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This book shows you how to redesign your static website into a modern, fully responsive website. As the usage of mobile devices of all shapes and sizes increases exponentially every year, and dominates the manner in which many users access the web, it is now imperative for any business to have a responsive website that adapts seamlessly to any screen size and resolution — a change that will impact not only your designs but the way you build your site.
Moving to Responsive Web Design shows you how to convert fixed grids, previously built on absolute units such as pixels, into fluid ones, based on relative units such as percentages or ems. You will also learn to plan how your designs and patterns will adapt across various breakpoints, and how to approach the challenge of responsive images.
The prospect of converting an existing site into responsive design, when you don’t have all the time in the world and your resources are already outstretched, can be daunting, but with this book and the right tools you can tame the scope of the project from the start and find the time for you and your team to work on making your site enjoyable on any device. Moving to Responsive Web Design is full of ideas and examples of how you can more easily plan, design, develop, and release, your responsively redesigned site.Provides ways of finding time in your hectic schedule to complete a project that is truly important
Helps you to scope a responsive redesign project so it’s achievable with the resources you have available
Provides examples of how other teams have solved some of the most common problems
What You Will Learn:How to find the time in your busy schedule to redesign your site.
Engage the entire team in the plan, design and development process.
Use your resources in clever and efficient ways.
Avoid some of the most common problems when working on large and lengthy projects.
Focus on reusability to save your team time and money.
Release your first fully responsive site.
Who This Book is For:
Moving to Responsive Web Design is for busy designers, and developers who want to convert an existing site to responsive design and don’t have all the time in the world. It’s for teams who know that the move to having a responsive site is the right one, but are struggling to find the time and resources to fit such an expansive project into their already overflowing schedules.



Chapter 1. The Planning Stage

There is so much to do, so much you and your team want to fix and improve, that you probably want to dive straight into the responsive retrofit project. But it pays to spend a bit of time planning how your scarce time and resources will be used throughout the duration of the project and understanding that the transition will not happen overnight.
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Chapter 2. The Content Development Stage

We all know that content is the life and soul of the Internet. It is the reason people visit our sites, and the reason they come back over and over again (or at least we hope they do).
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Chapter 3. The Design Stage

It is becoming harder and harder to define exactly what it is that we are talking about when we discuss content, design, and development, because these disciplines overlap constantly and consistently in every project. And so they should.
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Chapter 4. The Build Stage

Schedules, wireframes, sketches, copy documents, images, illustrations, and mockups are all pointless if they are not turned into reality by markup and code. Building a responsive site is in many instances an opportunity to assess and improve existing processes. When you are retrofitting an existing fixed-width site, the considerations are different than when you start a project from scratch. But you will still want to make sure you improve the way your site is built and maintained as much as possible. Ideally, you began thinking about the build of your responsive site at the same time you started planning and designing it, because all the different disciplines can and will impact on each other.
Inayaili de León


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