai

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Influence of casting technique and hot isostatic pressing on the fatigue of an Al-7Si-Mg alloy

C. Nayhumwa, N. R. Green, J. Campbell

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Dry sliding friction and wear in plain carbon dual phase steel

Rajnesh Tyagi, S. K. Nath, S. Ray

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

The effect of strain on the trapping of hydrogen at grain-boundary carbides in Ni-Cr-Fe alloys

D. M. Symons, G. A. Young, J. R. Scully

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Reaction synthesis of Ni-Al-based particle composite coatings

D. F. Susan, W. Z. Misiolek, A. R. Marder

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Criterion for judging the homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation

Z. Y. Jian, W. Q. Jie, Z. Y. Jian

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Freckle criteria for the upward directional solidification of alloys

Wanhong Yang, Keh-Minn Chang, Wei Chen, Sarwan Mannan, John DeBarbadillo

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Multistage sintering approach to prepare Ni3Al/α-Al2O3 composites

Chen-Ti Hu, Wen-Chih Chiou

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Formation of the cottrell atmosphere during strain aging of bake-hardenable steels

J. Z. Zhao, A. K. De, B. C. De Cooman

01.02.2001 | Ausgabe 2/2001

Elastic properties of a crossply SiC f /Ti composite at elevated temperatures

Hirotsugu Ogi, Goh Shimoike, Masahiko Hirao, Hassel Ledbetter, Kazuki Takashima

01.02.2001 | Communications | Ausgabe 2/2001

In situ formed (TiW)C phase in iron matrix

W. H. Jiang, X. L. Han, J. Fei

01.02.2001 | Communications | Ausgabe 2/2001

A novel approach for optimizing the fracture toughness of precipitation-hardenable Al-SiCp composites

R. Nagarajan, I. Dutta

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