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Metallurgist 7-8/2013

Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 28 Artikel )

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Study of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of a Weld in a Heat Exchanger by Computer Modeling

G. A. Bilenko, A. F. Tynyanyi

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Mechanism of Migration of the Fine Fraction in the Production of Extrusion Briquettes (brex)

A. M. Bizhanov, I. F. Kurunov, D. V. Ivonin

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Effect of Reinforcing the Lining in the Impact Zone of a Steel-Pouring Ladle on the Melt-Stirring Parameters*

V. P. Piptyuk, S. E. Samokhvalov, I. N. Logozinskii, A. S. Sal’nikov, V. A. Kondrashkin, S. V. Grekov

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Predictive Control of Water Discharge in the Secondary Cooling Zone of a Continuous Caster

A. A. Ivanova

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Features of the Cold-Rolling of Tubes on Tandem Mills with a Four-High Stand

G. A. Orlov

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Wavelet Analysis of Fluctuations in the Thickness of Cold-Rolled Strip

M. N. Skripalenko, M. M. Skripalenko, D. A. Ashikhmin, A. A. Sidorov, Xu Yang

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Pipe Steel Degradation during Operation and Brittle Failure Resistance

G. A. Filippov, O. V. Livanova, O. N. Chevskaya, I. P. Shabalov

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Heat-Resistant Wrought Weldable Alloy for GTE Components with Low Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient

S. V. Ovsepyan, B. S. Lomberg, T. I. Grigor’eva, M. M. Bakradze

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Residual Compressive Stresses and Defects of Layers Hardened by Chemical Heat Treatment

I. P. Banas, L. V. Morozova, E. N. Korobova, O. V. Sedov

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

The Removal of Titanium from Metallurgical Silicon by HF–HCL Leaching

Keqiang Xie, Yi Mai, Wenhui Ma, Kuixian Wei, Jihong Zhou, Long Zhang

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Structure Formation of Copper with Reverse Extrusion

N. A. Shestakov, V. N. Subich, A. V. Shukshin

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Leaching of Refractory Gold Ores by Microwave Irradiation: Comparison with Conventional Leaching

G. Chen, J. Chen, Z. Y. Zhang, S. H. Guo, Z. B. Zhang, J. H. Peng, C. Srinivasakannan, X. Q. Li, Y. K. Zhuang, Z. M. Xu

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Features of Gold Cyanide Leaching in a Grinding Cycle

V. V. Elshin, A. A Kolodin, A. E. Ovsyukov, A. S. Mal’chikhin

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

The XI International Forum on Industrial Safety Brought Results

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Modernization of Systems Used for Process- and Ventilation-Gas Cleaning at the Ridder Metallurgical Complex of the Company Kaztsink

D. A. Asanov, V. V. Zapasnyi, A. T. Ermekova

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Method of Determining the Degree of Combustion of Pulverized-Coal Fuel in Blast Furnaces

V. V. Kochura, S. L. Yaroshevskii, V. I. Kupenko, I. V. Mishin

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Ferrochromium Smelting Technology

D. K. Isin, S. O. Baisanov, M. Zh. Tolymbekov, A. S. Baisanov, A. D. Mekhtiev, A. Z. Isagulov, B. D. Isin

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Optimizing the Thermophysical Characteristics of Slag-Forming Mixtures for a Tundish

I. V. Lebedev, V. V. Tinyakov, A. M. Toptygin, K. N. Anisimov

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Structural Factors Governing Main Gas Pipeline Steel Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance

A. I. Zaitsev, I. G. Rodionova, O. N. Baklanova, K. A. Udod, T. S. Esiev, I. V. Ryakhovskikh

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Development of Vibration Damping Steels for Metallurgical Equipment Components

M. U. Alimanova, E. B. Utepov, E. I. Kuldeyev, Zh. K. Orzhanova

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Höganäs Hot-Worked Powder Steels

R. V. Egorova, M. S. Egorov, N. M. Sidorkina

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Use of Accelerated Cooling During Thermomechanical Rolling for Economically Alloyed Steel of Strength Class K60 (X70)

D. V. Nizhel’skii, A. A. Naumenko, Yu. D. Morozov, I. P. Shabalov, E. V. Yakushev

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Wear and Sliding-Friction Characteristics of Stainless Steel SS316LN Without a Coating and With a CrN Coating at Elevated Temperatures and in a Vacuum

K. Arul Raj, M. Karthikeyan, J. Alphonsa, V. K. Satish, S. Venugopal

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Effect of Siliceous Monel VKM1 Crystallization Conditions on Extruded Semi-Finished Product Structure

A. G. Evgenov, V. A. Kalitsev, A. M. Rogalev

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Effect of Single-Crystal Billet Macro- and Microstructure on Intermetallic Alloy Static and Dynamic Strength

O. A. Bazyleva, E. G. Arginbaeva, S. A. Golynets, A. B. Echin

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Manufacturing Technology for Titanium Tubes from Billets Prepared by Electron-Beam Remelting

S. I. Gorgul’, M. I. Medvedev, N. A. Bespalova, O. E. Sobko-Nesteruk, N. G. Tretyak, N. V. Chaika

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Improving the Durability of the Dies and Product Quality in the Production of Nichrome Strips

A. I. Snigirev, L. M. Zheleznyak, N. A. Snigirev, O. S. Gurtovenko

01.11.2013 | Ausgabe 7-8/2013

Eleventh Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress

L. A. Kondratov

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