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Microsystem Technologies

Microsystem Technologies 2/2020

Ausgabe 2/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 35 Artikel )

04.12.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

A 3D printed centrifugal microfluidic platform for automated colorimetric urinalysis

Jiwen Xiang, Yong Zhang, Ziliang Cai, Wanjun Wang, Caifeng Wang

27.03.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020 Open Access

Fabrication of hollow polymer microstructures using dielectric and capillary forces

Catherine E. H. Tonry, Mayur K. Patel, Weixing Yu, Marc P. Y. Desmulliez, Christopher Bailey

25.05.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

A study on a hybrid structure flexible electro-rheological microvalve for soft microactuators

Thapanun Sudhawiyangkul, Kazuhiro Yoshida, Sang In Eom, Joon-wan Kim

25.05.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Enhancement of heat transfer in a convergent/divergent channel by using carbon nanotubes in the presence of a Darcy–Forchheimer medium

K. Ganesh Kumar, Mohammad Rahimi-Gorji, M. Gnaneswara Reddy, Ali. J. Chamkha, Ibrahim M. Alarifi

17.06.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Hydrothermal analysis of nanoparticles transportation through a porous compound cavity utilizing two temperature model and radiation heat transfer under the effects of magnetic field

Zhixiong Li, Fatih Selimefendigil, Mohsen Sheikholeslami, Ahmad Shafee, Metib Alghamdi

22.06.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Design and performance analysis of double cantilever type capacitive shunt RF MEMS switch

K. Girija Sravani, K. Srinivasa Rao, D. Prathyusha, B. V. Sai Kiran, B. Siva Kumar, R. Prem Kumar, K. Santhi Tarun

26.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Effect of imprinting times and stress annealing on warm laser shock imprinting

Fei Xiong, Haifeng Yang, Kun Liu, Jiaxiang Man, Haoxue Chen

25.05.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Numerical study of a membrane-type micro check-valve for microfluidic applications

Alireza Shamsi, Jalil Mazloum

24.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Effects of various loading on the performance of MEMS cantilever beam for in-field tuning of sensors and actuators for high temperature and harsh environment applications

Manoj Kumar Dounkal, R. K. Bhan, Navin Kumar

01.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

A novel contact-enhanced low-g inertial switch with low-stiffness fixed electrode

Liqun Du, Weitai Wang, Chengquan Du, Jian Zhao, Ming Zhao, Xuqiang Liu

24.05.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Fractional electro-magneto transport of blood modeled with magnetic particles in cylindrical tube without singular kernel

S. Uddin, M. Mohamad, Mohammad Rahimi-Gorji, R. Roslan, Ibrahim M. Alarifi

08.06.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Fabrication and characterization of zinc oxide piezoelectric MEMS resonator

Prasanna P. Deshpande, Rajesh S. Pande, Rajendra M. Patrikar

17.06.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Analysis of a 0.1-μm stepping bi-axis piezoelectric stage using a 2-DOF lumped model

Yu-Jen Wang, Chieh Yang, Chung-Yang Sue, Yeng-Tseng Wang

25.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Cubic centimeter robot based on inertial stick–slip driving

Bowen Zhong, Bin Liu, Ziqi Jin, Zhenhua Wang, Lining Sun

08.06.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Investigating the effects of surface superhydrophobicity on moisture ingression of nanofiber-reinforced bio-composite structures

S. Kasaragadda, Ibrahim M. Alarifi, Mohammad Rahimi-Gorji, Ramazan Asmatulu

18.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Thermal buckling and forced vibration characteristics of a porous GNP reinforced nanocomposite cylindrical shell

Farzad Ebrahimi, Davoud Hashemabadi, Mostafa Habibi, Hamed Safarpour

25.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Design, modeling and experimental evaluation of a legged, multi-vectored water-jet composite driving mechanism for an amphibious spherical robot

Huiming Xing, Shuxiang Guo, Liwei Shi, Xihuan Hou, Yu Liu, Huikang Liu

15.05.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Energy-less respiration monitoring device using thermo-sensitive film

Yoshihumi Maeda, Yoshihiro Hasegawa, Kazuhiro Taniguchi, Miyoko Matsushima, Tsutomu Kawabe, Mitsuhiro Shikida

08.06.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Longitudinal vibration of carbon nanotubes with elastically restrained ends using doublet mechanics

Mustafa Özgür Yayli, Esma Asa

08.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Exact analysis of antibody-coated silicon biological nano-sensors (SBNSs) to identify viruses and bacteria

Reza Hosseini-Ara, Amir Hossein Karamrezaei, Ali Mokhtarian

28.05.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Flow feature and mixing performance analysis of RB-TSAR and EB-TSAR micromixers

Ranjitsinha R. Gidde, Prashant M. Pawar

19.06.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Design and testing of a microgripper with SMA actuator for manipulation of micro components

Hossein Mehrabi, Iman Aminzahed

13.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

A comparative analysis of efficiency and reliability of capacitive micro-switches with initially curved electrodes

Bahman Mostafaei, Mohammad Fathalilou, Ghader Rezazadeh, Aydin Azizi

27.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Direct laser writing to fabricate capacitively transduced resonating sensor

Vinayak Pachkawade, Delphine Cerica, Samuel Dricot, Serguei Stoukatch, Michael Kraft

31.05.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

A design approach of higher oscillation VCO made of CS amplifier with varying active load

Suraj Kumar Saw, Sandeep Kumar Yadav, Madhusudan Maiti, Abir Jyoti Mondal, Alak Majumder

04.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Nonlinear structural behavior of a size-dependent MEMS gyroscope assuming a non-trivial shaped proof mass

Hassen M. Ouakad

25.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

A study on the elastic coefficients of setback micro-springs for a MEMS safety and arming device

Yu Qin, Liangyu Chen, Yongping Hao, Shuangjie Liu, Xiannan Zou

12.06.2019 | Technical paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

On thermoelectric materials with memory-dependent derivative and subjected to a moving heat source

Mohamed H. Hendy, Sayed I. El-Attar, Magdy A. Ezzat

24.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Exploration on relationship between flow rate and sound pressure level of piezoelectric pump

Lipeng He, Xiaoqiang Wu, Da Zhao, Wei Li, Guangming Cheng, Song Chen

03.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

A liquid-state high sensitive accelerometer based on a micro-scale liquid marble

Mina Ghanbari, Ghader Rezazadeh

10.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Fabrication, characterization and comparative analysis of mechanical properties of micro features generated by reverse micro EDM

T. Roy, R. Balasubramaniam

10.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Fully coupled modeling and design of a piezoelectric actuation based valveless micropump for drug delivery application

Ranjitsinha R. Gidde, Prashant M. Pawar, Vishal P. Dhamgaye

06.07.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

New disposable microfluidic chip without evaporation effect for semen analysis in clinics and homes

Youngjae Kim, Kukjin Chun

23.08.2019 | Technical Paper | Ausgabe 2/2020

Experimental study on band merging of non-linear multi-band piezoelectric energy harvester into single broadband using magnetic coupling

Jaya Chandwani, Rohit Somkuwar, Raghavendra Deshmukh

11.10.2018 | Correction | Ausgabe 2/2020

Correction to: Buckling of magneto-electro-hygro-thermal piezoelectric nanoplates system embedded in a visco-Pasternak medium based on nonlocal theory

Mahsa Karimiasl, Kimiya Kargarfard, Farzad Ebrahimi

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