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Metallurgist 5-6/2006

Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 20 Artikel )

01.05.2006 | Environmental Protection | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Cleaning of waste gases in the production of alloys that contain rare-earth metals

Z. S. Svanidze, B. G. Gogichaishvili, O. Sh. Mikadze, L. L. Kashakashvili, G. A. Lomtatidze, T. I. Buchukuri

01.05.2006 | In the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Nonuniformity of the deformation of microstructural components of multiphase steels in evaluating the limiting formability of flat-rolled products

S. V. Guk, O. M. Smirnov, R. Kavalla

01.05.2006 | Science, Technology, Industry | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Potential for expanding the raw-materials base of ferrous metallurgy by utilizing brown iron ore

A. A. Panychev

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Study of a blast-furnace smelting technology which involves the injection of pulverized-coal fuel, natural gas, and an oxygen-enriched blast into the hearth

A. N. Ryzhenkov, S. L. Yaroshevskii, V. P. Zamuruev, V. E. Popov, Z. K. Afanas’eva

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Briquetting fine-grained materials in ferroalloys production: Practical experience and future prospects

V. I. Babanin, A. Ya. Eremin

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Steels for line pipe: Status and trends

Yu. D. Morozov, L. I. Éfron

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Cooling of continuous-cast slabs of chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel at the MMK

B. A. Sarychev, S. V. Gorostkin, A. F. Sarychev, O. A. Nikolaev, V. L. Alekseev

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Reconstruction of vertical continuous lab casters–An optimum solution for astering the production of flat-rolled products for critical applications

A. V. Kuklev, Yu. M. Aizin, V. Ya. Genkin, V. S. Lukovnikov, G. S. Bobylev, N. G. Savinova

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Improving the technology used to make welded carbon-steel tubes

E. M. Khalamez, V. M. Vlasov, A. A. Bogatov, A. V. Kormil’tsev

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Use of flatness gage IP-4 to check the shape of titanium alloy plates as they move along a roller conveyor

V. A. Agureev, A. G. Dolbilov, A. V. Zaitsev, A. V. Kuryakin, S. V. Trusillo

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Effect of the main parameters of helical rolling on the ductility properties of hypereutectic silumin alloys

E. I. Panov

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Technology for applying a layer of white iron to the surface of steel parts

Yu. G. Gurevich

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Operation of sintering machines with a one-layer bed

V. P. Nevraev, A. V. Malygin, M. A. Gurkin, T. V. Detkova

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Results from trial use of ignition hearths with roof-mounted burners

V. P. Zhilkin, S. S. Skachkova, M. Yu. Konovalov, E. G. Dmitrieva, A. V. Malygin

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Possibilities for intensifying blast-furnace smelting

G. Yu. Kryachko

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Supplying steel scrap for electric steelmaking in Russia

Ya. L. Kats

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Engineering method of calculating an efficient length for the vertical section of a continuous caster on which the semifinished product is bent and straightened

L. V. Bulanov

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Evaluating the impact-toughness characteristics of mass-produced steel destined for critical applications

V. M. Maslyuk

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

Mathematical model of the movement of layers of metal during the rotary rolling of semifinished products made of hypereutectic silumins

E. I. Panov

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5-6/2006

State-of-the-art method of evaluating the quality of precision capillary tubes made of corrosion-resistant steel

S. I. Parshakov, Al. V. Serebryakov, A. A. Bogatov, M. M. Rozenbaum, An. V. Serebryakov, D. V. Markov, S. A. Ladygin, S. B. Prilukov

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