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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B

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An Investigation of the Effect of Sintering Conditions on the Mechanical Behavior of Electroplated Nickel Foams

This study investigates the effect of sintering temperature on the compression strength of nickel foams in an inert atmosphere. The nickel foams were produced by the electrodeposition technique on polyurethane foam substrate. As-plated Ni foams …


High-Temperature Interactions Between Vanadium-Titanium Magnetite Carbon Composite Hot Briquettes and Pellets Under Simulated Blast Furnace Conditions

The high-temperature interactions between vanadium-titanium magnetite carbon composite hot briquettes (VTM-CCBs) and pellets were systematically investigated under simulated blast furnace conditions with respect to the reduction behavior …


Sticking-Free Reduction of Titanomagnetite Ironsand in a Fluidized Bed Reactor

Fluidized bed reduction of iron ore fines is typically inhibited by the onset of “sticking” at temperatures above 973 K, which leads to particle agglomeration and defluidization of the bed. Here, we report the sticking-free fluidized bed reduction …


Ultrasound-Assisted Leaching and Kinetic Study of Blended Copper Slag

This article deals with the dissolution of blended copper slag (flash and converter furnace) in hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid in the presence of ultrasound. The parameters that are effective on leaching efficiency, such as leaching …


Observational Study of Clogging Specimens from the Tundish Well Showing Origin and Growth of a Clog in an Al-Killed Ti-Alloyed Steel Cast

Post-mortem tundish skull samples of Ti-alloyed, Al-killed IF steel have been studied regarding the formation of clogging. By using modern characterization equipment and applied methods, we performed a detailed characterization of microstructures …

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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, an archival peer-reviewed bi-monthly publication, is uniquely focused on process metallurgy and materials processing science.

Coverage emphasizes the theoretical and engineering aspects of the processing of metals and other materials, including studies of electro- and physical chemistry, mass transport, modeling, and related computer applications. The journal is published with ASM International, The Materials Information Society, and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

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