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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B

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Lanthanothermic Reduction of TiO2

The development of a new titanium (Ti) smelting process is highly desired to decrease the cost of Ti metal. In this study, a new method to produce a low-oxygen-concentration Ti directly from TiO2 using La as the reductant was developed. First …

29.05.2020 Open Access

Using Machine Learning for Robust Target Prediction in a Basic Oxygen Furnace System

The steel-making process in a Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) must meet a combination of target values such as the final melt temperature and upper limits of the carbon and phosphorus content of the final melt with minimum material loss. An optimal …


Numerical Simulation and Parameter Design of Strip Cold Rolling Process of 301L Stainless Steel in 20-Roll Mill

With the rapid development of rail vehicles, 301L strip has become the main material of the rail vehicles, and its flatness quality has got much attention. Meanwhile, 20-roll mill becomes the most important cold rolling equipment for 301L strip …

27.05.2020 | Communication

Novel Electro-Combustion Forging of Ni-Ti Intermetallic Nanocomposites

This paper presents a novel Electro-Combustion Forging (ECF) process, for the processing of intermetallics and their composites. The effect of forging strain on microstructure and properties for processed Ni-Ti/CNT reactive powder compacts was …

27.05.2020 | Topical Collection: Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference 2019

Numerical Simulation of the Plasma Arc Melting Cold Hearth Refining Process (PAMCHR)

In order to improve our understanding of the PAMCHR process applied to the processing of Ti alloys, a 3D numerical simulation of the thermal and hydrodynamic behavior of the metal flowing in the refining hearth has been set up, based on …

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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, an archival peer-reviewed bi-monthly publication, is uniquely focused on process metallurgy and materials processing science.

Coverage emphasizes the theoretical and engineering aspects of the processing of metals and other materials, including studies of electro- and physical chemistry, mass transport, modeling, and related computer applications. The journal is published with ASM International, The Materials Information Society, and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

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