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MTZ industrial 3/2016
MTZ industrial

Ausgabe 3/2016


Inhaltsverzeichnis (13 Artikel)

01.08.2016 | Editorial

Generic Digitalisation
Jonathan Walker

01.08.2016 | CIMAC


01.08.2016 | News


01.08.2016 | Cover Story

High Efficiency, Modular Four-stroke Engines
Jonathan Walker

01.08.2016 | Cover Story

Modular Medium Speed Four-stroke Engine
Ulf Åstrand

01.08.2016 | Cover Story

“Where we can access data we can provide information for users and makers”
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01.08.2016 | Cover Story

Further Development of the Bergen B3X Engine Platform
ORSDr.-Ing. Peter Koch, Thor Humerfelt M.Sc., Leif-Arne Skarbø M.Sc.

01.08.2016 | Development

Simplified High Performance Injection Systems for Dual-fuel Engines
Clemens Senghaas, Dr. Michael Willmann, Hans-Joachim Koch

01.08.2016 | Development

Container-feeder Retrofit from Diesel to Dual-fuel Propulsion
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Spindler

01.08.2016 | Development

Engine Control with Open Software Based on an Industrial PLC
Martin Greve

01.08.2016 | Research

Bearing Technology Combinations for Low Friction Cranktrains
DI Dr. Rainer Aufischer, DI Gunther Hager, DI Kamal Hamdard, DI Martin Offenbecher

01.08.2016 | Research

Characterisation of Large Gas and Dual-fuel Engines
Ioana Georgescu M.Sc., Douwe Stapersma M.Sc., Lars M Nerheim, Benny Mestemaker M.Sc.

01.08.2016 | Guest Commentary

Gas Engines — The Outstanding Challenges
Dipl.-Ing. Günther Gern

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