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10.11.2017 | Review | Ausgabe 6/2017 Open Access

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 6/2017

Methods for Force Analysis of Overconstrained Parallel Mechanisms: A Review

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering > Ausgabe 6/2017
Wen-Lan Liu, Yun-Dou Xu, Jian-Tao Yao, Yong-Sheng Zhao
Wichtige Hinweise
Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 51675458, 51275439), and Youth Top Talent Project of Hebei Province Higher Education of China (Grant No. BJ2017060).


The force analysis of overconstrained PMs is relatively complex and difficult, for which the methods have always been a research hotspot. However, few literatures analyze the characteristics and application scopes of the various methods, which is not convenient for researchers and engineers to master and adopt them properly. A review of the methods for force analysis of both passive and active overconstrained PMs is presented. The existing force analysis methods for these two kinds of overconstrained PMs are classified according to their main ideas. Each category is briefly demonstrated and evaluated from such aspects as the calculation amount, the comprehensiveness of considering limbs’ deformation, and the existence of explicit expressions of the solutions, which provides an important reference for researchers and engineers to quickly find a suitable method. The similarities and differences between the statically indeterminate problem of passive overconstrained PMs and that of active overconstrained PMs are discussed, and a universal method for these two kinds of overconstrained PMs is pointed out. The existing deficiencies and development directions of the force analysis methods for overconstrained systems are indicated based on the overview.

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