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Monographs in Computer Science

Monographs in Computer Science

The AKM Series in Theoretical Computer Science

68 Jahrgänge | 1981 - 2009


Volumes published in this series will present material of current research interest to researchers and graduate students - in the form of either a monograph or an edited compendium of related articles. Each volume will provide a reasonable self-contained account of a topic, as well as a survey of the literature on the topic.

Alle Bücher der Reihe Monographs in Computer Science

2009 | Buch

Numerical Geometry of Non-Rigid Shapes

Deformable objects are ubiquitous in the world surrounding us, on all levels from micro to macro. The need to study such shapes and model their behavior arises in a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from medicine to security. In recent years,

2006 | Buch

Software Configuration Management Using Vesta

The core technologies underlying software configuration managementhave changed little in more than two decades. Developmentorganizations struggle to manage ever­ larger software systems with tools that were never designed to handle them. Their develo

2005 | Buch

Reverse Engineering of Object Oriented Code

During maintenance of a software system, not all questions can be answered directly by resorting to otherwise reliable and accurate source code. Reverse engineering aims at extracting abstract, goal-oriented views of the system, able to summarize

2005 | Buch

Evolutionary Synthesis of Pattern Recognition Systems

Evolutionary computation is becoming increasingly important for computer vision and pattern recognition and provides a systematic way of synthesis and analysis of object detection and recognition systems. Incorporating "learning" into recognition

2005 | Buch

Super-Recursive Algorithms

Super-Recursive Algorithms provides an accessible, focused examination of the theory of super-recursive algorithms and its ramifications for the computer industry, networks, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, and the Internet. The

2005 | Buch

Abstraction, Refinement and Proof for Probabilistic Systems

2005 | Buch

Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics

Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics provides an elegant introduction to the geometric concepts that are important to applications in robotics. This second edition is still unique in providing a deep understanding of the subject: ra

2005 | Buch

Adapting Proofs-as-Programs

The Curry-Howard Protocol

This book ?nds new things to do with an old idea. The proofs-as-programs paradigm constitutes a set of approaches to developing programs from proofs in constructive logic. It has been over thirty years since the paradigm was ?rst conceived. At that t

2004 | Buch

Computer Systems

Theory, Technology, and Applications

An invited collection of peer-reviewed papers surveying key areas of Roger Needham's distinguished research career at Cambridge University and Microsoft Research.

From operating systems to distributed computing, many of the world's leading …

2004 | Buch

High Performance Discovery in Time Series

Techniques and Case Studies

Overview and Goals Data arriving in time order (a data stream) arises in fields ranging from physics to finance to medicine to music, just to name a few. Often the data comes from sensors (in physics and medicine for example) whose data rates …

2003 | Buch

Programming Methodology

The second half of the twentieth century saw an astonishing increase in computing power; today computers are unbelievably faster than they used to be, they have more memory, they can communicate routinely with remote machines all over the world - …

2001 | Buch

A Discipline of Multiprogramming

Programming Theory for Distributed Applications

In this book, a programming model is developed that addresses the fundamental issues of "large-scale programming," unifying several concepts from database theory, object-oriented programming and designs of reactive systems. The model and the …

2001 | Buch

Specification and Development of Interactive Systems

Focus on Streams, Interfaces, and Refinement

This book presents a fundamental mathematical and logical approach to soft­ ware and systems engineering. Considering the large number of books de­ scribing mathematical approaches to program development, it is important to explain what we …

2001 | Buch

Set Theory for Computing

From Decision Procedures to Declarative Programming with Sets

Set Theory for Computing offers an up-to-date and comprehensive account of set-oriented symbolic manipulation and automated reasoning methods. Mastering today's variety of systems with crisp, formal tools is a prerequisite for a high degree of …

2001 | Buch

Panoramic Vision

Sensors, Theory, and Applications

Current cameras are poor imitations of the human eye and close descen­ dants in their design of ideas and a technology that are more than a century old. People in computer vision have traditionally used off-the-shelf cameras that were not meant …

1999 | Buch

Active Rules in Database Systems

Active rules provide a new and important method for designing databases and the subject is seeing an increasing amount of attention from commercial database companies. This book provides a timely survey of the field from the point of view of some …

1999 | Buch

Parameterized Complexity

The idea for this book was conceived over the second bottle of Villa Maria's Caber­ net Medot '89, at the dinner of the Australasian Combinatorics Conference held at Palmerston North, New Zealand in December 1990, where the authors first met and …

1999 | Buch

Language Equations

Beginning with an informal introduction to language equations, this book presents a framework for a general theory for solving systems of equations and relations between languages. Classical language equations, generalized derivatives, Boolean …

1999 | Buch

On a Method of Multiprogramming

Among all the interests in parallelism, there is an essential and fundamental one that has remained largely unexplored, namely the question of how to design parallel programs from their specification. And that is what this book is about. It …

1997 | Buch

Expert Systems and Probabilistic Network Models

Artificial intelligence and expert systems have seen a great deal of research in recent years, much of which has been devoted to methods for incorporating uncertainty into models. This book is devoted to providing a thorough and up-to-date survey …