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Mobile Networks and Applications

Ausgabe 5/2022

Computing Paradigms in Support of Next Generation Control and Collaboration Processes

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Software Defined 5G and 6G Networks: a Survey

Qingyue Long, Yanliang Chen, Haijun Zhang, Xianfu Lei

An Angle Rotate-QAM aided Differential Spatial Modulation for 5G Ubiquitous Mobile Networks

Yajun Fan, Liuqing Yang, Dalong Zhang, Gangtao Han, Di Zhang

C-EEUC: a Cluster Routing Protocol for Coal Mine Wireless Sensor Network Based on Fog Computing and 5G

Wei Chen, Bobin Zhang, Xiao Yang, Weidong Fang, Wuxiong Zhang, Xiaorong Jiang

Cloud-Based Remote Patient Monitoring System with Abnormality Detection and Alert Notification

Manju Lata Sahu, Mithilesh Atulkar, Mitul Kumar Ahirwal, Afsar Ahamad

Is the h-index Applicable and Sufficient to Assess Research Groups?

Areli Andreia dos Santos, Moisés Lima Dutra

Technological Surveillance in Big Data Environments by using a MapReduce-based Method

Daniel San Martin Pascal Filho, Douglas Dyllon Jeronimo de Macedo, Moisés Lima Dutra

A Strategy for Identifying Specialists in Scientific Data Repositories

Sérgio José de Sousa, Thiago Magela Rodrigues Dias, Adilson Luiz Pinto

Factors that influence researchers' state of anomie in the research data sharing process

Elizabete Cristina de Souza de Aguiar Monteiro, Ricardo César Gonçalves Sant’Ana

A Proposed Framework for Evaluating the Academic-failure Prediction in Distance Learning

Patrícia Takaki, Moisés Lima Dutra, Gustavo de Araújo, Eugênio Monteiro da Silva Júnior

Feature Importance Analysis by Nowcasting Perspective to Predict COVID-19

André Vinícius Gonçalves, Gustavo Medeiros de Araujo, Leandro Pereira Garcia, Fernanda Vargas Amaral, Ione Jayce Ceola Schneider

Metamodel Development to Predict Thermal Loads for Single-family Residential Buildings

Marcelo Salles Olinger, Gustavo Medeiros de Araújo, Moisés Lima Dutra, Hugo A. M. da Silva, Laércio Pioli Júnior, Douglas D. J. de Macedo

Verification of RabbitMQ with Kerberos Using Timed Automata

Ran Li, Jiaqi Yin, Huibiao Zhu, Phan Cong Vinh

Modeling and Verifying PSO Memory Model Using CSP

Lili Xiao, Huibiao Zhu, Qiwen Xu, Phan Cong Vinh

Deadline-Aware Cache Placement Scheme Using Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning in Device-to-Device Mobile Edge Networks

Manoj Kumar Somesula, Anusha Kotte, Sudarshan Chakravarthy Annadanam, Sai Krishna Mothku

Differential Privacy Enabled Deep Neural Networks for Wireless Resource Management

Md Habibur Rahman, Md Munjure Mowla, Shahriar Shanto

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