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MTZ industrial 1/2016
MTZ industrial

Ausgabe 1/2016


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

01.03.2016 | Editorial

The Holistic Age
Jonathan Walker

01.03.2016 | News


01.03.2016 | Cover Story

Advanced Technologies for High Efficiency and Low Emissions
Jonathan Walker

01.03.2016 | Cover Story

GE’s J920 FleXtra Gas Engine for 60 Hz Applications
Dr. Andreas Birgel, Dr. Stefan Köberl, Dr. Christian Trapp, Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Wimmer

01.03.2016 | Cover Story

“We now need to balance more carefully our investments against possible returns”
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01.03.2016 | Cover Story

Real-time Combustion Diagnostics and Control for Improved Engine Management
Jason Barta, Dr. Gregory James Hampson

01.03.2016 | Development

New Actuator Generation for Large Diesel, Gas and Dual-fuel Engines
Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Walter Burow

01.03.2016 | Development

Two-stroke Dual-fuel Technology Evaluation
Daniel Strödecke

01.03.2016 | Development

Applications of Advanced Marine Electric and Hybrid Drives
Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Vollmer, Dipl.-Ing. Florian Hartmann

01.03.2016 | Research

Correlating Simulation and Testing for Flexibly Coupled Generator Sets
Rick I. Zadoks PhD, Tore Utengen M.Sc.

01.03.2016 | Research

Pre-chamber Pressure-based Management of Gas Engines
Dipl-Ing. Stefan Neumann, Dipl-Ing. Matthias Bienwald, Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Günther Herdin

01.03.2016 | Guest Commentary

35 Years of Large Engine Progress
Rolf Vestergren

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