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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B


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28.09.2022 | Original Research Article

The Oxidation Behavior of a Selection of South African Chromites

Fifteen commercial concentrates that are consumed in ferrochrome pre-oxidative sintering pelletizer operations were characterized, and exposed to oxidative roasting environments. Significant variance was found in the thermogravimetric behavior of …

Open Access 21.09.2022 | Original Research Article

Transient CFD Calculation of Accretion Formation in a Copper Waste Heat Boiler

The operation of a copper Flash Smelting Furnace (FSF) is often limited by the availability of the downstream Waste Heat Boiler (WHB). Carry-over of concentrate into the boiler leads to accretion formation, which can cause boiler downtime. Hence …

21.09.2022 | Original Research Article

Dynamic Model of High-Temperature Sintered Iron Ore Plastic Deformation Considering Reduction Degree

Modeling of sintered iron ore deformation during ironmaking blast furnace processes is important to achieve superior process operations, particularly with the current goal of decarbonization. In this study, the high-temperature softening behavior …

20.09.2022 | Original Research Article

Impact of HVOF-Sprayed Ni–Cr and (Co,Ni)O Coatings on the Corrosion Behavior of Cu–Ni–Fe Anodes for Green Aluminum Production

Cu–Ni–Fe alloys are promising O2-evolving anode materials for green Al production but their corrosion-resistance needs to be improved. In the present work, (Co,Ni)O top-coats and Ni–Cr bond-coats are deposited by high-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) …

20.09.2022 | Original Research Article

Mathematical Simulation of Impact Cavity and Gas–Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Top–Bottom Blown Converter with Eulerian-Multifluid VOF Model

In top–bottom combined blown converter-steelmaking process, cavity shape created by oxygen jet of top lance impacting liquid metal surface and gas–liquid flow caused by bottom gas blowing play an essential role in its metallurgical efficiency. In …

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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, an archival peer-reviewed bi-monthly publication, is uniquely focused on process metallurgy and materials processing science.

Coverage emphasizes the theoretical and engineering aspects of the processing of metals and other materials, including studies of electro- and physical chemistry, mass transport, modeling, and related computer applications. The journal is published with ASM International, The Materials Information Society, and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B
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