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MTZ industrial 2/2014
MTZ industrial

Ausgabe 2/2014


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

01.09.2014 | Editorial

Trading-off and optimising
Jonathan Walker



01.09.2014 | Cover Story

The Accelerating Dash for Gas
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01.09.2014 | Cover Story

New Generation Low Speed Two-stroke Engines
Marc Spahni, Andreas Kyrtatos

01.09.2014 | Cover Story

“Current gas engine developments WILL set the pattern for the next 30 years”
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01.09.2014 | Cover Story

First High Speed HiMSEN Engine
Se Ho Jeong, Sung Soo Jung, Su Weon Noh, Yeong Seok Ryoo

01.09.2014 | Development

Numerical Modelling of Explosion Protection
Matthias Kornfeld, Dr. Tino Lindner-Silwester, Emanuel Hummel, Bernhard Streibl

01.09.2014 | Development

Simulation of engine powered, coupled drive systems
Dr.-Ing Mahamudul Hasan, Jan Homberg BSc . Mech. Eng., Dipl.-Ing. Harald Kirschey

01.09.2014 | Development

NOx control with cylinder pressure based engine control systems
Martin Greve

01.09.2014 | Research

Self Excited Vibration in a Specialised Electric Propulsion System
Don Chool Lee, Ronald D. Barro

01.09.2014 | Research

Firing Sequence Optimisation on a V20
Dr.-Ing. Christoph Henninger

01.09.2014 | Guest Commentary

Technology and Legislation
The Users Perspective
Derek Walford

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